10 Card Games You Will Love to Play on Lumia Phones

Lumia Card games

These days it is a trend to play your choicest games with your smartphone and mobile devices. Among all the casino games the most widely played games are the table games especially the card games.

Playing casino games on a device like Lumia is an experience in itself. The Lumia phones earlier developed by Nokia and now Microsoft are the best budget phones to have for the playing of such games. The XL Lumia Phones have a great screen resolution where you can enjoy the feel and the look of your card stack deck inviting you to enjoy a hand.

Also as the card games are low tech games it is easy to pick up the card game you like to play. Here are listed the 10 best card games you will love to play on your Lumia phone device.

1. UNO & Friends 


Uno & Friends

UNO & Friends aims to be the first to discard all the cards in your hand. In this version from Gameloft, this card game can be played against the computer machine or your online friends. You can compete in weekly contests against players from around the world or match with solo. Use Boosts and Super Boosts to customize your strategy.

2. AE Baccarat 



The preferred game of James Bond can be enjoyed on your Lumia Phones.“Baccarat” is easy to learn and whoever’s hand is closest to nine wins.

3. AE Blackjack 



Draw cards until your hand reaches 21 or close to it without going over to win this popular casino game. This free version boasts realistic visuals and vivid sound effects that make you feel like you’re playing at one of the casinos of Las Vegas.

4. Texas Holdem Poker 


Texas Holdem Poker

Play “Texas Hold’em Poker” with real people around the world in this free game for Lumia Phone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro, you’ll find a challenge here. Participate in live chats with other players and compete in ongoing tournaments. Skill and a bit of luck is all you need to win.

5. Microsoft Solitaire Collection


Microsoft Solitaire Collection

“Solitaire” is a single-player card game and in this Microsoft Solitaire Collection you will find  a selection of five different card games that includes the original classic with updated graphics.

6. Order & Chaos Duels


Order&Chaos Duels

Discover the fantasy universe of the Order& Chaos massively multiplayer game in this trading-card game offshoot. Battle evil forces against the computer or compete against real players online. There are nearly 300 gorgeous cards to collect; optimize your deck for battle in solo or online player-versus-player modes.

7. Gin Rummy Pro 


Gin Rummy pro

Gin Rummy is a classic two-player card game where you and an opponent compete to form winning card combinations. You play this free version against a computer.  Also it is an excellent way to practice strategy before playing against a real person.

8. Hearts Deluxe 


Hearts Delux

This heart shaped game is there for you to lose to win classic card game. At the end of a game, the winner is the one with the lowest score. This deluxe version features upgraded controls and graphics, difficulty settings, and two additional game modes.

9. Speed


Speed card game

In the game of speed two players compete to play all their cards as quickly as possible. It’s often played so quickly that real cards could get ruined, making it a great game to played virtually on your Lumia. Play solo against the computer or live online against real opponents.

10. Spider Solitaire


Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire for Lumia is a nice variation on the standard game that you all loved to play. The main purpose of the solitaire game is to remove all cards from the table, assembling cards in the tableau before removing them. This solitaire game offers three levels of difficulty, with one, two, or four suits. These play modes are equivalent to disregarding suit difference, either within the colours or altogether.

Remember that all these games are free to download (at the time of writing) and can be found easily at iTunes for you to have it in your Lumia and start with your favourite choice among these. Enjoy and have fun!