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The news app has changed the way we stay informed about the latest news. Newspapers, tabloids, and even broadcast have become a passé.

Today people are looking for best available Android news apps that can deliver news from different news angles. Besides, they save us from the tedious task of tracking tons of news sources, compiling all our favorites under one roof.

1. Google News

Google News
Google News

Google News app, earlier known as Play Newsstand, is known for offering relevant content in the news feed using AI techniques. You will read headlines on the “For you” tab and also news updates at the same time. “Full coverage” will expand the same news story reported by different publishers. It’s an Ad-free news app for Android.

2. Microsoft News


Earlier known as MSN news, Microsoft News is a robust content for the best Android news app. You can get personalized news, synced over its other platforms —, and Internet Edge news feed. Under the setting tab, you can choose from multiple countries’ news edition. It is known for smooth and seamless transitions.

 Download Microsoft News

3. BBC News


BBC news channel presents unbiased and non-sensational news, which makes it the best-unbiased news app for the Android platform.

This news app offers the latest reports from every country at one tap. It provides control over data shared by the app, i.e., you can turn “sharing stats” off if you don’t want personalized content. The only drawback is the lack of smooth animations and interactivity.

 Download BBC News

4. Reddit


Reddit News feed offers a blend of interesting news and entertainment and can be a perfect Android app. Reddit is the right fusion of social media, news aggregators, and message boards offering a unique and fun experience for readers.

You can subscribe to specific Reddit topics, create subreddits, and assort the content based on popularity, freshness, controversial, etc. It provides trending content ranging from news headlines to funny memes, which you can post, share, vote, and discuss.

 Download Reddit

5. Smart News


Smart news is a relatively new app but it is one of the best news apps for Android. It analyzes millions of news article every second and effectively place them under each topic. Its “smart news mode” displays news articles with minimal graphics helping you maintain a seamless experience.

 Download SmartNews

6. InShorts – 60 words news summary


InShorts is an Indian app competing with other top Android news apps due to its unique concept of delivering the news in less than 60 words while keeping it objective and non-sensationalized.

The feature “MyFeed” tab shows news based on your preferences. The layout offers one story at a time.

 Download Inshorts

7. News Break: Local and Breaking

 News Break: Local and Breaking
News Break: Local and Breaking

News Break is yet another most popular news apps for Android on the Play Store. Its news is based on your interests. With a feature “Following” tab as well as “For You” tab you get personalized news for you. You can easily share content on social media platforms. Its “Instant news” feature presents small bytes of the news feature on your lock screen.

 Download NewsBreak

How To Check Powerball Lottery Results Instantly Using Mobile?

Its quite easy these days to get instant results of lotteries with your mobile phones. Smartphones are really a useful device  besides calling and texting where you can  play pokies, find a way with maps, even paint and draw and do so many things of your choice. Well, how about checking your Powerball lottery results instantly using your iPhone in Australia.

Yes you can check your Powerball lottery results as well as other lottery results in Australia including Tatts, Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries and SA Lotteries all from one iPad app called the Lott. The Lott App delivers all your favourite lottery games into the palm of your hand. Whether you want to enjoy the convenience of purchasing your tickets online, or check results of your tickets purchased in-store, the Lott App lets you play your way.

The App is free to download and is the only official App provided by the Government Licenced Lottery Operators Tattersalls, Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries and SA Lotteries.

How to play Powerball Lottery in Australia?

How to play Powerball Lottery in Australia?

Powerball lottery is popular lotto game to play and win. To buy your entry simply choose your favourite seven numbers and a Powerball number then check the results this Thursday night.

Each Powerball game costs $1.10 plus agent’s commission, with most states requiring standard games be bought four at a time. Powerball guarantees a minimum division one prize pool of $3 million.

Powerball is drawn from 2 barrels. 7 numbers are drawn from the main barrel (numbered from 1 to 35) and 1 Powerball number is drawn from the Powerball barrel (numbered from 1 to 20).

There are 9 prize divisions in Powerball. You can win a prize with as little as 2 winning numbers plus the Powerball number in a single game. To win the jackpot (Division 1) your entry needs to match all 7 winning numbers plus the Powerball number in a single game.

With a minimum division one prize pool of  $3 million every Thursday night and jackpots of up to $150 million or more, Powerball could give you the freedom to play by your own rules.

Powerball draws close at 7.30pm (AEST) every Thursday night.

The odds of winning Division 1 is 134,490,400:1. It’s important to note that Powerball is a game of chance where all numbers are drawn randomly. Each number has an equal chance of being drawn.

How to check the Powerball lottery results instantly using mobile?


If you own an iPhone then you can download this app from iTunes store for iPhone

Click here to download now

If you own an Android then you can download this app from the official LOTT website in Australia

Watch below the video as how to download the app for Android

Once downloaded the app icon will appear on your mobile home screen

Tap to open it

Now you can login to get access to your players account.

If you have purchased your lottery ticket at your nearest retailer then click the blue bar labeled Scan your ticket.

Scan your ticket with the Lott App to get the result of lottery games

You may be prompted to allow the Lott App to access the camera on your device.

Scan your ticket with your mobile camera

In the App settings on your device ensure that you have allowed access to your camera.  As some features in the Lott App such as ‘Scan your ticket’ require access to the camera on your device.

Follow the steps below to enable your camera on both iOS and Andriod.

Enabling the camera on iOS

Open Settings from the home screen

From the list of available Apps, locate and click on the Lott App

Under ‘Allow the Lott to Access’ options, ensure you have allowed the Lott App to access your camera by toggling the option on.

Acces to camera from phone settings to scan your lottery ticket with mobile app

So give camera access on iOS and Android mobile

Return back to the Lott App.

Position your camera over the barcode on the bottom of your lottery ticket.


Once scanned the draw results will be displayed and you will be notified if your entry has won a division. 

Instant lotto results on mobile app

To check lottery ticket purchased online

For tickets purchased using your online account go and check your ticket history.

Open or download the Lott App on your device and login to your account.

Select the Account icon at the bottom of the screen in the App menu. 

