3 Controversial Apps That Apple Banned

Even though Apple’s App Store is no stranger to controversial games, some apps managed to cross the line. While some apps simply offend people, others provoke petitions & protests. From politically themed parodies to blatant illegal activities, not all apps follow the rules. After causing public outrage, some daring apps ended up getting banned. Sometimes the reasons for the app getting banned were obvious, while others remain shrouded in controversy. Either way it makes for a hilarious article. For this reason we have compiled the ultimate list of apps that got banned from Apple’s App store. Be prepared to be shocked & amused!

3 Apps That Got Banned From the App Store

banned apps

This app was banned before it could be released!

App #1: Capital HillAwry – While the rest of the entries on this list will be no brainers, this app shines the spotlight on Apple’s lop-sided enforcement. This game revolves around Hillary Clinton’s email scandal were she deleted 30,000 emails during her term as Secretary of State. The game starts with Hillary Clinton’s server booting up. After everything is set up you begin to receive various emails, & it’s your job to sort through it accordingly. Confidential emails need to be deleted immediately or your poll rating goes down. You also need to respond to political donor emails, which generates money for your campaign. To delete emails you swipe to the right & to respond you swipe to the left. The more donations you accrue, the more your poll rating will go down. If you fail to respond to the emails, they will expire & destroy your campaign.

According to multiple reviewers, the game isn’t offensive. The game’s creators even hired a professional satire writer to fit within Apple’s guidelines. Despite their efforts to comply with the rules, this game has been repeatedly rejected by Apple. While this harmless game has been deemed “mean spirited”, plenty of anti-Trump games are in their store. These apps allow users to throw punches & feces at the controversial candidate. This showcases the dilemmas of corporations maintaining an unbiased view. As long as this hypocrisy continues, it will be impossible to have respect for Apple’s policies.

controversial apps

It’s not surprising that this got banned.

App #2: Herb Converter – This game was tailored for street entrepreneurs who sell marijuana. The app effortlessly calculates fractions & converts ounces into grams. You could even program the app to show different marijuana prices & availability for different strains. Once all the info was added, the app calculated how much the dealer would make. Even though cannabis is now legal recreationally in 4 states & medicinally in 25 states, the app was still offensive to some. After receiving multiple complaints, Apple was forced to pull this app from their store.

controversial apps

This app stirred up a tsunami of controversy!

App #3: Baby Shaker – This app managed to be both hilarious & deeply disturbing. It starts with a crying baby, & it’s your job to shut it up. As the baby continues to wail, you quickly realize you only have one option. The only way to have peace was to violently shake your iPhone. After being shaken vigorously, two red X’s appear over the baby’s eyes as the app goes quiet. Unsurprisingly, the app caused an uproar & was quickly banned from the App Store.