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Do you know, there are nearly 3,000+ pokies gaming machines all over Tasmania. All these are located across the state in its clubs, hotels, pubs, RSLs, taverns including two land-based casino venues. All these pokies machines are regulated by the Department of Liquor and Gaming.

Pokies in Tasmania

For international tourists and especially Australians, Tasmania is a popular destination. The state features a host of clubs, hotels, RSLs, and taverns hosting pokies machines along with two luxury casino spaces that offer quality accommodation, dining, and entertainment facilities.

In both these casinos, you will get a number of features that include the minimum spin rate of 3 seconds, you can wage $5 as a maximum wager. A maximum of 30 pay lines unlimited winning payouts, all 24 hours gambling is available with classic and progressive jackpot pokies.

Tasmania’s land-based casino venues include:

1. Hobart Wrest Point Hotel Casino

This is one of the top attractions in Tasmania. It was also first Australia’s licensed land-based casino gaming venue which was introduced on February 10, 1973. Featuring 650 pokies gaming machines, this casino also includes other popular table game like blackjack variants, roulette games, poker, baccarat, sic bo, video poker, and more. Here the minimum and maximum bet per spin on the pokies are $0.01 and $1.00 respectively.

2. Launceston Country Club Casino

This is another Tasmania’s prestigious gaming, accommodation and entertainment hub which started operating in 1982. It features an 18-hole championship golf course along with a premier golf driving range. It has 535 slots machines spread across two gaming floors, along with other popular games like blackjack, roulette, poker against the dealer, pontoon, baccarat, video poker etc. Here the minimum and maximum bets per spin on the pokies are set at $0.01 and $1.00 respectively.

Online Real Money Pokies

Online and mobile casino gaming operators provide a variety of classic and progressive jackpot pokies games, and great and interactive titles that are graphically amazing and visually and audio-rich. It also offers promos and cash bonuses that are much superior to the rewards you may receive as a player at Tasmanian casinos or other gaming venues.

All these titles are introduced by reputable and esteemed gaming software designers such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, BetSoft, Playtech, NextGen, iSoftBet, Leander, Genesis, Elk Studios, etc.

Authorized and Legal Casinos

Each pokies casino site has are mobile friendly and each one of these are licensed by proper gaming governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority, the U.K. Gambling Commission, and Curaçao eGaming. All these are regulated and monitored by eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). You can play and have a great time in all pokies games with Au dollars or play mode, with each Internet casino providing secure and globally trusted deposit and withdrawal methods to transfer your funds.


These are the best places where you can have a great time playing pokies of your choice and also have a chance to win big if you are lucky.

How to use smartphone as ID in NSW Australia?

With mobile smartphones life is made easy as after five years of proposal to display your ID in NSW is now finally here. This means  NSW citizens are now able to display their driver’s license on their phones and use it as a form of ID at pubs and clubs when playing pokies.

Note that the NSW government previously estimated could save tens of millions of dollars, will make NSW one of the few places in the world where citizens are able to choose to have a license issued in digital format and have it displayed on their smartphones.

How to use smartphone as ID in NSW Australia?

How to use smartphone as ID in NSW Australia?

To use smartphone as ID in NSW Australia all you need is to go to your respective app stores and download the app called Service NSW App.

Click here to download the free app for your Android

Click here to download the free app for your iPhone

Register yourself and Login to use digital licences, including the much-anticipated digital driver license and the handy driver licence verifier.

How to use smartphone as ID in NSW Australia?

Check and renew regos, check fines and demerits, and find even more government services online.

Simply scan another licence and cross-check the name you receive with the licence itself. The scan will also indicate if the licence holder is under 18, making it easier to verify age.

You can Add more personal credentials to your app including: 

  • Boat driver licence
  • RSA/RCG competency card 
  • Recreational fishing fee

Also the app works with Children Check Clearance and you can manage your vehicle and vessel registrations. 

  • Keep on top of your penalties by viewing your roads-related fines and associated demerit points. 
  • Search any NSW vehicle plate to view general vehicle registration information.

The mobile requirement to download this app

The mobile requirement to download this app

This app works best on: Android version 6.x (Marshmallow) and higher and iOS12 and higher

Lower versions of operating systems may no longer be supported with important security patches. If you have a compatible device, consider upgrading to the latest operating system. You can usually check for updates from the device’s system settings. 

