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As the popularity of pokies continues to flourish around the world, a few companies are dominating the market. Through consistent innovations and strategic investments, these corporations have managed to maintain their positions at the top of the industry. This is no easy feat, since the pokies industry is one of the fastest growing faucets of the casino industry. By generating more revenue than all the other casino games combined, pokies have taken modern gambling by storm. Fueled by the growing popularity of pokies, the global slot machine market generated $12 billion in 2017.

While these figures seem impressive, they pale in comparison with where the industry is set to reach. Thanks to the popularity of reconfigurable electronic gaming machines, the pokies industry is poised for a revolution. As machines continue to become more complex, the demand is creating 16% growth every year. This aggressive expansion is paving the way for the pokies industry to exceed $24 billion USD by 2022.

The sky is the limit with this budding industry, and this success is opening doors to a new level of competition. Dozens of major companies are fighting for their stake in this growing market, which makes it a fiercely competitive industry. To showcase the reigning champions, we compiled a list of the top pokies machine makers in 2019. These companies are making a profound impact on the industry, which makes them impossible for any responsible punter to ignore. Prepare to get an intimate glimpse of the larger-than-life companies behind your favorite pokies games!

Most Influential Pokies Machine Venders

Pokies Machine Vendors

This corporation is quickly setting the standard.

Company #3: Novomatic Group (EUR 1,587 million 2017 Revenue) – Through a series of groundbreaking innovations, this Austrian lottery supplier and slot machines maker has made its mark on the industry. Ever since it was founded by billionaire Johann Graf in 1980, the company has produced nothing but quality gaming machines. Of all their creations, non have been more revered than their multi-game slots. This iconic development allows punters to indulge in multiple pokies games while sitting at the same machine.

Thanks to their refusal to conform to outdated industry norms, this is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Novomatic currently employs over 25,000 in offices that are scattered across 50 countries. Their machines can be found in over 1,600 gaming facilities that are strategically placed in 80 countries. This massive reach gives them an intimate relationship with the average punter. By staying firmly connected to their customer base, this corporation is set to pioneer a new era of pokies.

Pokies Machine Vendors

There’s no denying Aristocrat’s ability to effortlessly adapt in this wild market.

Company #2: Aristocrat Liesure Limited ($3.5 billion USD 2018 Revenue) – For anyone familiar with pokies in Australia, it’s no surprise that this gambling manufacturer made the list. Founded by the legendary tycoon Len Ainsworth, Aristocrat Leisure Limited has set the pokies industry standard for decades. Punters will be hard-pressed to find a casino that doesn’t proudly boast Aristocrat’s gaming machines.

On top of dominating Australia’s pokies scene, they have drastically broadened their reach with multiple key investments. In 2014, Aristocrat Leisure Limited tripled their North American exposure by purchasing Video Gaming Technologies. They also dove headfirst into the mobile gaming industry after acquiring mobile game developer Plarium in 2017. That same year, they bought out Big Fish Games for a staggering $990 million. These shrewd investments guarantee that this company remains at the forefront of the pokies industry for years to come.

Pokies Machine Vendors

This company is leading the industry.

Company #1: International Game Technology PLC ($4.69 billion USD 2015 Revenue) – Despite being bought out by Gtech in 2014, this multinational gaming company remains the largest pokies machine manufacturer in the world. Their sprawling empire employs 12,000 people and boasts headquarters in Las Vegas, Reno, Providence and Rome. Even after the $6.4 billion 2014 buyout, the company is still controlled by De Agostini holding company. This 51% interest guarantees that the company sticks to the same formula that made it a globally recognized brand. To this day, their massive revenues are only outdone by their endless catalogue of beloved pokies releases.


How to take a print out from Mobile

Android mobiles are the best because of their wonderful features that they carry in them. If you have your word documents or any picture saved on your Android mobile and you wish to take its printout then here is how to do it. Even if you don’t have a WIFI enable printer still you can take the print of your documents easily by linking your printer with your Google chrome account. Interesting it seems, here is how to do it.

