3 Facebook Apps That Every Business Should Use

3 Facebook Apps That Every Business Should Use
3 Facebook Apps That Every Business Should Use

As Facebook’s popularity continues to soar, the number of apps that help business pages grow is exploding. Ever since 2013, over 16 million local business pages have been created on Facebook. Thanks to newer stringent algorithms, only 2.6% of pages’ audience is reached with organic posts. This dismal exposure has encouraged over 5 million businesses to use Facebook ads to target their audiences. Unsurprisingly, this increase in ad spending has become a bonanza. In 2017 alone, Facebook earned a staggering $7.86 billion in advertising revenue. Despite being the go-to platform for most marketers, only 42% of businesses believe that Facebook marketing is successful. Here are 3 Facebook apps that every business should use.

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This growing discontent over Facebook’s greedy approach to advertising has opened doors to a slew of apps. From increasing organic exposure to better monitoring ad performance, there’s no shortage of programs dedicated to making Facebook lucrative again. With over 1.47 billion daily active users, there’s no escaping Facebook’s impact. Their user base is growing 11% each year, which means any competent business needs to adapt to their algorithms. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Facebook is constantly upgrading their system, which renders many older tricks useless.

Thankfully, plenty of apps are actively adapting to stay relevant on Facebook. They are doing the legwork that most users don’t have time to do, which makes them indispensable for any business page. While this is great news for budding entrepreneurs, finding the best Facebook apps can be overwhelming. Nowadays so many programs claim to be the answer that it’s easy to lose hope. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best apps for Facebook business pages. These programs will revolutionize your online presence, so take a look at this list to start using Facebook like a professional!

Top Facebook Apps for Business Pages

App #3: Pagemodo

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Make your page live up to expectations.

While running ads is crucial, they are a lot less effective when the business page isn’t optimized. This innovative app allows users to customize their Facebook page to make it more appealing to potential consumers. From adding contests to creating more intriguing content, Pagemodo is dedicated to bringing your page to its full potential. Thanks to their in-depth tips, this tool is great for both novices & established businesses. Take the guesswork out of optimizing your business page with this insightful app!

App #2: Cyfe

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Get the data you need to excel.

Even though Facebook boasts the most thorough ad options of any social media platform, there’s always room for improvement. Cyfe provides an easier way for users to compile all their ad campaign data in one area. It also tracks who responded to each campaign & compares the results to other ad sets. This program is indispensable for anyone who is running multiple ad campaigns on Facebook, so start fine-tuning your investments!

App #1: GetResponse

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Stay in touch with this innovative marketing solution.

The base of any retargeting or email campaign revolves around user interactions. From sign-up forms to reviews, GetResponse provides multiple solutions that cultivate user opinions & data. This information is invaluable for any business since it provides an intimate look at what resonates with customers. All this can be used during retargeting & email marketing, which makes it even more valuable. Enjoy a deeper connection with your Facebook audience with this innovative app!