Also if you have a cracked mobile screen, it may not get accepted because a clear screen is required for it to be used as valid ID; your phone must also be kept charged so that you can show your licence.

 How to get a digital licence with the app?

How to get a digital licence with the app?

Follow these steps to obtain your Digital Drivers Licence in New South Wales.

  • Download the Service NSW app from the link provided above
  • Register an account tied to an email address
  • Enter your physical licence’s address, licence number and the number on its back (top left) into the app
  • Use your digital licence
  • Until now, only about 20,000 citizens in trial areas that included Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Albury, and Dubbo were able to make use of a digital driver’s licence.

While the licence is expected to be accepted at most venues, the state government is reminding people to still carry their plastic card “to avoid inconvenience”, as some venues in NSW or other states and countries may not accept it as a valid form of ID.

It’s also reminding people to not use their phones while driving or riding when asked for ID and that you do not have to hand over your unlocked phone in order for it to be verified by people such as security guards or police officers.

service nsw app

If you get pulled over by the police, do not pick up your phone until the officer requests to see your driver licence. Significant penalties apply for using a mobile phone illegally.

The app has a number of security safeguards built into it to make it easier for authorities to verify a card’s validity, including a Waratah emblem “hologram” that moves when the phone is tilted on an iPhone and the ability to scan a QR code to verify that the name displayed on the screen matches the name that is on the database at Service NSW.

The state government passed the Road Transport and Other Legislation Amendment (Digital Driver Licences and Photo Cards) Act 2018 last year in order to make it lawful for people to show a digital form of ID instead of a plastic card in order to gain access to licensed venues and for police checks.

Remember that the Service NSW app is built with your privacy in mind. You can choose to set up a simple sign in, which will access your device’s biometric sign-in hardware. You can also allow the app to use your device camera so that you can use the Digital Driver Licence verifying and venue sign-in features. You can remove these permissions at any time using your device settings.


Playing pokies with real money is fun but many a times as you play pokies and casino games on the go you forget certain important things.  The foremost thing is you need to manage yourself to play responsibly at the casino so that you do enjoy your play and do not have to regret later too. Obviously the most important aspect is manage your money when playing real money pokies when playing with mobile. Then comes the choice of your game and self discipline. Here are few things you should remember when playing pokies with mobile.

Maintain your Discipline

Playing pokies with mobile

You have chosen to play a game at the mobile casino. The cards are dealt on the game table or the pokies reels begin to spin. Now you need to maintain your discipline on your action. Not only it is important for a new player but for professionals and high rollers as well. When you see you are constantly losing and your chips are often down quietly move out of the game and switch off your phone. Do not stick there to lose more of your money. By bringing order to your gaming sessions or regulating them is in your hands only.

Think the reason to be at the mobile casino

Blackjack and pokies on mobile

Most people come to mobile casinos for many reasons. Many to play, few to make friends with chat feature at live casino and most to just enjoy and have fun spending time at the mobile casino. Some people are lonely and just want to pass their time playing games on mobile, while others are there to try and turn a profit.

The thrill of risking money to win even more cash is a powerful drug, and it’s led countless players down the path of gambling addiction. At the very least, individuals develop unrealistic expectations about what they should hope to gain from a gaming session, and this leads to feeling of disappointment and failure.

No matter what happens at the mobile casino, remind yourself that you’re playing a game. Sure, some of these games can make you wealthy in seconds, but they are still just more complex versions to make you a pauper too.

With this thought in mind and self-disciplined a player should always keep the hobby in perspective and not attach too much value to it. If you fail to have fun at the mobile casino, then you’re missing the whole point of playing a game.

Manage your Bankroll 

Bankroll at mobile casino

It is a good old saying “A fool and his money are soon parted,”. The word “money” could easily be switched with “bankroll,” as poor money management at a casino will almost always lead to disaster.

First of all, your bankroll should only be comprised of money that you can afford to lose. If you constantly find yourself playing with funds that were important for bills and other basic necessities of life, then you’re either a fool or have a gambling addiction. In either case, you need to seek help immediately.

Before you enter the mobile casino, you should make two key decisions regarding your bankroll: how much money you’re willing to lose, and how much of your winnings you’re prepared to risk. No matter what happens during the gaming session, do not deviate from the numbers previously decided on. Remember that your bankroll is the first and only link between you and the casino.