Connecting to Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Printing

As said above most printers are capable of printing through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, but not every one has a printer that supports this and also some users just like the idea of running it all through the cloud. That’s where Google Cloud Print comes in. By registering your printer, you can connect it to the internet. From there, you can operate it from anywhere so long as you have a good connection. You can then print from Android phones or tablets

Though most of the printers are capable of working through Google Cloud Print but some don’t. Here is the list to check out which of the printers work with Cloud Print.

Now launch Google Chrome on your computer.

Log in to Google Chrome if you’re not automatically logged in.

Click the Menu button represented by an icon showing three horizontal lines or three little dots if you’re running a Chromebook at the upper-right corner of the window.

Go to Settings and click Show advanced settings.

Scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section and click Manage.

There you click add Printers You will be taken to a shortlist of all available printers. Just check the ones you want to add, click Add Printers. It should detect your printer, and the task is done.

How to take a print out from Android mobile?

Taking out print from Mobile

Most of the Android mobile phones come with Google Cloud Print already built into the software, largely the ones that run stock or near-stock Android. But if your phone doesn’t include the app, you can get it here. Next step is to follow its installation instructions.

After you have Google Cloud Print, you don’t have to run the app itself in order to print from Android. Make sure, that the Google account linked with your phone is the same account that you used on Google Chrome in the previous step.

  • Open a document you’d like to print, this can be anything from Google Drive docs to pictures saved on your phone.
  • Select the Menu button the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Now click Print, and it will take you to a new page.
  • Next click the down arrow that sits just to the right of Save as PDF.
  • Select the printer you want print from. If you can’t find it then click the All printers to get a list of every printer you have connected.
  • Once you’re all set, click the print button, you will see the light blue circle that looks like a printer.
  • You can also print web pages and Gmail messages through Google Cloud Print. The process is largely the same, so you’ll have no problem figuring it out.
  • All you need is to open Gmail or Google Chrome.
  • When you find the page you want to print, select the Menu button with three dots.
  • A list of options will drop down. Now select Print.
  • This will take you straight to the printing page, where you can select the right printer and finally click print when you’re all set and get the job done.

The Cameron government plans to curtail the number of fixed odds betting electronic casino games in betting shops, which is being welcomed widely. Although without far-reaching reforms, expecting some drastic reform in gambling in Great Britain appears to be impossible.

It is time to learn some lessons from Australia gambling history, as Australia is known as the capital of gambling worldwide. Poker machine, which is a high-stakes, high-intensity Vegas-style slot machine, has become popular in clubs and community centers in every state and province except in Western Australia.

7 Lessons to Learn about Betting Machines from Australia

As per an industry analysis, Australians lose more money in gambling per person than any other country. Although the poker-machine gambling losses have reached a point in Australia, the money lost on betting machines has just kicked off in the UK. Let’s find out the lessons we learned from the Australian experience, which we must pay heed to, especially Great Britain:

  1. Restrict the Size and Intensity of Bets: The faster the bets you make and the larger the best size, the faster money you ought to lose. To curb this situation, the maximum bets on fixed odds betting machines should be cut down to £2 from £100 in Great Britain.
  2. Cap the Number of Machines:  The quantity of high-intensity poker machines are proportionate to the number of problem gamblers in New Zealand and Australia. Every poker machine in these two countries is estimated to be integrated with 0.8 people facing gambling problems. Sot the best lesson is to reduce the count of machines.
  3. Prevention is Mandatory: It is always better to prevent than cure. It is better to prioritize the prevention of problem gambling instead of rebuilding their already shattered lives later on.
  4. Limit the Number of Machines Every Shop: In Australia, although the limit has been executed at the state or regional level, several large gambling venues are using their reputation to buy huge numbers of machines. The gambling machines should be limited in large venues as these are more dangerous than the same machines in smaller venues.
  5. Restrict Number of Machines in Poor Communities: The high-end and high-intensity gambling machines in Australia would make the poorest communities pauper. For instance, the Fairfield, Sydney is populated with the poorest 12% in Australia. In Fairfield, there was one poker machine for every 42 adults and each one of the adult residents in this community lost an average of £1,307 in the year 2010-11. Whereas in the harbor in Ku-ring-gai and Willoughby, where the population is among the richest 6% in Australia, with only one poker machine per 231 adults and the losses were just £151 per person.
  6. Limit Technological Implementation: Due to technological evolution, machine manufacturers are always on the lookout to enhance and innovate new ways to make the machines more profitable leading to a more reliable method to increase revenue and making people more addictive. This is specifically true for poker machines, due to huge jackpots and the ability to make multiple small bets simultaneously. All these make poker machines are much more addictive.
  7. Cut Down the Accessibility of Gambling Venues: Making gambling venues easily accessible makes them more dangerous. If any casino is located close to home or workplaces people would tend to go there easily. The studies have shown that proximity to gambling venues increases the risk of creating more problem gamblers.