Instant lotto results with mobile

Open your Ticket History.

Check ticket history with mobile app

Tickets will appear in your History with the status Won or Closed to indicate the result.

view your lottery ticket on mobile

Depending on your device, you can enable Touch ID or Face ID to log into the Lott App as an alternative way to log into your account. 

 Now follow the above steps to check your lottery ticket using the Lott App.

Remember you cannot check Keno lottery tickets right now with this app.

How to check Powerball results with your mobile browser without any download?

How to check Powerball results with your mobile browser without any download

Second way to check powerball results instantly is with your mobile browser

You need to simply open the safari or chrome  browser and type the Lotto official site URL

Once you have arrived at, click the ‘Results’ option in the primary navigation at the top of the page. From the drop-down menu select the ‘Check My Ticket’ option:

Check Australian lottery results online

Now enter your Ticket Number. Your Ticket Number is the 24-digit number that appears at the very top of your physical ticket.

Enter your ticket number to check results on web

Enter all 24 numbers shown at the top of your ticket into the input box – Lott will add the spaces in for you as you type so just keep entering the number on the ticket without any spaces.

It’s important to remember that Ticket Numbers entered incorrectly may display an inaccurate result.

You will also notice a Camera button on your screen next to the Check My Ticket button when you visit the Lott website using a mobile or iPad device, or are using a desktop or laptop computer with a web camera enabled, you can scan the barcode at the bottom of your ticket to check the results of your ticket. Simply tap the camera button and follow the prompts on screen.

Now tap the check My Ticket button to check the results of your ticket

Once you tap the Check My Ticket button, the results of your ticket will appear on screen:

Powerball Lottery results

If you wish to play this entry again, tap the ‘Play it Again’ button showing at the bottom of your ticket to have an entry into the current draw added to the Cart ready for purchase.

Other Features of the Lott App:

Play and check results for the following games:

• Saturday Lotto / TattsLotto / X Lotto / Gold Lotto

• Superdraw Saturday

• Oz Lotto

• Powerball

• Monday & Wednesday Lotto / X Lotto / Gold Lotto

• Set for Life

• Lucky Lotteries – Super Jackpot & Mega Jackpot

The Lott App Australian app

There are many ways to play the lotteries like Standard, System and PowerHit entries. Also use QuickPick or choose your own numbers or Play and save your Favourite entries for quick purchase on the go.

Also with the Lott App you can

• Buy lottery tickets and check results for all Australian lottery draws

• Check your account history, manage funds and tickets

• Lottery tickets are registered to your account – safeguarding against loss or damage

• Pay for lottery tickets in-store using your online account funds

• Scan your lottery tickets purchased in store to find out if you’re a winner

• Find your nearest Lott outlet

Good Luck!


Quibi is a new streaming service which was launched in Australia recently. Unlike Netflix or Stan, Quibi is all about short 8-10 minute episodes. Some of the shows on the platform have big Hollywood names involved like Steven Spielberg,

Quibi is beginning to offer a completely free tier to subscribers in Australia and New Zealand as the struggling streaming company tries to build its subscriber base.

For subscribers in both Australia and New Zealand, Quibi is “now offering an ad-supported free plan so you can choose the right option for you.” The company is also rolling out a cheaper subscription tier — going from $12.99 to $6.99 AUD (roughly $9 to $5 in USD). The company calls it a “significantly reduced” price and is rolling existing customers into the plan.

Quibi charges $4.99 a month in the United States for an ad-supported plan and $7.99 a month for subscribers who don’t want to deal with ads.

How to sign up for Quibi in Australia?


First download the Quibi App from app store on your mobile

Click here to download now for iPhone

Click here to download now for Android

If you’re using a phone that doesn’t have access to the Google App Store, like the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or P40, you can also download the Quibi APK through a third-party app store like APKPure.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign up for your account, and free trial if eligible, through the app.

To create your Quibi account you will require a subscription. First time subscribers are eligible for a free trial. Upon sign up you will be prompted to enter your email, create a password and agree to their terms of service.

Next you’ll need to select your birth year and gender preferences to create your account.

 You can start a subscription (trial or paid) Quibi will request a valid payment option connected to your Google Play or Apple App Store account.

Payment methods may include credit card, gift card or similar.

Quibi is billed monthly at each subscription renewal date, your app store charges your payment method either at the time of purchase or within a few days (if group billed).

How to subscribe for Quibi in Australia

Now watch from daily essentials to breakout shows. Six to ten minutes is all you need to be entertained, informed and inspired. With their patented Turnstyle technology you can view the shows holding your phone in portrait or landscape, with each view adjusted to keep the show full screen as you flip between views. The app now also supports casting to TV using Apple AirPlay and Chromecast! Most of their episodes are available to download for offline enjoyment.

How to cancel your subscription with Qubi?

You can cancel your subscription through the Quibi app

  • From the “For You” screen , click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • From the settings screen tap “My Account”
  • Select “Change “Subscription Plan”
  • Look all the way down to the bottom of the screen for the “Manage Subscriptions” option
  • Press “Manage Subscriptions”. Next you will be taken to the subscription screen for your app provider
  • Select Quibi, once in the Quibi subscription, just select “Cancel”

Note that although you have canceled your subscription, your Quibi subscription will still be active until the end of your current billing cycle.

Additionally, deleting the app will not automatically cancel your subscription. If you’ve deleted your Quibi app without cancelling your subscription, you can cancel through your App Store or Play Store.

If you do not see the Manage Subscriptions button in the Quibi app, your subscription is not set to auto-renew and there is no further action needed on your end

To cancel through the Apple App Store

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Tap your name. 
  • Tap Subscriptions. (If you don’t see “Subscriptions,” tap “iTunes & App Store” instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.)
  • Tap on Quibi. 
  • Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

To cancel through the Google Play Store

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.
  • Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
  • Tap Menu and tap Subscriptions.
  • Select Quibi.
  • Tap Cancel subscription.
  • Follow the instructions.

How to contact Quibi?