Understanding the Rules of games you play

Of all the self-discipline tips and suggestions for punters, this one is the simplest to grasp. However, you’d be amazed at how many people disregard it. Before choosing to play any game at the mobile casino you should know  the basics of the game

Learning the rules of any casino game can be accomplished online with your mobile by playing at practice and fun mode before real money play.

Know the House Edge 

House edge at casino games

The term “house edge” refers to the advantage that the casino holds on each game they offer. The higher the house edge, the less likely you are to walk away a winner. You should be familiar with the house edge of any game you’re planning to play, and should know the odds for other games, as well.

The casinos aren’t in a habit of providing house edge statistics; otherwise players would suddenly realize that the house almost always has a mathematical advantage. These numbers can be easily located online, however, so you have no excuse for not tracking them down. Once you know the house edge for various games, you can begin to concentrate on those that provide the greatest chance of winning.

All the above things will help you manage yourself better at the mobile casino and will also improve your overall performance while playing games of your choice. With patience, practice and determination you can over come all the obstacles and manage yourself better to responsible gaming.


As the amount of hours spent studying continues to increase, many Australian students are turning to study apps for salvation. Throughout the last twenty years, it’s no secret that students are overwhelmed. As Aussie teens make their transition from high school to the university, they are quickly inundated with a shocking amount of homework. Between preparing for tests and compiling thesis’s, the sheer amount of time students spend preparing for class is impressive. While the average university student in Australia only spends 10 to 15 hours a week on campus, they also have to dedicate an additional 48 hours to their studies.

Even though these figures seem shocking, they aren’t nearly as surprising once they are put into perspective. To truly understand why Australians study so much, taking a brief look at the national school system is essential. When it comes to primary and high school, Aussie students receive over 11,000 hours of instruction. This is dramatically more than the 7,540-hour average for other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developed (OECD) countries. This is complimented by 6 hours of homework a week, which is also dramatically higher than the OECD average.

Despite investing thousands of extra hours in and outside the classroom, Australian students are routinely being outperformed. Australia’s international ranking has consistently dropped on PISA tests, and this poor performance is making people rethink the entire system. As teachers, parents and lawmakers fight to figure out how to overhaul Australia’s education system, students are left on their own. As the dust settles, it’s obvious that less time needs to be spent studying to improve performance. Ironically, the best ways to achieve more constructive study sessions is available on our phones.

Throughout the last decade, the number of apps that revolve around studying has exploded. Studying is an issue in most developed nations, and developers were more than happy to address the issue. Thanks to this new wave of apps, students aren’t left to fend for themselves. To showcase how effective these programs are, we compiled a list of the best study apps in 2019. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or at the university, these programs provide crucial advantages. There’s no reason to let your schedule be overrun with repetition, so start studying smarter with these apps!

Best Study Apps in 2019

Scanner Pro
Capture text with any iOS device!

App #3: Scanner Pro – Thanks to this innovative scanner, the days of taking longhand notes are long gone. This is due to the fact that this reader turns your iPhone into an innovative tool. All students have to do is activate the app and they are able to scan text from any book or manuscript. The data is automatically converted to digital text that can be copied to documents, played as audio files or translated into a different language. This easy to use program makes traditional note taking look archaic, so hop onboard this iOS revolution!

My Student Life
Manage your schedule like a pro.

App #2: My Study Life – Being a student is hectic, and no one understands this more than the innovative developers of this program. By combining information about homework, exams and classes onto one platform, My Study Life helps students stay on top of their schedules. Users receive notifications about unfinished tasks, looming exams and scheduling conflicts. Everything can be uploaded to a cloud and accessed without Wi-Fi, which is perfect for students who are on the go. This app is completely free, so take advantage of its helpful features!

Study Apps
Take your note taking to the next level.

App #1: Evernote – When it comes to optimizing note taking, no program does a more admirable job than Evernote. Instead of focusing on one faucet of studying, it addresses all the factors that hinder most students. Evernote helps students streamline their note taking with audio recordings, checklists and links. It also provides 60 mb of uploads per month, provides community support and can be synced across devices. This versatility makes it a godsend for those who are constantly running against the clock. Students get 50% off the premium version, so start revolutionizing how you study with this versatile app!


