What is 5G and how will it be used in future mobiles and other tech gadgets?


5G is the fifth generation of wireless broadband technology and as described by tech giant Huawei, (one of the world’s leaders in 5G innovation) it is 1000 times faster than 4G. It would not be long that you all will experience 5G by the year 2020. You will have faster technology in your hands and more powerful and effective speed to download your favourite movie or games. According to various news sources Huawei, which builds network equipment and smartphones, has more than 1000 engineers and scientists working on 5G projects where people will have better experiences when using their cellular and broadband devices like at smart cities, connected cars, 5G cloud robotics and virtual reality.


How will 5G be used?

This year at the  Mobile World Congress in Shanghai Huawei demonstrated the world’s first remote driving field test for a smart consumer car on a 5G network, a test it carried with China Mobile. The driver sat 30 kilometres away from his car. High definition video cameras inside the car sent him real time HD video feeds over 5G providing him with a 240 degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Signals for the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes were also transmitted over the network, which provided the ultra-low latency (the technical term for turning around data quickly) needed to support instant response to different road side conditions.  At 30 km/h, the distance between braking and actual deceleration was only eight centimetres.

5G Uses

Also 5G  be used for smart manufacturing. Imagine 5G enabled, wireless collaborative robots, ushering in another industrial revolution. Factories could operate as autonomous entities, with machines exchanging information in real time.

Pokies and games are not far behind when we speak of 5G for gaming. As VR experiences are usually either tethered to a computer by cable or rely on a smartphone to deliver the experience.  According to media reports right now at Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen  zombies using 5G wireless technology that delivered not only 360% streaming visuals to a headset, but also tracked motion in real time are tested and researched.

5G Mobile Phones

Many of the telecom companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, and Samsung have already launched their devices that will support future technology. The upcoming 5G Mobile Network Technology will be significantly faster than 4G. It will be able to distribute the theoretical download speed of up to 10,000 Mbps. Additionally, the technology comes with a greater bandwidth, that turns its download speed more faster and has the ability to run more complex mobile Internet apps.

As per the estimation on the basis of top researchers, the 5G Mobile Technology will cost more. Now, the integration of the 5G technology have started to implement and the other handsets could be out of date. The addition to the  5G to the wireless spectrum could put us at risk of overcrowding the frequency range.

5g mobile

With successful use of 4G technology, telecommunication companies are looking forward to 5G Technology as a new step in the communication network. The major achievement of this technology is to have fast downloaded with small use data. It can hope that 5G Mobile Wireless Technologies will be completely achieved in 2020.

The 5G latest mobile wireless standard is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology. To meet the 5G, the connection should meet the following requirements: have up to 10Gbps connections to endpoints in the field,  1000x bandwidth per unit area, 10 to 100 number of connected devices, 100% coverage and up to 10-year battery life for low-power.

Features of 5G Network

Following are some of the features of 5G Network

  • The advanced billing interfaces of 5G technology make it more attractive and effective.
  • 5G technology also providing subscriber supervision tools for fast action.
  • The 5G technology is providing up to 25 Mbps connectivity speed.
  • The 5G technology also supports virtual private network.
  • 5G technology offers transporter class gateway with unparalleled consistency.
  • The traffic statistics by 5G technology makes it more accurate.

In Australia and New Zealand, it’s likely to become commercially available in the early 2020 and companies like Huawei and other carriers are working hard to make it happen. First you will get 4.5 (LTE-Advanced Pro). Spark has already rolled it out in Queenstown and more places are likely to follow. Huawei will also open an “Innovation Lab” at Victoria University which will focus on maximising the potential of the Internet of Things through future technology, most notably 5G.

Like other generations 5G isn’t also without challenges like the possibility of 5G frequencies being blocked by buildings and losing their intensity over longer distances which could undermine wider coverage. But certainly 5G mobile network technology will bring more new features along with the speed. The upcoming 5G mobile wireless technology is expected to be on the road map by late 2018. Companies are trying their best from the researching of 5G mobile network. Although it’s an initial stage and users need to wait up till 2020 for getting the complete setup. Stay tuned here for more such updates on mobile technology.