6 Best Selfie Sticks for your Smartphones

The smartphone cameras are ever-advancing, creating vivid life-like images like never before. But even after these developments, getting the right angle for snap often becomes difficult, especially when it comes to selfies.

The perfect selfie requires some distance, the right lighting, the right angle, and the right scenery. This is the reason why many people still use selfie sticks for that extra edge. Not only does it give the right shot much easier, but it also helps you fit your entire posse into the same photo. For this, you also need a good selfie stick that will get the job done.

Most of these selfie sticks operate on batteries and Bluetooth wireless technology, although some do not need batteries or Bluetooth to work.

1. Kungfuren Selfie Stick

The Kungfuren selfie stick can propel up to only 31.8 inches, but its price is only $7.99 on Amazon. It is also a Bluetooth based stick, that means it is wireless. The battery life is also pretty cool which is up to 50 hours, or for up to a month on standby. It could be the best selfie stick for people who own a budget smartphone. It is equipped with all of the features that are required in such a stick, at a much lower cost.


2. Mpow Selfie Stick

For $9.99 on Amazon, Mpow Selfie Stick is also supported by Bluetooth offering you a wireless experience. You have to just pair the stick with the attached smartphone on Bluetooth and the built-in remote control will take care of the rest. The stick can retract back to just 7.1 inches for easy transport. It can extend up to 31.9 inches for a good selfie.


3. Fugetek FT-568 Selfie Stick

In case you are looking for a more rugged selfie stick, and you also want to use it for your larger DSLR camera, then check out the Fugetek FT-568 selfie stick. It is not only Bluetooth supported but it is made of a tougher material than other sticks, which can extend up to 49 inches. It offers two different kinds of mounts. One is a mirror mount where you can use your smartphone’s rear camera instead of your front selfie camera. The other is a screw tight mount to protect against slips. This selfie stick is available for $18.99 on Amazon.


4. Mighty Selfie Stick

As the name suggests, this Mighty Selfie Stick is known for its might to extend up to a long distance. This Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick can extend up to 120 inches. Which means you can take a selfie while the phone is 10 feet away from you. This stick is also packed with a tripod mount so you can have steadier selfie shots. You can have it on Amazon at a premium price of $59.99.


5. JETech Wired Selfie Stick

To avoid any expensive selfie stick you can still go for the old fashioned 3.5mm headphone jack from JETech. The stick itself extends from 4.5 inches to a maximum length of 36 inches, enabling you to get a great group selfie image.  Once you put your phone in the mount, just connect the included 3.4mm cable to the headphone jack, and press the button at the bottom of the stick to take pictures. The mount rotates up to 270 degrees to offer you the best angle. It is quite cheap as well. You can get this cheap JEtech selfie stick on Amazon for $9.99. Just be informed that your Android phones will need to download a companion app to work with this selfie stick.


6. iOttie Selfie Stick

This is one of the smallest selfie stick to have. You can carry it in your pocket. The iOttie Selfie Stick is perfect in case carrying such devices is an issue for you. It can shrink down to just 9 inches and extends out to 28 inches. Compatible with tripods, this is great for even wider shots. It is Bluetooth enabled that charge up with a standard micro USB port. You can have this on Amazon for $29.99.



Those are some of the best recommendations. In case you are looking out for the best selfie stick, select the perfect one considering your smartphone, budget, and requirement.

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