Canberra, Australia’s capital city, located in the northern skirt of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), is the largest inland city in the country. Along with Canberra’s cultural significance, visitors and locals love to play pokies which are found in pubs, casinos, clubs, etc.

There are several places where you can try your luck if you are visiting Canberra. Here are the most popular places where you can play pokies in Canberra!

1. Canberra Pubs and Clubs

As Canberra’s pubs and clubs widely popular for its pokies and presently maintain a stranglehold on poker machines. You just have to visit your nearby pub or club to find a venue offering the pokies. Some of the popular places where you can find the clubs and pubs include:

ACT Rugby Union Club, Calwell Club, Canberra Club, Canberra Bowling Club, Canberra Deakin Football Club, Civic Pub are a few to visit.

Try playing online at any of our recommended, safe online casinos, where new players receive welcome packages that include free spins and free money when signing up using our links – something a Canberra pub or club will never offer.

2. Casino Canberra Pokies

The Casino Canberra is Australia’s only land-based casino yet to get a license to offer the pokies. When it opened in the early 1990s, it was licensed under the strict condition where it was not allowed to offer poker machines, as it was available only in the pubs and clubs.

It was recently acquired by Hong Kong real estate tycoon, Tony Fung. Fung’s Aquis Entertainment Group bought the Canberra Casino in 2014 at $330 million redevelopments under which two new hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and a large refurbishment of the casino.

You will soon be able to play the pokies at the revamped Canberra Casino, until then the casino is restricted to table games, which includes blackjack, roulette, sic bo, pai gow, baccarat, and pontoon.

Playing the Pokies Online

In case you are not located close to any of the Canberra’s pokies lounges, or simply don’t have the time to go to the pub every time you fancy a quick spin, better to try playing the pokies online! If you’re looking for safe, respectable and legal pokies you can visit several online casinos. Below are some of the most amazing ones to try out:

Mega Moolah

Tomb Raider


The best part of playing the pokies online is you become eligible for all kinds of welcome bonuses and VIP promotions you’d not find within a Canberra pub or club.

How to deposit with Skrill at mobile casinos to play pokies?

To play real money pokies you need to deposit real AUD. There are many deposit options to use at the mobile casino and one of them is Skrill. When depositing money at the online casino you often look for a safe and secure transaction. In almost all of the mobile casinos you will find skirl as one the banking options to fund your casino account with AUD.

Skrill is a leading online casino payment solution which enables Australian players to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their favourite online casino.  You can store money  in your Skrill account and then spend this money whenever you want. You can also pay and be paid with Skrill. Skrill is one of the most famous e-wallets in the world, it is free to use and it is also free to sign up to. You can connect your bank account to your Skrill account and you can also connect your credit and debit cards

For Australian players Skrill is the most reliable method for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

How does Skrill Work?

Like any other payment method Skrill works in the same way. You can deposit money into it using other online accounts, bank account transfer or credit card, then use it to pay for items that you purchase online  or deposit it into your online casino account and play safely. When you attempt to make a deposit with Skrill, you need to look for the Skrill logo in the casino’s cashier/banking section and then you need to click on this logo to make a deposit. You will then be prompted to enter your Skrill account number, the amount that you wish to deposit in to your gaming account and then your secure ID number. As soon as you have entered these details and then confirmed them, you will be redirected to the main Skrill login page.

You will confirm the amount and enter your Skrill password and then as soon as you have done this, the money will instantly be sent to your gaming account. It will only take a few seconds for the money to arrive in your gaming account. The standard withdrawal time with Skrill can take anywhere from just a couple of hours up to two days and making a withdrawal with Skrill is basically just as easy as making a deposit. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions when they appear.

Skrill Deposits and Withdrawals

Skrill deposits are made through bank transfer or credit card. However, unlike PayPal, this online casino payment processor cannot debit directly from your savings account. You’ll need to initiate the transfer, much as you would to pay for an eBay item via bank transfer or send money to your family. You can also use POLi in Australia, but there are no other methods to get money into your Skrill account in Australia though. You cannot make cash deposits into your account, nor can you have anybody else pay into your Skrill account from their bank account or credit card. This is an anti-money laundering regulation.

While using Skrill account to play at online casinos you are not tempted to spend more than you really want to at an online casino, because it takes a few days to deposit more money into your account. However, you may wish to deposit an entire month’s worth of online casino money into your account at once to save time but then you have to keep in mind if you lose in playing too! Withdrawals can only be made to bank accounts listed in your name, to credit cards or by cheque in AUD.

