3 Apps Every Drone Owner Needs to Download

Drone Apps

Nowadays all you need is your smartphone to control your drone.

The explosive popularity of drones is giving birth to a whole new wave of apps. Now that drones are relatively affordable, it seems that everyone is jumping onboard & purchasing one. This has opened up a whole new frontier for app developers. Thanks to Parrot opening up their software to third party innovation, an entire community of app developers has sprung up seemingly overnight. Since apps are necessary for controlling drones & can greatly enhance the user’s experience, the air is perfumed with possibilities for this growing niche.

This fresh trail of opportunities lead straight to the White House. In 2013, the National Defense Magazine announced that the US Pentagon was recruiting software developers to create drone apps. Apparently their goal was to create a team of software engineers who could cooperate & share software to make huge improvements. This innovative way of making developmental strides saved the Defense Department billions of dollars & precious time. The lines between recreational & military use of drones are continuously blurred.

Thanks to this flood of corporate interest we have been blessed with many innovative apps for manning drones. With this flow of investment we can expect to see the number of apps continue to multiply at an impressive rate. Unfortunately, discovering the best apps in a sea of newcomers is easier said than done. For this reason we have scoured the internet & selected 3 apps that every drone owner needs to have.

3 Apps You Need For Your Drone


This app allows you to take control of your drone with your smartphone.

App #1: AR.FreeFlight 2.2 App – On top of being completely free, this app reinvents how you man your drone. Once you download this app, you have a host of new options. The app instantly takes over the controls & allows for instant access to stabilization mode. From there on you can control your UAV by simply tilting your mobile device in the direction you desire. The app allows you to effortlessly direct your drone & the HD video captured from above is instantly uploaded to your smartphone, Picasa or YouTube. This app is compatible with Parrot’s A.R Drone & AR. Drone 2.0 models.


Become the photographer you were meant to be with this app.

App #2: DJI Vision App – This free app will revolutionize how you control your drone’s camera. While many people could be overwhelmed by being able to control the camera mid flight, others see it as an essential part of getting the most out of their drone. This app gives you full control of the camera’s navigation. It harnesses Pitch and Yaw axis & other camera tilt controls to give you endless filming options. This app also has a location based radar, social media uploading & real time camera previews. Quit filming like a rookie & hop onboard with the professionals.

Ghost Drone

Free yourself by handing over your drone’s navigation to this app!

App #3: Ghost Drone App – If the responsibility of flying your drone intimidates you, hand the controls over to this app! Ghost Drone is so simple that it has become one of the most popular apps available. It takes the pilot seat & lets you concentrate on taking the perfect photo. All you have to do is pick your destination on the map & this app will fly your drone directly to it. The app pre-programs lift off, hovering & landing so you don’t have to worry about your drone’s safety. It also alerts you when the battery is running low & has a host of micro controls for more precise movements. You were never a pilot, so let go & celebrate your inner photographer with this helpful app!