5 Gaming Apps That are Taking Australia by Storm

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2016 promises to be an exciting year, & the flood of gaming apps being released is fueling an explosion of anticipation from people across the world. From dedicated gamers to office workers who want to get away with some fun while on the clock, gaming apps have become one of our main sources of entertainment. The liberating platform app for the Android store is opening up doors for a slew of companies to introduce or revamp existing games.

The public’s ferocious appetite for mobile games is enticing gaming companies to dedicate more resources to develop more quality mobile games. This surge in resources is allowing mobile games to quickly advance by leaps & bounds. With the line between mobile & console gaming getting more blurred by the day, we are seeing the birth of a movement that promises to revolutionize gaming. As we furiously rush into more complex smartphone games we are stimulating the creation of some genuinely amazing mobile games. While the jury is out on which one is the best there are a number of games that are generating a cult following. Check out our list to discover the most anticipated mobile games of 2016.

5 Gaming Apps That Promise to Dominate 2016

Gaming App #5: Telltale Batman – Telltale has been responsible for many gaming gems that captivated our attention for years. From Minecraft to the Walking Dead they have created games with a cinematic flair that will be etched into our minds for years to come. For this reason gamers around the world are clamoring over a Telltale production of Batman. Be prepared for a dark & gritty interpretation of Bruce Wayan’s epic journey protecting Gotham as Batman. This game promises to be one of the best games of 2016.

Gaming App #4: The Walking Dead: Michone – Telltale is aiming to take over 2016 with the release of this instant classic. This game promises to dive deeper into the intricate story line of Michone, explaining why she abruptly left to embark on her own journey that will ultimately lead to her returning to Rick, Ezekiel and the others. With a solid script & incredibly detailed animation, this game is enough to get anyone excited. Get lost in one of the most mind blowing story lines being brought to life by the talent of the Telltale studio.

Gaming App #3: Marvel Avengers Academy – This game allows you to step into the younger shoes of your favorite Marvel superhero. Marvel & TinyCo teamed up to give you an inside look into the teenage lives of your favorite heroes & villains. Enter into a whole new world that allows you to embark on a series of missions that will not only entertain you, they will help you understand what made your favorite characters who they are today.

Gaming App #2: Age of Empires: World Domination – Ever since their dramatic PC release in 1997, Game of Thrones has been hell bent on dominating the market. With a whole slew of spin offs this wildly versatile strategy game has become one of the most played franchises of all time. Age of Empires: World Domination promises to bring the dramatic battles between 8 civilizations onto you smartphone. They allow you choose between going through the detailed story line by yourself & competing with your friends online. Join Microsoft’s takeover of mobile games with this exciting release!

Gaming App #1: Pokémon GO – From Japan to the United States, this innovative franchise has taken the world by storm. For years this game celebrated its brilliant infusion of Japanese artwork & interactive role play, now it’s getting ready to take over your smartphone. Immerse yourself in the augmented reality created by Niantic Labs as you capture, trade & battle the infamous Pokémon. This groundbreaking game promises to revive this lucrative franchise.