Note thatreasonable small amount of fee is charged when using Skrill at casimos. Fees are 1% of the transaction, but a maximum of 50 cents per transaction. Skrill is regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK, and registered as an English / Welsh company. They have over 14 million accounts worldwide currently.

To open a new Skrill account from your mobile:

  • Open on your mobile web browser
  • Select ‘Open a Free Account’
  • A simple registration form is divided into 5 steps and these include entering your email, password, transaction currency and other personal information
  • Once you agree with the terms and conditions and sign up, simply log into your email and verify your account
  • Once your account is verified, simply log into your account and select Upload.
  • Now you are presented with various options on how to fund your Skrill account including Neteller, Debit/Credit card or Manual Bank transfer
  • Once your account has been funded, you can make instant online payments with ease.

Funding your mobile casino account with Skrill

  • Log into your casino mobile account and select deposit on the top right side of your screen
  • From the list of payment methods, select Skrill, under e-wallets
  • Then you have the option of selecting a welcome bonus, available on your first 3 deposits
  • Then select your deposit amount, minimum $10 on a Skrill deposit.
  • Then the Skrill dialog box will open where you will enter the email address registered with Skrill and your password
  • Once you select deposit, Skrill will process you payment and your funds will be available immediately.

You can use Skrill at Fair Go Casino, Emu Casino, Rich Casino and many other Australian friendly online casino.

What to know before using Skirll at casinos?

  • Skrill  is a safer option for your online casino, because there are no chargebacks available as there are for credit card deposits. This may mean that you get an extra bonus for depositing with Skrill at your online casino but this may also mean that you have extra wagering requirements or playthrough rules before you can cash out!
  • Because there are no chargebacks, you should be aware that you are playing at a reputable online casino. You lose the protection that credit cards afford you.
  • Skrill has a good customer service, and is efficient in solving issue and has got better feedback than PayPal.
  • Again, as with many other payment processing options, you’ll need either a driver’s license or passport to use as verification of identity. If you don’t have either of these documents, another online casino deposit option may be better for you.
  • Last but not the least though Skrill is regarded, extremely safe payment option for your online casino account, still you need to be careful with your money transactions.

The Google Pixel 4 has officially made its debut, and it managed to exceed everyone’s expectations. Even though the main feature to celebrate is its cameras, Google packed this phone with plenty of clever features. From Motion Sense to surprisingly reliable Face Unlock system, the Pixel 4 is built to impress. Google invested heavily in making this phone memorable, and this extra investment went a long way. Armed with a slew of innovative features, the Pixel 4 is ready to make its way onto millions of shopping lists.

In a world where consumers are forced to choose between Samsung or Apple, having a viable alternative is a blessing. Now that Huawei is banned in the United States, Google has become an unlikely salvation. They are the third runner up within the industry heavyweights, which is an impressive feat for a company that’s only been building phones for a few years. This new introduction to their lineup will keep competitors on their toes, and this burst of competition is exactly what the industry needed. It’s far from a perfect release, but it has enough innovation to win over the masses.

Despite having its shortcomings, the Pixel 4 has already been hailed as one of the best phones of 2019. Android fans swear by this release, and the internet is awash with glowing Pixel 4 reviews. To see if it lives up to the hype, we tested out the Pixel 4 for a day. To our surprise, this unassuming contender managed to surprise us at every turn. The Pixel lineup is ready to be taken seriously, so dive into the details with this in-depth article!

Testing Out the Google Pixel 4

Pixel 4 Display
Instead of mimicking the competition, Google stuck to its own unique style.

When examining the Pixel 4, it has a remarkably average design. While many phones tested out wild features in 2019, Google stuck to the basics. There are no pop-up selfie cameras or holes cut out of the display, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The worst part of the design is its unsightly top bezel, but even that sin is forgivable when examining its facial unlock features. Boasting Google’s 90 Hz Smooth Display, this 5.7-inch OLED screen provides a welcome compact option for those who want to abstain from phablets. 