If you have any issues you can contact Quibi. Their customer Support number is 1-888-382-3130.  Support Agents are available Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Eastern Time and Saturday/Sunday from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM Eastern Time. 


Best places to play pokies in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia are many. Once known as the City of Churches, South Australia’s capital has grown more and more into a hub for annual cultural events such as the Fringe Festival, the Clipsal 500, and the Womadelaide. Adelaide is now known as the Festival State. Hence, it is natural for Adelaide to attract customers from around the world. This place has facilities such as live theatre and music, entertainment, etc. if you can’t make it to the place you can always opt for the option of online pokies.

Best Places to Play Pokies in Adelaide

You can play pokies in Adelaide at the following places:

  • Adelaide Casino
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Gaming Lounges
  • Poker Rooms
  • Online casinos

Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino SA- Offers over 1500 pokies machines

Adelaide Casino is the licensed major gaming venue run by the Skycity group and only one in South Australia. The casino section of the complex is built in the Adelaide Railway Station, a historic location that helps visitors to the area easily locate the gaming area and other entertainment features.

The Adelaide entertainment centre is an easy trip by car, via multiple forms of public transit, and when riding the tram lines connecting the complex to the surrounding city of Adelaide.

Adelaide Casino is a large property. It is combined with hotel and entertainment centre. The casino boosts of over 100 casino table games giving the casino one of the biggest collections of classic games in all of the nation and just over 1,500 electronic gambling machines make this casino site big compared to other betting halls in Australia. Marble Hall, has recently been renovated to include areas for a wine bar, a tapas restaurant, and a large chandelier made by hand and set with thousands of crystals.

Marble Hall of the casino located immediately inside the door is home for more than 100 tables dedicated to traditional and unique table-based casino titles. The large gaming floor at Adelaide is home to two versions of baccarat -a standard size and a miniature version, multiple variants of blackjack (including Pontoon), big wheel, casino-style poker (including Caribbean Stud and Casino War),and three variations of table-based roulette (Euro, American, and French rules). A collection of electronic versions of table games is available as well, such as Rapid Roulette and Rapid Baccarat.

Inside the casino proper is a large series of banks of pokies, video poker machines, and electronic skill games. Many of the gaming machines are set up for linked jackpots. Fans of pokies and other gambling machines can choose from over 1,000 different titles, some located centrally with other machines, others dotted across the floor in special banks of games.

Adelaide Casino, unlike many of the nation’s larger gambling venues, operates a poker room. Ring games and poker tournaments occur on a daily basis.

Pubs and Clubs in Adelaide

Pubs and Clubs in Adelaide

Pokies in Adelaide can be found in several clubs and pubs with all the equipment that should be in the casinos only. Certain suburban zones around the Southern, Northern and, Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide have some of the biggest pokies lounges around. They even stretch far out to the CBD areas like West Lakes, Marion, and Golden Grove.

Below are some avenues where you may enjoy the pokies and its facilities:

  • Rosemont Hotel – 160 Hindley Street, Adelaide
  • Strathmore Hotel – 129 North Terrace, Adelaide
  • Hotel Metropolitan – 46 Grote Street, Adelaide
  • Arab Steed Hotel – 214 Hutt Street, Adelaide
  • Jackpots on Pulteney – 471 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
  • Mansions Taver – 21 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
  • Seven Stars Hotel – 187 Angas Street, Adelaide
  • The Royal Oak Hotel – 123 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide
  • The Oxford Hotel – 101 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide
  • Norwood Hotel – 97 The Parade, Norwood
  • Robin Hood Hotel – 315 Portrush Road, Norwood
  • The Kensington Hotel – 23 Regent Street, Kensington
  • The Arkaba Hotel – 150 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton
  • The Buckingham Arms – 1 Walkerville Terrace, Gilberton
  • Walkers Arms Hotel – 36 North East Road, Walkerville
  • The Mile End Hotel -30 Henley Beach Road, Mile End
  • Empire Hotel – 414 Prospect Road, Kilburn
  • The Hotel Royal – 180 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville
  • The Brompton Hotel -5 First Street, Brompton
  • Bombay Bicycle Club – 29 Torrens Road, Ovingham
  • Hope Inn Hotel – 348 Port Road, Hindmarsh
  • Seaton Hotel – 253 Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton
  • The Woodville Hotel – 878 Port Road, Woodville
  • The Palais – The Esplanade, Semaphore
  • The Highway Hotel – 290 Anzac Highway, Plympton
  • The Goody Bar – 75 Goodwood Road, Goodwood
  • The Avoca Hotel – 893 South Road, Clarence Gardens
  • Tonsley Hotel – 1274 South Road, Clovelly Park
  • Warradale Hotel – 234 Diagonal Road, Warradale
  • Glynde Hotel – 492 Payneham Road, Glynde

Gaming Lounges Adelaide

Gaming-lounges in Adelaide

Gaming lounge are rooms in certain clubs, hotels, airports or even privately owned places where you can find gaming rooms full of video games, pokies machines, Live sports streaming  and other sich gaming tables and devices to enjoy. If you are in Adelaide or visiting this area here are the best Adelaide Gaming Rooms or Lounges to have fun and play games.

McQueens Tavern & Gaming  at 55 Cardigan St, Angle Park SA 5010

McQueens modern gaming lounge is open 7 days a week and features 40 of the latest machines and games at your fingertips all laid out in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 

UBET Salisbury North Football Club (TAB) at  39-41 Bagster Rd, Salisbury North SA 5108

With 40 Poker Machines, Salisbury North Football Club has one of the best Pokies rooms around. New machines are being added all of the time and we even have a great promotion for members in which you gain points simply for exchanging coins! Also there is Sports bar equipped with full TAB facilities. With 13 Big Screens, 6 betting terminals, you will never miss the action at Salisbury North Football Club! 

The Glenelg Club at Gliderol Stadium, Brighton Road, Glenelg East, South Australia 5045

The Glenelg Club gaming room offers a great club atmosphere in a spacious and comfortable environment and offers a choice of 36 gaming machines, with a great mixture of new machines as well as some of the old favourites.