The British government can act now to avail the once-in-a-generation opportunity to remove dangerous gambling machines from everywhere across the country. Continuous legalization of gambling regulations might lead to Great Britain joining Australia as one of the world’s biggest losers, with many broken lives and further rehabilitation of already deprived communities. This is not only Great Britain but all the countries should learn the above lessons from Australia to enjoy healthy and balanced gambling opportunities in their respective countries.


Baccarat is a popular card game found in nearly every online and real-world casino. The objective of this game is to score the most points using only 2 or 3 cards.

History of Baccarat

It is still not clear who invented baccarat, but several European countries claim to have invented this game. Probably, Italy or France could be the origin of this card game. This game is known as Punto Banco in Spain, which is popular in many casinos, and in France, it may also be termed as “chemin de fer” (meaning “chemmy”). In many other countries, it has the name Macao.

Winning Combinations and Their Value

The highest combination in baccarat is called natural, which is formed by two cards having a total worth of nine points. The card from deuce to nine has the same point amount as their denomination. The ace is equal to one point and the remaining cards do not award any points to a player. If you earn more than nine points, ten of them are deducted. The gist is, the point amount will always be between zero to nine, as the points excess to this is not counted.


There are three types of bets in baccarat:

The first bet is when a player win which is paid at a 1:1 ratio. Second bet is by a banker’s win (Banko) which is paid at the ratio of 19:20. And finally, the last bet is on a tie which means that the player and the banker when get the same number of point which is paid at the ratio of 8:1 (sometimes 9:1)

Baccarat Odds and Strategy

As baccarat has several bet chances: “Player,” “Banker,” or “Tie.” Each bet bring some benefits for the casino. Baccarat players have developed a number of well-known strategic guidelines and tips and tricks which have proven to be successful.

Of these, the Martingale betting system is the simplest and most famous strategy. As per this strategy, the first bet should be made on “Banker.” If you face loss, the next bet must be doubled, until the first win. After winning, you need to decrease the betting amount to be in safe side.

As per the Fibonacci strategy, a system is built on caution. It is the best option if you are a player with average bets, as it prevents small losses.

These baccarat strategies never guarantee a win so better to bet using your common sense and if the luck is in your side you may win implying these strategies.


Melbourne is known for its vibrant nightlife and exotic dining options, but their pokies venues routinely get overlooked which are equally lucrative and welcoming. This bustling city is the heart of CBD, which opens up doors to a slew of gaming options. Victoria is a state with a passionate relationship with gambling, so it’s no surprise that the industry is booming. There’s no shortage of options, as there are over 30,000 pokies machines throughout the state. From hotels to pubs, they can be found at any late-night venue.

Packed with Authorized and Regulated Casinos

All activity falls under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003, which takes a liberal approach to gambling. To keep things fair, all venues are regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation. This relentless enforcement ensures that all pokies machines pay back 87% of the money wagered. Since the playing field has been evened out, it’s prime time to gamble in Melbourne. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best places to play pokies in the city. So, friends, get prepare to discover your next favorite venue in this punters’ paradise!

Explore Melbourne’s Best Pokies Venues

  1. Crown Casino

Crown Casino is the most entertaining place to play pokies in Melbourne. Ever since this casino made its grand debut in 1997, it has taken the industry by storm. In a country that’s madly in love with pokies, this is no easy feat. They have achieved this level of popularity by offering users an unparalleled gaming experience. It’s nestled on the south bank of the Yarra River, providing the perfect backdrop to a night of elegance.

