11 Reasons to Ditch Facebook & Get Appendme


There is a new social app making headway in the States, and we’d like to introduce it to Australia. The app is called AppendMe and it quite impressive. It’s similar to Facebook in theory, but it has its own unique flavor and style. There is a lot of power compressed into this 39 meg download for both Iphones and Android phones, with everything from a built-in photo editor, live chat, video recorder and it’s own photo timer.

The mastermind behind this app is Enrico Torres, a construction entrepreneur out of Pennsylvania, but this time, instead of building a home, he built what could be the next big thing in social media. He claims that he built this app with the user in mind, by improving all the features everyone loves on mainstream social media, and at the same time removing all the negative aspects. His goal was to also eliminate the inconvenience of bouncing from app to app to accomplish different tasks–so there’s a lot of functionality and creativity within the structure of the app.


AppendMe has great potential as it’s one of the easiest apps to use. They incorporated a wheel with all the most popular functions, so at any given time a user can click the + button that is located top, center of each page to access the AppendMe Wheel. On the wheel, you’ll see Main Page, Friends, Chat, Notifications, Photos, Camera, Status, and a few others, so navigating around this app is as easy as it gets!

Here is a list of some of their functions listed on their app store page:
• Built-in Chatting System.
• Like / Dislike / Sympathize Buttons to express exactly how you are feeling.
• Video Recorder or the option to load any video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc.
• Built-in Photo Editor for text over photos / Collages, add filters, add different color backgrounds, etc.
• Time Management System, set the timer so you don’t waste anymore time!
• Camera and Video Timer, great for selfies.
• AppendMe Wheel, all your functions at your fingertips!
• Full Privacy / Comprehensive App Security.
• Unlimited Friend Requests / Friend Suggestions.
• Hashtags, Sharing and Notification Tab.
• Post Blogs and/or create your own Folders to save the things you love with our Favorites Feature!

Do yourself a favor and join AppendMe, I believe it will be just as popular here on this continent as us Aussies will embrace the technology and enjoy connecting with our friends and family in a whole new way. Just remember you heard it here first!

Iphones – Click Here

Android – Click Here