Rezz at 20 Hamilton Terrace, Newton SA 5074, Australia

The Rezz Gaming Lounge offers 33 great machines with regular game changes, a private and relaxed atmosphere, with ample parking, second-to-none service and free refreshments available all day.

Colonnades Tavern at Colonnades, Beach Rd, Christies Beach SA 5168, Australia

With 39 machines, daily promotions & plenty of parking; their gaming room is a stand out. Complimentary tea, coffee & snacks throughout the day plus the gaming room has its own bar facilities. The Colonnades Tavern is a proud member of the Jackpot Club. That means every time you play at gaming machines, purchase meals or buy drinks from the bar or bottle shop you can earn points on your J-Card.

Avoca Hotel at 893 South Rd, Clarence Gardens SA 5039, Australia

The Gaming Room has 33 machines, ranging from the newest and best to some of your old favourites as well so you will always find the best machine for you at the Avoca Hotel.

West End Tavern at 255 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

The West End gaming room offers 34 of the latest gaming machines in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere plus the PubCard loyalty program, which is available in multiple hotels and bottle shops around Adelaide.

The Duck at 93 Main Road Coromandel Valley SA 5051

Duck offers Adelaide Hill gaming lounge with 33 of the latest gaming machines in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Their staff will happily provide Barista made Espresso Coffee, soft drink and house made nibbles to players and Duck Inn has a large, well lit secure car park.

Poker Rooms Adelaide

Poker rooms in Adelaide

One place that offers a range of buy-in poker games for everyone from professionals to first-time players is the Adelaide satellite of the National Pub Poker League (NPPL) tournament that is held once a week at the Aberfoyle Hub Tavern.

If you are looking for poker action on a professional level, then the games offered at the Adelaide Casino may suit better. The casino offers a weekly poker tournaments of a high standard. The buy-in for this is either $200 or $125, although it is strictly a one-day tournament like the NPPL ones.

The casino also provides cash games at its Poker Zone, which you can exit at any time. Alongside games of Texas Hold’em – the most popular and widely played poker game – you can also try out Omaha poker at the Adelaide Casino. If Texas Hold’em is your speciality, the weekly Tuesday game at the Hendon Hotel could be right up your alley. It begins at 7pm, but make sure to get there an hour earlier to register.

Play at online casinos Adelaide

Play at online casinos Adelaide

It is somewhat difficult for some of the gamblers to travel to Adelaide to play pokies. It is very convenient for those people to join the online battle that goes on for the cash prize and payouts. Online poky is a thing that has been running for a long time now and people are just way too much engrossed in it. Playing online offers you up to hundreds of real pokies money. You can just take your mobile out of your pocket and keep on going for hours and hours of playtime.

Here are few of the best Adelaide online casinos to visit with your mobile or PC or tablet and play pokies in real time or for free.

  • Rich Casino
  • Fair Go Casino
  • Superior Casino
  • Winward Casino

Now make your choice where you wish to play pokies in Adelaide. There are hundreds of pokies with ample venues to choose from and more ways to play pokies for real AUD or for free.


With a 5 reel pokie format, the Indian Dreaming is an Aristocrat pokie machine that was released in video slot format in 1999. With a fair share of updates, this pokies machine follows a Native American theme. The updates keep on adding due to its popularity among players.

Due to the Native American theme of the game, fans are accumulated from far across Australia and New Zealand to play this. It has established a reputation of uniqueness.

About Indian Dreaming Pokies

Indian dreaming from Aristocrat

This colorful and highly entertaining free pokies  machine rewards players with the following special symbols: the Buffalo, the Totem Pole and the Chief. The Chief icon is the wild symbol, which substitutes all other symbols in the Indian Dreaming pokies machine except for scatter symbols.

The Chief also awards doubled payouts when it hits for winning combinations. The scatter symbol is the Buffalo pays instantaneously when it appears anywhere on the reels of the game screen. The exciting thing about the Buffalo is that it activates the  free bonus game feature. You earn as many as 45 free games when three or more Buffalo scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

Indian dreaming game symbols
Game symbols- Indian Dreaming Pokies

The best thing about the free Indian Dreaming slot game is that in addition to its exciting Native American themes and colorful gameplay, it offers 243-ways-to win, making this a highly popular slot game with vibrant culture, sights and sounds. It’s a lucrative option for even the most cautious of gamers, and its free game bonuses will have you geared up to earn some serious wins.

243 Ways to Win

Indian dreaming pokies game features
Game features – Indian Dreaming pokies

The pokies machine introduced some new techniques to win the game. It mentioned about 243 different spins to win the game. It is the first game to do away with traditional paylines. The trick is not to allow players to individually wager on a certain spin but place all of their wagers into the most of the reels to win most of the possible outcomes. Indian Dreaming has been offering paylines now for over a decade.

The free game feature on Indian Dreaming ™ has the capability of providing some nice wins because the Tepee substitutes can be worth up to x15 free games, which means even more chances to win.

Bonus Features

Due to the game being an older version of the newer ones this game does not have a lot of features through updates instead, all the features are available on the screen. The tepee symbol helps you to complete any winning combination. A no payline game doesn’t always bring misfortune because it contains wild symbols which are of much better use. They can reveal multiple wins for just a single spin.

The scatter symbol in this game is the dream catcher. Whenever this symbol appears on the last three paylines, you earn an extra cash prize.

Free Spins

Indian dreaming free spins
Gamble feature to get more free spins in Indian Dreaming

The Indian Dreaming pokie machine also offers dream catcher symbols that can earn you as many as 20 free spins, when five of them appear anywhere on the reels triggering the spins. Indian Dreaming pokies also features 3x to 15x multipliers on all initial wagers, randomly applied to all wins during the bonus round, making it a phenomenal way to boost your game balance. Free spins can also be retriggered with additional scatters of up to three, four and five awarding anywhere from 10, 15 and 20 free spins, respectively. Earn a top award of 9,000 coins with the help of five Chief symbols.