One of the main perks of this casino is its staggering amount of options. Not to be outdone, this venue is home to over 500 table games & 2,638 pokies machines. Their impressive fleet of pokies machines are developed by the leaders of the industry. Machines created by Aristocrat, IGT, Konami & Ainsworth Gaming Technology can be found throughout the premises. Having deep ties to the industry has its benefits. Many of the pokies games offered by the Crown can’t be found online. This gives visitors an exclusive preview of games that are shaking up the industry.

To make things even more appealing, the Crown Casino enjoys some exclusive privileges. Lockout laws aren’t applied to casinos, so punters can enjoy 24/7 entertainment. While clubs, pubs & RSLs can only run their machines 20 hours a day, the Crown can go 24 hours. This perk lets punters experience something completely unique. If there’s one thing Australians can create, it’s an unforgettable casino. Treat yourself with this extraordinary opportunity.

  1. Pubs

Fortunately for visitors, there are hundreds of pubs scattered around Melbourne. Many are located downtown, so they aren’t hard to find. These establishments let punters enjoy a quality meal accompanied by a stiff drink while they play pokies. They can be found almost anywhere, but a few stand out. There include Batman’s Hill on Collins, Celtic Club & the Golden Nugget, Clocks at Flinders Street Station Shanghai Club, The Meeting Place are the most popular of all. Come down and experience for yourself!

  1. Hotels

Even if you get tired of flashy casinos and bustling pubs, there’s still more options for punters. There’s no reason to get dressed up if you stick to the machines at your hotel. They give punters easy access to pokies games, so take advantage of this service. Some of the favorites are Bell’s Hotel, but there are plenty of other options to choose from! You can visit The Swanston Hotel Grand Mercure, Welcome Stranger Hotel, Golden Fleece Hotel, The Bay & Bridge Hotel, The Rex and few others.

  1. Playing Pokies on Mobile

Play pokies online is another option to find best pokies to play in Melbourne, sitting right at your own comfort zone.  You can join top notch safe and secure as well as legit casinos that accept AUD as well as BTC to play wonderful pokies from high rated gaming developers.

Some of the reputed online sites are Fair Go Casino specially catering to Aussie punters; Rich Casino, Slotland casino, House of Jack Casino and many more. Simply pick your mobile phone, type the casino URL on your Android or iPhone browser that is Chrome or Safari or play with iPad or Kindle tablet. Enter the casino with your handset, open a casino account, and make a real time deposit to play real money pokies or play for free without any deposit. Grab awesome bonuses and spin the reels.


Palm Tiny Smartphone Australia

A new tiny mobile phone hit the market last year called the Palm. This phone can run the full version of your favourite Android apps and acts as a complementary device that helps you disconnect during downtime. It’s essentially an alternative to a dumb phone or a smartwatch that gives you more features while hopefully discouraging you from staring at a screen all the time.

The most unique thing about The Palm is that you need to already have a smartphone and a cellular plan. Launched in US this phone costs $US349  (or AU$491) This phone has been designed by Dennis Miloseski who is a former Samsung designer and he joined other industry veterans to relaunch the Palm brand. The Palm is all about on-the-go activities like listening to music, working out, or just enjoying your weekend.

Full specifications

Palm tiny phone

With a 8cm display, it’s just 0.2-inches smaller than the original iPhone. It offers 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 435 processor, and 32GB of storage. Both the front and back are Gorilla Glass 3, and it’s rated for IP68 water and dust protection. There’s just one button, the power button  which serves multiple purposes.

It’s obviously tiny at just 50 x 97 millimeters, it’s not much bigger than a credit card, but it’s thicker at 7.4mm and weighs 62.5 grams.  It is not a very powerful phone, by design. It has a tiny 3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD display, big enough to use to check information and type on but not big enough to make you want to do real work on it.

One feature that Palm is pushing is “Life Mode.” The device has an 800mAh battery that the company claims will last about 8 hours on a single charge as the whole concept of this phone is to use it as little as possible. When Life Mode is enabled, the cellular and Wi-Fi radios will disable unless the screen is on and battery life should extend to a full day. This also means you won’t receive calls or notifications unless you’re actively using the phone.

