3 iPhone 7 Rumors That Shook Up the Internet

There’s a technical revolution going on in San Francisco, & Apple is behind it. This whirlwind of smartphone mania has been caused by the first release of credible information about the iPhone 7. After over a year of suspense, iPhone fanatics finally have hope. The official specs are out & everyone is jumping to pre-order. While many may be puzzled about this hysteria, we have to give credit to Apple’s marketing prowess.

Apple has done a fantastic job of keeping everyone in the dark about their smartphone of the year. While Samsung released back to back successful phones, Apple stayed calm & got to work. Now that Samsung’s latest flagship phone has been recalled due to exploding batteries, the stage is set for Apple to shine. They have leveraged their cult following & knack for secrecy to create the most highly anticipated smartphone of all time.

However, we are writing this article on the eve of Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 7. So we are still in the dark, but we have a ton of rumors to explore. It’s always interesting to see where the rumors correctly predicted & where they fell flat on their face. For this reason we have compiled a list of iPhone 7 rumors that you can debunk when the specs are out. So get ready to see how well Apple guarded their secrets!

Top iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 Rumors 1

This phone has stirred up it’s fair share of controversy!

Rumor #1: No Headphone Jack – The internet went into a frenzy when people heard that Apple was ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 thinner. When this rumor first started circulating, iPhone fanatics nearly had a heart attack. From threats to boycott Apple to tearful rants about their favorite headphones, it’s surprising no one got killed over this. Ironically this isn’t a big deal. While people love to whine about the beauty of being able to use the same headphones for their phone & laptop, that’s the price you pay for innovation. If Apple wants to cut out the headphone jack, good riddance. There are plenty cordless headphone options that make your favorite headphones look as outdated as a horse & carriage.

Rumor #2: Water-Proofing – After Samsung stole the show with the Galaxy S7, iPhone enthusiasts prayed for a miracle. Disgusted by Android users parading around with IP68 resistant phones, Apple went back to the drawing board. Shortly after the release of the Galaxy S7, rumors started circulating that Apple’s manufacturing plant/sweatshop in China was changing its game plan. Specs for wireless charging & water-resistant phones started being ordered. After hearing this positive news, iPhone followers were beside themselves with happiness. It appeared that Apple wasn’t going to let Samsung outdo them this year…

iPhone 7 Rumors 2

Our hat is off to Apple for their ability to keep a secret.

Rumor #3: Stereo Speakers – A French tech blog leaked photos of an alleged iPhone 7, & the image shocked users around the world. It confirmed the rumor of the missing headphone jack, because in the photo it was replaced by a second speaker grill. This was a groundbreaking discovery since this will be the first time that an iPhone harnesses the power of stereo speakers. Only time will tell if these photos were valid!