While 90 Hz sets the stage for quicker resets, the tradeoff for this innovation is a dimmer display. In an effort to conserve battery life, Google’s Smooth Display defaults back to 60 Hz when the brightness is set below 75%. While this level is unreasonably high for most users, one feature helps correct this issue. In an effort to provide the perfect lighting, Google equipped the Pixel 4 with the Ambient EQ feature. This software automatically adjusts the white balance of the screen to accommodate any lighting conditions. Its peak brightness of 429 nits is disappointing, since it’s noticeably lower than Apple & Samsung’s 2019 flagships.

Pixel 4 Cameras
Just like its predecessors, the camera is where the action is at.

Even though the screen and aesthetics are far from revolutionary, the cameras are. By adding another rear camera that’s backed by AI white balancing, Google took this setup to the next level. Its 12.2MP rear camera is accompanied by a new 16MP lens and Google’s Super Res Zoom technology. This allows users to zoom up to 8x without losing hardly any quality. Combined with the AI white balancing, this camera setup excels in any lighting condition.

Google Face Unlock
Users get access to a truly secure facial recognition system.

Once users have experimented with the cameras, the next focus is the Face-Unlock system. This three-dimensional security feature couldn’t have come at a better time, since there’s no fingerprint sensor on the device. Fortunately, Google’s Face Unlock system is reliable enough to replace fingerprints. While it still isn’t recognized by banking apps, it’s noticeably more reliable than Apple’s Face ID. It can register users while lying flat and when held in landscape orientation. This system is complimented by Motion Sense, which allows users to change songs and apps with midair gestures.

All these goodies come at a cost, since Google forgot to address the grievances of previous models. Just like its predecessors, the Pixel 4 has a lackluster battery. Instead of increasing the power capacity to support all of the extra features, they actually made this one smaller. Clocking in at 2,800mAh, the Pixel 4 battery is even tinier than the Pixel 3’s. This reduction allows only 8 hours of use between charges, and its 64GB base storage is far from impressive. Despite these issues, it’s impossible not to take the Pixel 4 seriously.

Once again, Google gave Android purists a smartphone to rally behind. Despite having a disappointingly small battery, the rest of its specs make it a tantalizing purchase for the holidays. Between its flawless camera setup and useful AI features, the Pixel 4 is a force to be reckoned with. This release further solidifies Google’s place in the smartphone industry, since it rivals anything released by its competitors. Google smartphones are officially here to stay, so Apple and Samsung have to introduce something groundbreaking in 2020 to stay in the lead.


Once known as the City of Churches, South Australia’s capital has grown more and more into a hub for annual cultural events such as the Fringe Festival, the Clipsal 500, and the Womadelaide. Adelaide is now known as the Festival State. Hence, it is natural for Adelaide to attract customers from around the world. This place has facilities such as live theatre and music, entertainment, etc. if you can’t make it to the place you can always opt for the option of online pokies.

Adelaide Casino

Located in the heritage listed Adelaide Railway Station on North-terrace, The Adelaide Casino is a spectacular landmark for those who visit the area. It brings up the city’s history. The Adelaide Casino is the gem of the city. For all those Footy fans out there, there is a remarkable called the Adelaide Oval which is accessible from a bridge across the river.

The casino is also a part of the SKYCITY Entertainment group which holds the reserves for all the table games. However, it shares the pokies market with other pubs and clubs around the state.

Games it Offers

With over 1500 electronic pokies machines at the casino, the casino also launched the quintessential Lightning Link, an ergonomic way of four progressive jackpot levels to also focuses on new pokies like Magic Pearl, Sahara Gold, and Happy also offers the regulars SkyHigh which is South Australia’s largest gaming machine jackpot. Only closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday, the casino is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Clubs and Pubs in Adelaide

Pokies in Adelaide can be found in several clubs and pubs with all the equipment that should be in the casinos only. Certain suburban zones around the Southern, Northern and, Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide have some of the biggest pokies lounges around. They even stretch far out to the CBD areas like West Lakes, Marion, and Golden Grove.

Below are some avenues where you may enjoy the pokies and its facilities:

  • Aces Bar & Bistro, Adelaide
  • Arab Steed Hotel, Adelaide
  • Hotel Metropolitan, Adelaide
  • Jackpots on Pulteney, Adelaide

Play Pokies Online

It is somewhat difficult for some of the gamblers to travel to Adelaide to play pokies. It is very convenient for those people to join the online battle that goes on for the cash prize and payouts. Online poky is a thing that has been running for a long time now and people are just way too much engrossed in it. Playing online offers you up to hundreds of real pokies money. You can just take your mobile out of your pocket and keep on going for hours and hours of playtime.