Also you get a single USB-C port and one virtual button. Headphones can connect via Bluetooth and you have to swipe down on the screen to adjust the volume. Palm is also promoting the device as a large wearable that you can strap on with an armband for workouts. A G-Sensor, Glonass, GPS, Proximity sensor, E-compass, and Gyro take care of your fitness tracking needs.

The Palm mobile

The 12-megapixel rear camera and the 8-megapixel selfie-cam also handles facial recognition  is there to fulfil your photogenic needs. For iPhone users, there’s an extra layer of hassle. You’ll need to disable iMessage whenever switching to The Palm. Apple lovers might want to stick with the cellular-connected Apple Watch for their screen-limiting needs.

There’s a single virtual button on the bottom. You tap it once to go back, twice to go home, and long-press it to get to the multitasking screen. Since there are no volume buttons, you need to swipe down the quick settings panel to adjust that

Would people love Palm?

Palm tiny phone- Specifications

As people are so much over exhausted using bigger phones all the time Palm tiny phone will surely be liked by people. This phone will serve as a  alternative to smartwatches as well. Also it is easy to carry, will have less of addiction to mobile it will be of help to those who want their hands to relax carrying the big phones. By all means, this is an interesting device for those who doesn’t always want to carry their main smartphone all the time, such as hitting the gym or going for a hike where accidents tend to happen.

But for those who want to play pokies or want some real gaming on a big screen then obviously iPhone and other Samsung Android phones will be the people’s choice.

The Palm pairs with Android and iOS, but the Palm wouldn’t be able to sync iOS-only apps like FaceTime and iMessage. For now, the phone is exclusive to Verizon in the U.S. as it uses the carrier’s NumberShare feature. The feature allows the Palm to sync messages and notifications between it and your primary phone.

The Palm Phone is manufactured by TCL, who also manufactures other handsets such as BlackBerry and Alcatel, the phone is exclusively sold on Verizon at $349, which you might probably be off buying a cheap entry-level device, not unless you appreciate the connectivity to your main smartphone.


In Australia, all online pokies have its own payout percentage. Those pokies with the best payout are the most popular for very clear reasons. This is the reason most of the Aussie casino players know to have a better chance at winning to play such pokies with highest payout percentages.

In a layman language payout refers to the amount of money a player receives in return for betting. It is most commonly expressed as a percentage or a ratio, and it is calculated by dividing the amount of winnings paid by the total amount of cash wagered like if a player starts out with $100 and finishes up with $95, the payout is 95:100 or 95%.

The payout also depends on the game you choose to play and the software of the game.  Also higher payouts is the games credit denomination. Higher payouts are usually offered at the higher denominated pokies. One study showed that nickel machines at a certain casino averaged payouts of 92.5%, while quarter pokies machines provided a 94.1% ratio. The rate of return on that casino’s dollar pokies was 95.9%, and the machines that featured a five-dollar minimum paid out at 98.4%.

Therefore before you jump into any pokies online game, better to know what is the return to a player percentage (RTP) and how to maximize your winning chances.

You need to check the RTP of the pokies to find out how well it rates on the RTP scale:

  • If a pokies machine has 93% or less then it has low RTP
  • Between 93% and 95% is acceptable RTP
  • In the range of 95% and 97% it’s great RTP
  • Pokies between 97% and 98% is an excellent RTP
  • If higher than 98% it is superb RTP pokies machine

The higher the RTP, the more favourable the odds are for you as a player and the bigger the chance that you will win on that particular pokies.

Best Paying Pokies Machines Australia

Age of Gods - Highest Payout pokies

So if you wager $100, $95 or more is expected to return to you if you play that particular game. It is better to go through the RTP in the game rules, in an online pokies review or by going through the casinos’ payout percentage report that is available on the site.

Let’s find out the RTP of some great Microgaming pokies, like Thunderstruck 2 (96.6%),  Game of Thrones (95%), Jurassic Park (96.67%), Ninja Magic (96.15%) and Karaoke Party (96.1%) all these online pokies have favorable RTP’s.
Note that it’s the third-party testing agencies like e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), and Gaming Labs International (GLI), and Technical Systems Testing (TST) that determines the pokie’s payout rates.

