5 Most Useful Android Apps for Seniors

5 Most Useful Android Apps for Seniors
5 Most Useful Android Apps for Seniors

Ageing isn’t easy, but it can be streamlined using a few Android apps. It’s no secret that smartphones have revolutionized our lives, and this is especially true for seniors.

What were once devices for younger demographics have adapted to cater to all age groups. In 2014, half of Americans aged 65 & over owned a smartphone, wearables or tablet.

This was a drastic increase from a few years earlier, and this number will only grow.

As more seniors get comfortable using smartphones, their app demand is accelerating. Developers haven’t ignored this trend and have started creating more apps dedicated to elderly users.

While some of these apps may seem repetitive or downright condescending, many are indispensable tools for seniors. We all know someone that these apps can help, which is why it’s good to stay informed on what’s available.

For this reason, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for seniors. There’s no reason to age without assistance, so discover which apps provide the best guidance!

5 Best Android Apps for Seniors

1. Elder Launcher 

Elder Launcher
Elder Launcher

It is one of the best Android launchers for seniors. Elder Launcher makes using an Android device easy for the elderly or first-time smartphone users.

The app supports pinning favourite apps and contacts to the home screen for quick access. Elder Launcher is an open-source Android app with a clear layout with big icons and text, making using phones easy for everyone.

2. Big Launcher

Big Launcher
Big Launcher

It is the ultimate customization option for senior citizens to use their Android phones with ease. BIG Launcher makes the smartphone suitable for seniors, children, and people with eye diseases, motor problems, or legally blind.

This Android launcher for older adults replaces the user interface of almost any Android phone with enlarged buttons and text.

The app puts shortcuts for apps, websites, contacts, widgets and more directly on the home screen.

3. BaldPhone


It is an excellent initiative to bring the best Android smartphones to senior citizens. BaldPhone replaces the phone’s interface with a big, simple, friendly one.

This launcher is specially built for older adults, people with motor problems and people who need a visual aid. BaldPhone is also free and open source and doesn’t contain ads.

Soon, we will review and list more Android launcher apps for the elderly and assist the older generation in using Android phones more quickly.

4. Medisafe

Take the guesswork out of medication with this app.

For those who are taking multiple medications, this app is a godsend. Not every day an app provides medical guidance that the FDA approves.

From keeping track of medicines to detailing treatment plans, this app guides users on their path to wellness. There’s also the option to set reminders and create status reports to keep users accountable.

Medisafe stores all user information securely, so there’s no excuse not to utilize this app!

5. Lumosity

Stimulating brain function is a great way to ease ageing

To stay healthy at an older age, engaging the mind is essential. Studies show that stimulating the brain with small exercises helps mitigate the risk of Alzheimer’s & dementia.

On top of these health benefits, solving puzzles and other mental challenges is highly entertaining. In this sense, Lumosity went above and beyond.

They provide countless games that are specifically designed to stimulate memory & cognition. Instead of being boring, these games are highly entertaining.

Lumosity went out of its way to make its games as fun as they are healthy. This attractive design and simple premise have made it a hit among elderly smartphone users.

There’s no reason to let a sound mind go to waste, so revive it with this app!

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