5 Outrageous Pokemon Go Incidents

Pokemon Go 1

Pokemon Go is sweeping the globe!

Pokemon Go has taken over smartphones, as well as our common sense. Ever since its groundbreaking release on July 6th the game has taken the industry by storm. In a few weeks the game surpassed Tinder in downloads & acquired more daily users than Twitter. Now people spend more time catching Pokemon than catching up with loved ones on Facebook. It has become the salvation of Nintendo, as well as the millions of users who are finally venturing outside.

Now that people are being forced to explore, the mayhem has just begun. The thrill of capturing new Pokemons is making people push the limits. Many have crashed their cars, fallen off cliffs & gotten robbed while chasing Pokemons. But that hasn’t deterred millions of players from ignoring reality & continuing their crusade for more Poke balls.

This new mix of urban exploration & Japanese fantasy is creating some exceptional stories. The tales range from genuinely hilarious to downright terrifying. With great pleasure we have compiled 5 of the most outrageous Pokemon Go escapades. So sit back & prepare to be shocked by the ignorance of humanity.

5 of the Craziest Pokemon Go Incidents

Pokemon Go 2

The distracted masses are stumbling across the globe searching for Pokemon.

Incident #1: Sex Offender Paradise – Unbeknownst to many players, they were unintentionally being lured into a nest of sex offenders. In Phoenix, the New Windsor Hotel is a shining beacon for Pokemon Go players. Unfortunately this remodeled hotel is more than just a historic landmark, it’s a halfway house for registered sex offenders. Pokemon Go players have repeatedly stumbled upon this congregation of 43 sex offenders. It’s only a matter of time before one of them catch more than a Pokemon.

Incident #2: The Perfect Robbery – Criminals are also getting in the spirit by catching Pokemon Go players. Since people are so distracted they will go anywhere to get more Pokemon, even secluded areas. A group of armed teens in Missouri used beacons to lure players into their trap. Once the clueless players arrived at the beacon, they would relieve them of their smartphones & wallets before moving on to the next victim. Fortunately the police caught them & confiscated the pistol. But its only a matter of time before more robbers tap into this lucrative market of zombie Pokemon players.

Incident #3: Dying for Attention – Just two days after its historic release, one of the players was greeted with a nasty surprise. In an effort to trap a water Pokemon, Shayla Wiggins descended down into a river. There she stumbled upon more than just a Pokemon, she found a dead body. So far the body hasn’t been identified, hopefully it wasn’t another player who forgot to swim while searching for Pokemon.

Incident #4: Church Battles Gay Pokemon – This game has become the perfect platform for LGBT activists to go toe to toe with the Westboro Baptist Church. The infamously intolerant church has become the battle ground between gay & devout Christian Pokemon players. The gay activists are trolling the church with Pokemons named “LoveIsLove”. While the church has lashed back with Pokemon of their own, vowing to deal with the “sodomite” invaders.

Incident #5: Home Sweet Home – Now that all churches have become Pokemon Gyms, the games have begun. One Massachusetts resident discovered that his home, a deconsecrated church, had became a gym. He was cued in on the action when dozens of people were aimlessly wandering in his yard.

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