Indian dreaming pokies can be played for free at many of the product madness casino apps like Cashman Casino, Heart of Vegas and others. Also you can play Indian dreaming online at various online casinos. Also at land casinos nearby Indian Dreaming pokies can be found where Aristocrat rules the flooe.


Ready for the adventure! Welcome to online gaming. You can play real money pokies, table games, live casino or do sports betting at online casinos. These days you have a choice to either:

Play instant version: Where you don’t need to download anything but simply type the online casino URL on your mobile or PC browser and hit enter to access the online site and get started at once to play games


Play mobile version: Where you either need a casino app to download or simply again use mobile browser be it Chrome or Safari to get instant access to the online casino.


Download the casino software on your PC or any gaming device and then open your account online to play games in real-time.

Though the download option is the least choice for punters, but many players still prefer the download option especially on their PC to get access to an online casino to play all of their casino suite of games.

Casino Installation – Play and Real Money

Here, therefore, we will guide you as  how to do casino installation and play for real money pokies of your choice.

The first step is to visit an online casino of your choice. Here we take the example of Superior Casino, an Australian friendly online casino.

Type the casino URL on your PC or tablet or mobile.

In moments of time, the casino homepage will open.

Superior casino download software

Here you will find two options: Play Now and Download.

Click on Download

You will find that the download of the casino starts at once

This is a .exe file that will be “saved to your hard drive”

Superior casino installation

The casino installer dialog box will pop up once the .exe file downloads.

Click Next to continue casino installation.

Superior casino license agreement

Click on I Agree button to accept casino license agreement. It’s just a formality so no worries.

At once casino files and software will start to download.

The download and installation time depends on your internet and WIFI connectivity.

Also choose where you want to save and place the program on your computer’s hard drive. It would be advisable to place it somewhere where you can easily locate it.

Once the download is in progress, sit back and wait for the casino to come to your computer.

After the software download click on the icon you just installed.

Lastly in the installation process, you choose a location where to put the program. When that is done you press “next” and the casino should be downloaded and installed. Once done click finish.

Superior casino- Getting started

After that open your online casino account and register yourself as a player.

To play with real money or real cash you need to go to cashier or banking page of the online casino and make a friendly deposit of few dollars

Now go to games lobby choose the casino game of pokies of your choice and begin to play.

Play for Fun or Real

Superior casino games to play

After the Casino has been installed you are now ready to enter it. You have the option to play with ‘Real money’ or ‘Play with money’. It is recommended that initially you start playing with ‘play money’ or known as ‘fun money’. This will make you judge you better whether you like the software and the particular casino before depositing ‘real money’.  Just click the icon of ‘play money’ and try any of the casino games and start playing.

Remember play for fun requires no real cash deposit and you are offered free credits to play within the game. You win virtual free money and play more. But for real money play you obviously need to make a real cash deposit.

You have but a choice to switch to play for real money anytime you want when you are well thorough with the play for fun game.

Click here to play now.

Lastly and importantly one thing to always remember is that not all online casinos offer casino installation or casino software download. Nowadays most of the online casinos offer instant and mobile version of their site to play games.


5 Die Hard Mobile Pokies For Australians

Mobile Pokies continued to grow in popularity in Australia since the inception of online casinos. The nearby Asian market imploded with advanced hardware and technology which proved to be very beneficial for Aussies looking to go gaming crazy. The wide array of progressive, real money and simply just for fun pokies on the market were staggering. With gaming laws varying vastly from country to country, limitations were often imposed, but 5 Die Hard Pokies still finished strong for Australians.

The 5 Die Hard Mobile Pokies that still refuse to go away are popular for a variety of reasons. Some were theme-based on popular motion pictures. Others won praise due to outstanding graphics and superior sound effects.  Moreover these pokies produced number of winners globally making it top rated pokies at online casinos. Here are the best 5 Die Hard Mobile Pokies that you can play with any mobile smartphone be it Android or iPhone.

  1. Thunderstruck II
  2. Cashapillar
  3. Mega Moolah
  4. Cashsplash
  5. Wow Pot

All these pokies are classics and they are still going strong around the world.

1. Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II pokies

Thunderstruck 2 from Microgaming certainly fits in the 5 die hard pokies in Australia. Based on the original Thunderstruck, version 2 leaves nothing out plus great winning potential. There are 5 reels and 243 different ways to win.

Themed on the warrior like Vikings and they certainly give the right impression of great Nordic Gods including the great Thor. There is a Wild icon which is the logo of the game and of course a scatter icon, represented by the Mjolnir symbol.

Spinning this scatter can enter you into what Microgaming call The Great Hall of Spins and once in Free Spins and Multipliers can be won. Obviously the more you trigger the more you are rewarded with – there are 4 levels of Free Spins while the Multipliers range from x2 up to x6 – excellent rewards! Coin values range from  0.01 to 0.25 with up to 10 coins per line.

This pokies has a  random Wildstorm feature. It is random so at any time your screen will erupt and reward you with one free spin plus up to 5 expanding Wilds – a great win opportunity There are other Free Spin Bonuses such as the Valkyries Free Spin and the Loki Free Spin features both offering up to 15 Free Spins with Valkyries giving Multipliers and Loki turning incidental symbols into Wild symbols. Again your win potential is enhanced!

Should you manage to win 15 entries into the Great Hall of Free Spins then the Great God Thor will welcome you 25 Free Spins with rolling reels. These replace winning symbols with symbols  to be positioned for winning lines. Note that winning consecutively can increase your Multip0lier from x2 to x5.

Finally the last bonus round to mention is the Odin, a well revered Nordic God who will allocate you 20 Free Spins. In addition to the normal pay outs the Odin bonus will give you multipliers x2 and x3 should you land a Raven on your screen – should 2 Ravens land your Multipliers increase to x6!

2. Cashapillar

Cashapillar pokies

Cashapillar is another popular video pokies game where a number of bugs get together for a party and you will be part of a cash-bash that you will never forget. It is one of the biggest video pokies that has ever been launched and contains some great features such as Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Multipliers and Gamble Features.

