5 Infamous Drone Mishaps

Drone mishaps

Drones are the joyful disaster of our generation.

Like it or not, we now live in the era of privately manned drones. They are cheap, easy to purchase & basically anyone can figure out how to use one. Their explosion in popularity is fueled by the fact that they are ideal for taking stunning aerial videos, delivering goods, disaster recovery & helping reforestation projects.

Unfortunately not every ‘hobbyist’ is apt to handle the enormous responsibility of flying a small aircraft. With millions of drones being sold worldwide, the consequences are being felt across the globe. This flood of new drones is opening up doors to a myriad of misuses. From breaching people’s privacy to threatening the safety of passengers on airplanes, drones have become a massive headache for the FAA. Everyday there are multiple drone related issues at airports across the globe. To get a glimpse of the risks of this controversial hobby take a look at the most infamous drone mishaps in 2015.

Top 5 Drone Mishaps in 2015

Drone Mishap #1: Too Much Holiday Spirit – TGI Fridays thought they had the perfect holiday promotion idea. They flew a drone bearing mistletoe into one of their restaurants, hovering over diners & prompting them to kiss. This was going great & holiday spirits soared to an all time high. Unfortunately the Mobile Mistletoe promotion ended in disaster when the drone crashed into the face of unsuspecting Brooklyn Daily photographer Georgine Benvenuto. The blades of the renegade drone cut her chin & chopped off the tip of her nose, resulting in mass hysteria & the promotion getting cancelled.

Drone 2

All it takes is one drone to convert a triathlon into an obstacle course.

Drone Mishap #2: Stealing the Show – The Geraldton Endure Batavia triathlon was in full swing in Australia when an out of control drone took out one of the triathletes. Photographer Warren Abrams was filming racers with his drone when allegedly someone in the audience wrestled the control from him. In the scuffle the drone spun out of control & crashed into triathlete Raija Ogden’s head. On top of guaranteeing that Raija lost the race, the spinning blades caused a nasty head wound that required stitches to close.

Drone Mishap #3: High as a Kite – On January 20th 2015 a supermarket parking lot in Tijuana became the crash landing site of a drone carrying over 6 pounds of methamphetamine. Apparently the extra weight made the drone difficult to maneuver & it ended up careening into the hands of Mexican police. The DEA has acknowledged that drones are becoming popular tools for Mexican Cartels to smuggle drugs across the border.

Drone 3

One drone got a personal view of the Whitehouse when it crash landed on the President’s lawn.

Drone Mishap #4: Visiting the Whitehouse – An out of control drone put the entire Whitehouse on lockdown on January 26, 2015. The drone was taking photos of the famous landmark when it spiraled out of control & crashed onto the Whitehouse lawn. Even though this is one of the most secure buildings on the planet apparently incoming drones are extremely difficult to detect. The drone operator Shawn Usman narrowly escaped charges since authorities decided that the drone was out of his control when it crashed.

Drone Mishap #5: Too Close for Comfort – A Parrot AR drone crashed in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a Christian Democratic Party campaign. The incident sparked outrage & irony when it was discovered that the drone was part of a government surveillance protest. Even though no one was hurt, it raised serious questions about terrorists using drones to kill politicians.