10 Ways to Make Chrome the Best Browser For Your Phone

Google Chrome

Chrome is the best well known browser that works not only in PCs or Laptop but also in many mobile devices too If you have chrome installed on your Android then there are many ways you can make it the best browser on your mobile. Follow the 10 ways given below other than the one that come by default settings and see for yourself how it works better.

1. Chrome for Android has a very useful ‘data saving mode’

Chrome for Android has a very useful data saving mode. Just tap on the menu button three dots then choose Settings, and then select Data Saver. Pages are compressed on Google’s servers before being loaded, though private https pages and pages loaded up in incognito mode are treated as normal. If you’re on a limited data plan it can come in very useful while you’re out and about, and you can see how much data you’ve saved.

2. With Chrome you can navigate the menu more quickly

In the Android version of the chrome app you can speed everything up by just a few milliseconds by pressing and holding on the menu button, then dragging down to the option you need, then releasing your finger. There’s an on-screen indicator to help guide you to the right option.

3. You can make Chrome as the default browser on Android

There are many browser apps installed on Android phone but you can make chrome as the default browser on your device. From the Android Settings app, tap Apps then the go to button to the top right. Select Browser app and choose Chrome from the list if it isn’t already selected. Uninstalling all the other browsers on your device is another way of achieving the same end result.

4. Switch to ‘Chrome Canary’ and have more features

Now Google has a new Canary channel for Chrome on Android. You do not have to uninstall the standard chrome app to use Canary and they both work well with each other.

5. With Chrome browser you can zoom on all websites

To make sure zooming is always available, tap the menu button then choose Settings and Accessibility: you’ll notice the Force enable zoom toggle switch at the bottom. Also you can scale up the text size from the same screen.

6. Chrome can get you the full desktop experience

There are probably going to be times when you want to view the full desktop version of a particular site rather than the responsive mobile version, and Google knows this. If you open up the Chrome menu on Android there’s a Request Desktop Site button to make use of. On Android it’s actually a checkbox that you can keep on until you’re ready to turn it back.

7. With Chrome you can swipe between open tabs

After spending some time experimenting with different ways of managing tabs, Google seems to have settled on the toolbar icon as the best way of switching between various tabs but there’s another way to quickly jump from page to page. On  Android versions of Chrome, you can press and hold and swipe on the address bar at the top of the browser screen to go from one tab to the next in order.

8. Also Chrome helps you can carry on from the desktop

If you sign into your Google account in the mobile Chrome browser then you get access to everything from the desktop version too, including your browsing history and stored passwords. You can even pick up where you left off on a laptop or desktop, provided the tabs are still open on your computer. Open up the app menu, tap Recent tabs, and all the recently opened and currently open Chrome tabs across all your devices are listed.

9. With Chrome you can enable the hidden reader mode

Chrome for Android features a hidden reader mode than strips out advertising and extraneous content from a page to leave you with just the core text and images. To enable it, enter “chrome://flags” in the URL bar, change the Reader Mode flag setting to Always, then re launch the browser. Open up a suitable web page, and you’ll see a Make page mobile-friendly button at the bottom that you can tap on.

10. Chrome can make better use of Google’s apps on Android

If you’ve got several of Google’s other apps installed on your mobile you can tell Chrome to open them for certain links rather than viewing the browser version like the YouTube app opens for YouTube videos, Google Maps opens for map links, Gmail opens for new emails, and so on. To set this up, tap the menu button (three dots), then choose Settings, then pick Google Apps and toggle the switches for all the apps you want to use.

These 10 ways make Chrome the best browser for Android mobile. If you still do not have the Chrome app on your phone then have it free from here.