It may be played either for Free or for Real money, and starts with a minimum bet of $0.01. The maximum bet is $20.00 per spin. If a player wagers the maximum bet in the regular cashapillar slot game, they will win 2 Million coins and 6 Million coins during the Free Spin Bonus game.
Pay outs are made out in a consecutive order from left to right after every winning combination.   The Cake icon, which is the Scatter, pays out in any direction. This exciting pokies comes with 5 reels and 100 paylines with a 1000 coins jackpot to win.

3. Mega Moolah

Mega moolah- Jackpot Wheel

This is most famous die hard pokies which still rocks at online casinos. Mega Moolah has a Progressive Jackpot that starts at $1,000,000 and keeps growing every time a player is on a Microgaming Progressive Jackpot spin. The Mega Moolah pokies include 5 reels 25 Pay Lines themed based on African Savannah jungles. You will find it set on the backdrop of a dusky sunset and the reels all packed with African wild animals. This African wilderness theme offers some great looking wild animals as main characters. It has a cartoonish design and all characters look kind of goofy and funny, which makes this game a real joy to play.

This pokies gameplay has that old school feel, with a pretty straightforward approach that does not have any flashy features that will take your mind off from the main goal of winning the jackpot. You can enjoy this game in any reputed casino of your choice and play online even with your mobile phone devices be it Android or any other smartphone.

4. Cashsplash

cash splash pokies symbols

Cash Splash 3 reel proved to be so popular that Microgaming made the 5 reel video pokies which has 15 paylines.  It features a Wild, a Scatter and has a maximum Progressive Jackpot win of $30,000.

The Jackpots are linked between both the 3 and 5 reel versions, and may be monitored on the red digital counter above the slot machine.
Some punters feel that the 5 reel is better than the 3 reel version, but they are both good pokies games, and it depends on what the gambler prefers.  The Jackpot is a little harder to win, but a reward of that magnitude should be worth fighting for.

The reels are colourful and depict icons such as Cherries, Bars, 7’s, Cash Bundles, Logos and High Valued Playing card symbols.

The Cash Splash logo is the Wild and substitutes for all others except the Scatter, and they may show up anywhere across the five reels.  When gamblers have 5 of these logos show up on the 15th payline they will win the Progressive Jackpot.

This pokie is ideal for gamblers who enjoy the penny pokies as all bets start with a minimum of 0.02 up to $3 per spin. A player will also be rewarded with an instant reward, according to the bet that was placed, when 3, 4 or 5 Circular Scatter icons show up on the reels.

5. Wow Pot

Wow pot slot features

WowPot is a classic jackpot pokies in which the key to unlocking the progressive prize is the WowPot Wild symbol, which substitutes for other symbols on reels to create winning paylines. However, if you are lucky enough to land all five of the Wild Symbols on the 15th payline of the pokies, then you will win the big progressive prize!

Similarly to most pokies games of the classic type, WowPot has traditional symbols such as cherries and lucky 7’s. While the cherries form low-value combinations, they pay out even if just 1 or 2 cherry icons fall on the central payline. Along with them, there are also single, double, and triple bars, which create their own combinations, but can also be mixed for a lower prize. There are two other types of symbols and these are red and multicolor Sevens. They, too, pay separately and can be combined.

Interestingly, the payouts for all combinations are the same when you bet 2 or 3 coins in the game. For example, landing 3 multicolor 7’s on the line earns you 1,000 coins, whether you wager 2 or 3 coins, worth 1.00 and 1.50 credits respectively. The only exception is the WowPot logo, which is unlocked once 3 coins are wagered. This symbol functions as a Wild multiplier, substituting for all other icons in the game. When 1 logo completes a combination on the payline, it doubles its payout, while 2 logos quadruple the winnings. However, if players manage to land 3 Wild logos on the payline, they are awarded the progressive jackpot.

The Final Word

Besides these, there are few other die hard pokeis to play like Avalon and Tomb Raider.  The advent of mobile technology has definitely made mobile pokie gaming better than ever. The best pokie playing experience today is almost certainly found on phones and tablets that are android-enabled.

The iPads provide the biggest mobile screens and therefore the most enjoyable experience. However, mobile pokies can still be loads of fun on smaller iPhones as well. Will these 5 Die Hard Mobile Pokies continue to be popular in times to come. Only time will tell, but it is safe to say they are not going anywhere anytime soon.


Of late, mobile data usage has increased manifolds. With data-consuming apps like video streaming, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram it has become difficult to reduce data usage on Android.

Here I have rounded up some of the most effective ways you can save Android data.

1. Restrict your data usage in Android Settings


Setting a limit to your monthly data usage is the best thing you can do to avoid using surplus amounts of data without your knowledge. For this, go to Settings and tap on Data Usage>>Billing Cycle>>Data limit and billing cycle. Here you can set the maximum amount of data you want to use in a month.

2. Use Data Compression in Chrome


Although Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature that can reduce data consumption on Android, you should turn on the data compression option to reduce it further. All your traffic is run through a proxy run by Google and your data is compressed and optimized before being sent to your phone. This leads to lower data consumption and also speeds up the loading time of pages.

For this, open Chrome, tap on the 3-dot menu on the upper right corner, tap on Settings, and you will see Data Saver. Tap on the upper right corner to toggle Data Saver on.

3. Limit Streaming Services Usage


Streaming videos and music are the most data-hungry content. Try not to use it when you’re using mobile data.  You can decrease the quality of the stream to lower your data usage. Many Android streaming apps like YouTube Go and Netflix offer data saver mode for smartphones to cut down on data usage.

4. Update apps over Wi-Fi only


Updating apps over Wi-Fi can reduce your data usage considerably. Go to Play Store and tap on Menu>>Settings >>Auto-update apps. 

You need to select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only” or else you may also choose “Do not auto-update apps,” but it’s recommended to update your apps manually.

5. Keep an eye on your apps


Apps are also too much data consuming. You may not know that the Google Photos app might be syncing your photos in the background every time you click one. Try to avoid watching videos and GIFs in those apps.

You can use alternative apps like Facebook Lite is a highly lite is a substitute for the Facebook app.

