5 Reel Drive Pokies

5 Reel Drive Pokies
5 Reel Drive Pokies

Let’s play 5 Reel Drive on our Mobile phones. 5 Reel Drive is an action-packed auto racing 5 reel, 9 paylines poker machine with a police car bonus feature that can rake in the dough.

Microgaming mobile casinos offer this game of chance through the 5 Reel Drive app. Playing is easy, thanks to just touching a few buttons on the mobile device.


  • Extremely easy to understand and play
  • High RTP with frequent wins
  • Wilds and Scatters to help players out
  • Reasonable jackpot at Max Bet


  • No bonus round
  • Not particularly exciting gameplay
  • Superseded by a Mega Moolah variant

Download it from a Reliable Source

Mobile casinos are all over the place, but some links can be misguiding. There is no need to take a risk and end up somewhere no one wants to go. So, when looking for this mobile app, just remember JackpotCity.

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How the 5 Reel Drive Pokies are Played

How the 5 Reel Drive Pokie Machine is Played
How the 5 Reel Drive Pokie Machine is Played

5 Reel Drive mobile is open for anyone anywhere to enjoy while taking advantage of winning some extra cash. Not all players like fighting the crowds at the casinos, and now they do not have to worry about it since the experience can be brought directly to their mobile phones. Pokies are known for their themes, and this one is no different from the theme of auto racing.

Some things that can be seen spinning around on the track are race cars, street signs that are wild, checkered flags, food along the roadside, and a police car for heating things up.

The 5-Reel Drive mobile phone game lets players choose between two different modes of play. Line up five checkered flags and watch things come rolling in, or have five police cars stop at once, and the screaming will begin.

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The Wheel of Fortune 5 Reel Drive Pokies Mobile Game

The Wheel of Fortune 5 Reel Drive Mobile game
The Wheel of Fortune 5 Reel Drive Mobile game

Are there police cars flying around? Police keep order and everything flowing smoothly. When they hit, though, there is no guarantee the player will be very quiet about the outcome. This might not be a progressive jackpot pokie, but there is plenty to be excited about.

With all the fast cars zooming around it is not surprising about the entire buzz on the gaming circuits. Never play a pokie thinking the jackpot will be won right then.

There are lots of smaller prizes that will show up way before the big one. Online casinos are offering the game for free play, where players will not have to use real money. Race around the track today by clicking on the download link.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Jackpots and Bonuses
Jackpots and Bonuses

You’re in for a short review of bonuses since there is no 5-Reel Drive bonus round! It’s hard to believe there are popular pokies without free spins or other bonus features. The only element that comes close is the scatter symbol.

These symbols are like bonuses in the sense that they don’t need to appear on a payline for a win. Despite this, the lack of real bonus rounds might deter some players.

There is however an argument against this. As the game has a very high RTP of almost 97% (along with low volatility), this means players should lose less money overall compared to riskier, big-money pokies with bonus rounds. Unfortunately, this still won’t be good enough for some bonus hunters.

The news isn’t any better for jackpot-seekers. This game will max out at $10,000 for lining up five jackpot Flaming Wheel symbols. Although there are nine paylines, the game doesn’t have stacked symbols. This means you won’t win more than this amount on a single spin.

5 Reel Drive Mobile Options

With simple graphics and audio, the 5 Reel Drive mobile pokies load quickly on all devices. This is handy for anyone using older smartphones and tablets. Some handsets might struggle with the more high-octane, animated pokies titles. The minimal interface, with one large Spin button, is well-suited to small mobile screens.

The lack of a bonus round makes this game ideal for playing on the go, as mobile players generally prefer shorter sessions. You won’t get sucked into waiting for that bonus round to trigger! There’s no obligation for long sessions waiting for the free spins you’ve been chasing.

All American Fast Food Icons

All American Fast Food Icons
All American Fast Food Icons

There are 12 symbols in total on this 5-reel pokies machine and they can be split into two main groups: things you’ll see on the open road and things you’ll find when you take a pit stop at the roadside diner.

The fast food symbols are the least valuable and they include all sorts of delicious foodstuffs to keep you fresh for the long drive ahead. Going up in value, there are coffee and doughnuts, blueberry pie, soda, fries and a nice big greasy cheeseburger.

The other symbols are fuzzy mirror dice, a pink and yellow car, a trucker, and finally a flaming wheel. Line up 5 of those tyres and you’ll be driving home with the smoking hot 10,000 credit jackpot.

The wildest drive of your life

There are two more cards involved in 5 Reel Drive and they both serve to shake things up a little. First off, there is a wild symbol – a swerving road sign. This symbol basically substitutes for any of the main game symbols and as a result, it may end up filling in for that one missing symbol to bag you a nice big payout.

You better drive as fast and as recklessly as possible in this game because you want to attract as many police cars scatter symbols as you can.

These symbols can appear on any of the 5 reels and don’t need to coincide with a payline in order for you to win. If you get 3 scatters, you will multiply your total number of coins bet by 5x. Get 4 scatters and you’ll multiply the bet by 20x. Get 5 scatters; that multiplier will race up to a stonking 50x.

Room for improvement

This pokies machine from Microgaming serves up some great action, packed will a vintage American vibe. With super fast spinning motion and loads of imagery associated with the open road, this game does its best to evoke grand feelings of limitless possibility – just like the endless American highway itself.

The gameplay is not quite as endless as the open road. With only 9 payline and a lack of exciting bonus features such as free spins, this game might run out of gas sooner rather than later. Strap yourself in and head over to Fair Go Casino to play 5 reel drive for real money.

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