Below are some fail-safe online casinos that will help you kill your boredom:


These casinos offer some excellent welcome bonuses for new players and an amazing chance to win big. Just sign up to claim exclusive matched deposit bonuses and free spins.

Antivirus apps for Android

Many a times you get virus on your Android mobile through an app or any site that you browse with your mobile or click an ad when playing any game. Unfortunately if you get a virus on your mobile then often experts ask you to factory reset the mobile. But getting your mobile to factory reset you would lose all your data like photos, messages or any other data.  There are apps to remove a virus from your Android mobile without a factory reset.

As you know that with the latest Android mobile phones Google Play Protect is now part of all Android devices. It’s a built-in security measure that scans the apps on your device and checks for harmful ones. No matter where you install apps from, Play Protect looks through them. This means you essentially already have an antivirus built into your phone. If you only install apps from Google Play, the chances of you picking up a phone virus are slim to none. Google scans all apps added to Google Play for malicious behavior and removes offenders.

Apps that will remove virus from your Android mobile

You will find the Google Play has lots of apps that remove virus from your mobile. You can download the two wonderful apps if you think your mobile has a virus or you are suspicious about a malware attack.



Malwarebytes app which has a  free version scans your mobile for malware and removes any threats it finds. It also has an audit feature for app permissions, so you can keep track of what each has access to.

The Premium version of this app cost $12/year adds real-time detection and other features. Download the Malwarebytes Security app now.


Bitdefender app

Bitdefender is another free virus removal app which uses cloud scanning. Cloud scanning means there’s little impact on your device, and the app doesn’t bog down its core offering with a bunch of annoying extras. You’ll still see ads to upgrade to the full version, but if you can ignore them, this is a fine app for a quick Android virus scan. Click here to download Bitdefender Antivirus free.

Other Antivirus apps that should be downloaded but with concern

The above two are the only Android virus scanning apps, but you can ignore nearly all other ones. Offerings from major companies like Avast, Norton, Avira, and similar are all loaded with features which are not required at all and are heavy on your system. These features always have cleaning tools which do more harm to your mobile

Such antivirus always try to scare you into downloading their free apps for “safety,” then nag you to upgrade to the paid version with a bunch of features you don’t need. Know that you should never pay for an Android antivirus app!

Remove virus manually in Android Safe Mode

Much like Windows has a safe mode, so does Android. If your system has a virus, you’ll need to utilize it. Safe mode loads the OS without running any third-party apps and disables them. This means that you can find out if an app is causing an issue and remove it safely.

To enter into safe mode if you can boot your mobile normally:

  • Press and hold the Power button till you see the power menu.
  • Tap and hold Power off until you get a prompt to Reboot to safe mode.
  • Tap OK.
  • Wait for your phone to reboot. In the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a Safe mode watermark.

If your phone won’t boot normally because of the infection, try these steps to boot a powered-off phone into safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Power, Volume up, and Volume down buttons.
  • Once you see your phone’s logo appear, let go of Power but continue holding the Volume buttons.
  • You’ll see a Safe mode watermark in the bottom-left once your device boots up.
  • Due to hardware manufacturer differences, this may not work for every device. Try a quick Google search for your phone to find its safe mode combination if neither of these do the trick.
  • Once you have entered Safe Mode, go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded. On Android Oreo or newer, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps instead.
Remove virus manually in Android Safe Mode

Now go through the list of your apps and try to location the malicious app. It might not stick out, but think back to when the problem on your phone started. Remove any apps you installed around that time, and check if an app you didn’t download is in the list.

  • To uninstall an app, tap its name and choose Uninstall on its info page to remove it. If that gets rid of it, reboot your phone normally (without entering Safe mode), and the phone virus should be gone.
  • If you can’t uninstall an app through this menu, it likely has Device Administrator access. To remove that access, follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators (Settings > Security & location > Device admin apps on Oreo and newer).
  • Locate the app and tap the checkbox next to it.
  • Tap Deactivate when prompted.
  • Now you can go back to the list of apps and uninstall it as described above.

Finally note that browsers like Chrome already detect and block dangerous websites and you can manage app permissions on your own.