6. Save Google Maps for offline use


Yes, you can save Google maps for offline use to save both your time and data. Using GPS you can navigate the map offline once it’s downloaded. So, better to open Google Maps on Wi-Fi, go to Menu, and select “Offline Maps.“ Here tap on “Select your own map“ and zoom in or out to select the area you want to be available offline. Now hit “Download”.

7. Remove the Malware

Remove the Malware
Remove the Malware

Regularly browse your Android phone for malware with some good antivirus app. This can suck up your bandwidth in the background while sending your critical information to the attackers.


You may also download large files when you are on Wi-Fi, avoid clearing your System Cache unless you do not have any other way to free your space. To save data you should also turn off mobile data when not required. These are some of the other ways to reduce data usage apart from the above 7 tricks.

Mobile Pokies with real money

There are plenty of apps and games on the App Store and Google Play but rarely can you win real money. Mobile pokies are different. In this game, you can actually win big bucks watching the reels spin without any download required.

So, are you planning to switch to mobile pokies! Every day, hundreds of players stop using their bulky PC screens and start playing on their Android, iPhone or Windows devices.

Mobile pokies and casinos now vie their desktop counterparts when it comes to speed, graphics and game features.

It’s easy to get started with playing real money pokies in New Zealand. With a few tips and recommendations, you’ll become a professional mobile pokies player in no time.

You can find free pokies games for mobile right here at Pokiesmobile. We highlight here some of our most popular casinos and where to play for real money.

  1. Play at online casinos
  2. Play at lotto sites and bookmakers

Pokies with real money involves real cash to play. This means you need to make deposit with real AUD or any other currency of your choice or even with cryptocurrencies like Bitocoins, Litecoins to play real pokies. In other terms it is to gamble or place a bet on pokie game, sports, horse races, play lottery and various other live casino games all with your mobile.

Before you get to know how to play pokies with real money with mobile in 2019, remember that you need always find a reputed, legit casino to play pokies or any other games with real money.

Play at online casino

Play pokies with real AUD

You can easily play pokies with real money with mobile at online casinos. Simply choose a reputed, legit, licensed and regulated online casino that offers pokies to play with real Australian dollars or with Bitcoins. Now either download the casino app on your mobile or just enter the casino with your mobile on the web browser.

In seconds you will have the casino right in front of you on your mobile screen.

  • Now click on Join Now or Sign Now button given on the top right hand corner of the home page screen of the online screen.
  • Next follow the prompts and register yourself by entering your Name, Address, Phone number, Email and password, Date of Birth, Country and currency of play. After you have done this step now go to cashier or banking page.
  • Select the way to fund your casino account. The whole bunch of deposit options are listed there.
  • Select the one you want and make a deposit of AU$10- AU$25 or more with either credit cards, e wallets, bank transfer or with bitcoins.
  • The amount will be loaded on to your account within minutes to hours of time depending on the payment method you choose.

Signup Bonus

  • Also grab welcome or sign up bonus given at the casino to a new player
  • Go to games lobby now and select the game you wish to play in real time.
  • Be it pokies, do sports betting or play any other table game or live casino with live dealers all on your mobile.
  • If you win go to cashier or withdrawal section and choose the way you want to make a withdraw. There are withdrawal limits that you can ask the help support which is available 24.7 either by live chat, phone or email.
  • You will be required to verify your details therefore casino might ask you to submit few documents like your ID proof, utility bill or DL or any thing of that sort to prove your age and residency status.
  • Your withdraw will take place according to the method of withdrawal you choose. Basically all online casinos have withdrawals by checks.

Online Casino to play on mobile 

1. Slotland Casino


This online casino is not new and has been functional since 1998. Being a legit casino registered by the Government of Anjouan, the casino is safe to play. It offers encrypted secure online transactions. You will find a huge variety of pokies games also. It is the best place of pokies to enjoy anytime without any download.

Progressive Jackpots

On your mobile you can play great selections of progressive jackpots pokies machines, 3D pokies, table games, Video Pokers and more to enjoy in simple format. You can play online slots titles like Gold the Riches, Alice in Wonderland, and Phantom of the Opera.

There are a few variants of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker available for card and table game fans.

Slotland offers a welcome bonus for existing customers like an automatic $100 free on every $1,000 deposit.

Get free $100 for each $1,000 where you receive a 10% cashback bonus whenever your deposits reach $1,000. You just have to deposit and play regularly for this bonus.

Play at Slotland casino

2. 7 Reel Casino


It is optimized for mobile gaming. Functioning since 2008, this casino is a part of the winward gaming group regulated by the Government of Curacao.

You can play as many as over 200 games in total powered by popular gaming software developers. These includes Rival software, Betsoft, Visionary iGaming and Pariplay software; so that you get great variety of games to choose from.

The pokies section include new, classic, popular and progressive machines to play. Some of the pokies are Dragon Kingdom, Jurassic Giants, 888 Dragons, Fire and Steel, Big Bang and many more.

Table Games

There are plenty of table games to choose from mainly roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, electronic roulette and more. Also enjoy Live Dealer games with over 18 live tables with most of the table games for you.

Besides these games the casino also provides and offers you a chance to try your luck with binary stocks betting.

On entering this casino via your phone you instantly get 25 free spins and 200% match bonus on first deposit. Following is the breakup of the bonuses when you sign up for the first time.

  • On your first deposit you get 200% match bonus
  • Second deposit you get 100% match bonus
  • Third deposit you get 100% match bonus
  • Fourth deposit also you get 100% match bonus
  • Finally on fifth deposit you get 175% match bonus

Play at 7 Reel Casino Now

3. Superior Casino


This casino is a perfect mobile casino to play great pokies powered by Rival, Betsoft and Vivo brands gaming software. For house you can play rich pokies games at this casino and enjoy poker, table games, Keno, Bingo and scratchies.

Find a great selection of video pokies, classic 3-reel pokies games and progressives. You can also have over 20 iSlots or interactive pokies.  In addition it also offers a full suite of 3D pokies games by Betsoft.


