3 Travel Apps Every Australian Should Have

When travelling, an informative app can become your best friend. It provides the proper guidance to make the most out of any trip. Being a tourist is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean staying at a deficit. From killer hotel deals to currency calculators, travel apps provide indispensable information. Now that everyone has a smartphone, there’s no excuse to be unprepared for international voyages. There are plenty of apps that can save anyone a headache, & they are absolutely free.

Over time our wanderlust has become notorious, & it’s no secret that Australians love to travel. Aussies can be found in any country in the world, but not everyone is travelling at their full potential. Countless people leave things to chance, which can lead to them losing money. This fact isn’t surprising, but it can be changed with a few downloads. For this reason, we have compiled a list of travel apps that every Aussie should have. There’s no excuse to stay in the dark, so enlighten yourself with the help of these apps!

Travel Apps Made for Australians

Travel Apps

Discover the latest exchange rates instantly!

Travel App #3: XE Currency Converter – Wherever you go, cash is always going to vary. Some places accept dollars, but they will offer a horrific exchange rate. The banks are even worse, since they are notorious for giving unfavorable rates. For this reason it’s essential to stay on top of the current exchange rates. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task. When changing cash with street vendors, they can name their price. However, when they see that you are educated the tables quickly turn. Ignorance isn’t bliss, so don’t let yourself become a victim.

Downloading the XE Currency Converter app empowers travelers by giving them the latest rates. This is updated every day, so it’s always current. Once you get the right price, there’s more money to spend on your vacation. Show locals that tourists aren’t clueless by utilizing this app abroad!

Travel Apps

Join in on any conversation with Phrasebook!

Travel App #2: Phrasebook – Learning a new language takes time, so shorten the process by memorizing phrases. Codegent outdid themselves with their series of Phrasebook apps. Each one is dedicated to a specific language, so download the apps that apply to your trip. Each one sports a robust library of 600 phrases that will get anyone by in a pinch. They are divided into 21 phrase categories, so finding the right one is easy.

When learning, there are a variety of options to pick up a new phrase. Each one is written in English & the native language. It’s also spoken aloud, & users can slow down the phrase to memorize every detail. This immense library allows foreigners to communicate in any situation. Don’t hold anything back on the next trip, speak what’s on your mind!

Travel Apps

This app can translate in multiple ways.

Travel App #1: Google Translate – This one may seem obvious, but it sports a slew of useful features. Sometimes phrases aren’t enough, & you need specific translations. This is where Google Translate shines, since it offers multiple ways of getting the job done. You can write it out, film it with a camera or say it into your phone. The last option is a godsend, since it paves the way for any phrase to be instantly translated. It’s an innovative way to connect with people in any culture, so take advantage of it.