Many a times apps downloaded from the third-party app store are a source of a malware so avoid that. Avoid tapping on ads in between the apps as they too are harmful. Rest its your own wisdom as how to keep your mobile safe and secure.

How to play online Scratchie games with mobile in Australia?

Scratchie games are fun and easy to play games and you do not require any particular skill or strategy to play them as they are purely games of chance. You can easily play these games with your mobile at the Australian friendly casinos or at the Lott Australian official instant scratchie site.

When you play scratch card games with your mobile at Australian friendly online casino you need to know and understand the size of your stake to play this game. When you enter any online casino you will find that there are lots of Scratch card games that you can enjoy. All of these games are developed by brand gaming developers like Microgaming, Playtech and other such software developers. As when you play pokies in online casino same way you need to play scratch card games.

All you have to do is log into your online casino account with your mobile by typing the casino URL on your mobile web browser, go into the games lobby and select scratch card games, know the rules or what a winning requires. Then it’s simply a case of scratching the card with tap of your finger and once you’ve unveiled three identical numbers, you win. You can play these games for free or with real money by making an initial deposit of AU$10.

Types of scratch card games you can play with your mobile

Types of scratch card games you can play with your mobile

Many of these online mobile scratch card games are based or themed on pokies game titles too like sports such as cricket, rugby and football, hit movies and TV shows, so you will find great variety to play online Scratch card games

Like pokies and other online games, you can not only choose the size of bet they want to make but can alter this as you play, with the size of any potential prize reflecting the size of the wager.

Online scratch cards can be straightforward scratch and win games, like Cashapillar or Dawn of the Bread, where between six and nine hidden symbols are ‘scratched off’ to reveal the prizes underneath. Three or more matches awards the prize value that is shown.

Some of the online scratch card games that you can enjoy are Deal or No Deal Instant Win, Emmerdale: Road to the Woolpack, Iron Man 2 Scratch, Kong Scratch, Merlin’s Millions Scratch, Rocky Scratch, Mummy Scratch and more of such kind.

Games can also consist of an additional scratch cards bonus game, which is thematically linked to the first and usually includes a brief, animated feature that is similar to a bonus feature on an online pokie that provides the chance to win an additional prize. However, there are other variations as well, some of which involve a greater degree of player interaction.

Just click on the New Card Button. Scratch the symbols to reveal what is hidden beneath and this can be done one by one, so that you can choose the order in which the hidden symbols are revealed. Useful scratch cards tips include clicking the Reveal All button whereby all the symbols will be revealed automatically, which significantly speeds up the gameplay. To win, three matching values need to be revealed.

Stakes of Mobile Scratchcard Games

Stakes of Mobile Scratchcard Games

You may be wondering what the stake levels and ticket prizes of online scratch card games are, well you will be pleased to learn that you are going to find both low stake cards and high stake cards on offer when you choose to play them at an online casino site.

In fact, most scratchcard games will come with several different staking options, so if you want to play the same type of scratchcard game but wish to play them for pennies or some much higher stake levels then you can do so simply by clicking on the coin value and stake setting button.

Keep in mind however the higher you play online scratchcard games for the more you stake to win, as the payouts awarded are usually a multiple of your total stake amount, and many scratchcard games you can play for pennies can offer some mega sized jackpots, along with a range of different low to mid ranged cash payouts too, so the prizes are there for the taking even when playing for very low stake amounts.

You will love playing mobile Scratchies as they offer a good payout percentage, and a higher degree of variety and interactivity than conventional scratch cards. When you play scratch games you can choose a wagering level that suits, and you’ll find high levels of visually engaging and inventive game play. The online mobile casinos have a good selection of different games of all types to choose from in a high quality gaming environment.

Grab awesome Welcome Bonus to play instant scratchies

Welcome bonus to play instant scratchie

When you play mobile scratchie game do not forget to grab the awesome welcome bonus if you play for real money. You can play the free demo mode and enjoy too if you wish. But when you sign up and open a real money account at the casino with AUD or BTC you can find some generous bonuses are available to you.

Those bonuses can be used on the scratchie games, however just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the bonuses to ensure that you can use any new player welcome bonus credits on those games. All winning payouts achievable on each scratchcard game will be displayed clearly on the pay table of each of them, and there are some cards offer jackpot payouts worth 10,000 times your stake amount or even higher. So enjoy instant scratchie games on your mobile or with the Lott App with easy and have fun.


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