You can also play live, on camera table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Craps. There are also speciality games on the offer at this online casino such as Vegas Jackpot Keno, Sudoku games.

To play real money pokies you need to fund by making a small deposit of $25 in real AUD or BTC. At once you get to claim your $20 no deposit bonus to get started.

The $20 no deposit bonus is quite lucrative. Also as a new player get a welcome bonus of up to $1,000! Whether you play Download, No-Download or Mobile casino just visit the cashier to redeem your bonus and make your deposit.

Your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits will receive up to $5000 in instant bonus cash. 

If you use cryptocurrency Bitcoins to deposit to play scratch cards; you can claim 275% up to $2750 free on your deposit.

4. Rich Casino


Here you can enjoy pokies, sports betting, table games, poker and other casino games. All these you to enjoy with your mobile smartphone. You can play rich casino games and tournaments for real money ; without any download or choose to download the software and get started to play.

You get 25 free spins as welcome bonus triple your first deposit with a 200% match bonus.

Make a deposit with Bitcoin with your mobile and get a 400% Bonus on your first three deposits.

You can play over 800 casino games powered by notable software namely BetSoft, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Vig and Parlay Entertainment. Enjoy classic pokies and also new pokies like Dragon Kingdom, Jurassic Giants, Greedy Goblins, Genie’s Fortune and more. You can also enjoy many table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat with different variants available to play.

Play at Rich Casino

Play at Lotto Sites and Bookmakers

Play pokies with real money

You can play pokies games with real money at many of Australian licensed lotto sites like the official TAB. Also you can play at the Lott Site Australia. TAB is the best online site to do sports betting and betting on horse racing. There are various sports to bet upon. Many live matches to watch as well as take part in NBA, NFL and other sports, betting live even with your mobile with the app.

Tatts and other lottery apps like NSW lotteries, Golden Casket, NT lotteries are available at app store. You can to download all these free apps on your mobile and enjoy games . These games include – Powerball, Set for Life, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto and Instant scratchie games with real money. Some of the other lotto sites are Ubet; Keno and others.

Real money Pokies

These online sites offer pokies like games to play with real AUD instantly with mobile smartphones.

There are various other ways to play pokies with real money. If you opt to visit a land based real casino near you ; there too only real money pokies machines are provided to play and win. You can play Bingo and Keno at club houses with real AUD.

Playing real money pokies has its own charm. As you have the opportunity to win some real cash or even get a chance to become a millionaire by playing real money jackpot games. Always keep in mind that playing with real money also means to stick to your bankroll and play responsibly.

How To Get Cheapest Plan For Mobile From Optus?

Optus does offer cheap plans for your mobile. The only hack here is to find those plans from Optus. How to do, it then keep on reading. The cheapest phone plan from Optus is its $39/month plan that comes with 10GB data. Also it’s possible to quadruple the data for $4 less per month.

Optus now has a new plan that is only $35/month that comes with a whopping 40GB data. The only thing is that its for Flybuy members only, but it does come with 10,000 bonus Flybuy points. You can click here to become a Flybuy member now.

So this is a great plan compared to what else is currently in market in terms of price and data inclusions.

How this hack works to get cheap plans from Optus?

The flybuys points offer is available to customers who take up a new service. All flybuys points offers are available to flybuys members who take up a service via the Optus/flybuys portal (, validate their flybuys details within the checkout process and stay connected with Optus for at least 90 days. Customers can collect flybuys points for each new activation of a new eligible service.

Remember that if you cancel your Eligible Optus Service within 90 days from service activation, you will not receive the flybuys points. Plan cancellation fees may also apply. You will receive the points after 90 days from connection (for Optus Internet Plans), or from activation (for all other plans). Once their points have been applied to their flybuys account, the customer will retain the points regardless of cancelling.

If you face any difficulty then contact Optus customer care at 133 937

Flybuy-optus deals
Other Optus deals are

Optus is actually offering three SIM only Flybuys plans, all of which come with bonuses:

  • $35 per month: 40GB + 10,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $45 per month: 60GB + 15,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $65 per month: 100GB + 30,000 bonus Flybuys points

If you’re after even more data the $45/month plan is still a good deal. It’s $4 less per month than the equiavlent regular Optus ‘Medium’ plan which is $49/month for 60GB.

Optus cheapest SIM offers and deals

You shouldn’t go for the $65/month Flybuys plan unless you desperately want those bonus points. Optus’ regular ‘Large’ Optus plans are only $59/month for 100GB data.

Then the deals are also for 24 months

Optus flybuys plan and deals for mobile
  • $35 per month: 40GB + 25,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $45 per month: 60GB + 40,000 bonus Flybuys points
  • $65 per month: 100GB + 75,000 bonus Flybuys points

If you go for data SIM plan then for 12 months you at $35 you get 50 GB+ 25000 bonus Flybuy points and for 24 month plan same cost and data with 60000 points.

These deals are only available until September 30th, 2020, so you only have a few days to take advantage of it. 

It’s worth noting that Flybuys do have a one year contract. Comparatively, regular Optus plans are contract-free. That being said, the Flybuys program is free to sign up for. Plus, contracts can, funnily enough, protect users.

While Optus has said it won’t raise its phone plans in 2020, there is nothing to stop that from happening sometime over the next twelve months thanks to its contractless plans.

What are Flybuys?

Flybuys-Australia reward program

If you don’t know what are flybuys then  they are Australia’s most popular loyalty program. Aside from shopping with their Partners, there are many other ways for you to keep collecting more flybuys points. You can even earn points on your Coles Home and Car Insurance, or give your total a big boost by taking up a BONUS POINTS offer from one of their partners. From gadgets and appliances to getaways and even money off at the till, FlyBuys got over 1,000 great items available for you.


Exclusive Bonuses

Rich Casino
400% New Player Bonus
Rich Palms Casino
250% Welcome Bonus
Slotland Casino
$1000 Bonus

Highest Jackpots

Mega Moolah is by far the biggest mobile Jackpot... Starting at $1,000,000!

$25 Free Bonus