These agencies have no personal interest in the games, software, random number generators or the industry at large.  These companies regularly evaluate and audit each game and the real money results, so there is no jugglery possible.

How to find big payout Pokies?

Considering the entertainment fact, the best online pokies real money are those that can develop multiple wins in AUD.  Now, the big question is how you can find the pokies that pay big?

To find best payout pokies you need to do the following:

  • First find the RTP of the pokies listed in the rules or paytables of the game. Closer the RTP comes to 100%, the better odds you have of actually beating the casino.
  • Choose the best payouts Australian friendly online casinos to play pokies. These best payouts offer great variety of pokies machines, table games, sports betting and live dealers along with great payment modes to fund your real money gaming account at the casino as well as provide 24.7 Australian friendly help support.
  • If you are a new player avoid playing progressive pokies at first until you are familiar with the game. Progressives Pokies have the lowest RTP percentages by far, often 8-10% less than the ones with standard pokies and that percentage includes all the big progressive jackpot amounts, so the RTP on the base game is even significantly lower.

  • The reason big progressive jackpot pokies games have a lower RTP is that a certain percentage of your wager is a contribution to the jackpot fund, plus of course, in order to build a bigger jackpot, the pokies cannot pay out as much as other pokies games otherwise the size of the jackpots would have to be considerably smaller.
  • Play pokies with multiple game features in the combination. To start with, the best online pokies are those Jungle Jim El Dorado pokies (Microgaming’s), for example, has a rolling reel that re-spins and a multiplier trail capped at 15X. Win Sum Dim Sum online pokies also have wilds that can spread and cover the entire reel and Shoot! That’s next to the wilds, scatters and free spins that are standard right across the video pokies genre. It shows that your chances of banking Aussie dollars are immensely improved.
  • Finally remember that pokies are a game of chance and there is no gurantee to win the pokies so play responsibly.

Best Payout Pokies to play at online casinos

Emu Casino

As now you have understood the real meaning of Payout above and you are ready to involve yourself in playing pokies or table games or live casinos with AU dollars as a real money play then you need to choose the best payouts pokies at AU online casinos.

All these online casinos are legit, reputable casinos to play loads of games with variety of themes and are powered by top notch gaming software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Playtech RTG, Aristocrat, Betsoft and many more. Also have Australian friendly deposit options and are faster withdrawal casinos.

Keeping in mind the above-listed tips, you can play the sample for free.  You can select to play the games in the practice mode, but without expecting any real money rewards in play. To start with, you will find both low and high variance pokies that’ll allow you to see the pokies variance in action without any cost to you at all!

With 24.7 customer support these casinos are best for high roller players as well as new players who need a trustworthy casino to play starting with free games as well as real money AUD play with instant or download mode using mobile phones, tablets or PC. Grab lucrative pokies bonuses  and after your wins get your withdrawal request being processed within a couple of days. Enjoy these online casinos and experience the outcome yourself.


iPad Casino

If you are looking for a real money casino for iPad, the popular Apple tablet computer, you won’t have to look very far. There are some online casinos that have worked diligently to produce casino applications that are designed specifically for the iPad.

As soon as Apple put the iPad on the market casino enthusiasts began demanding casino applications that would allow them to play their favourite casino pokies. It would seem that Microgaming is the choice in software that offers outstanding casino applications for the iPad. These casino applications are designed so that users can use the swiping, touch and tap motions common with the iPad. These days there is no dearth of iPad casinos as all the online casinos are feverishly working to produce non-flash versions. If you are not down for the ultra pack you can always download some games separately like Tomb Raider, Fruity Pokies, Major Millions, Mermaid Millions and Mega Moolah. If roulette, blackjack or video poker is more your cup of tea these are also available on iPad for real money. You can enjoy the best online casinos right on your iPad today.

The reasons iPad casinos are best:

  • You can play your favourite pokies on bigger screen
  • Apple as well as the iPad casino offers top notch security, privacy and encryption of player data
  • You needn’t download anything but simply on your iPad safari browser type the casino URL and hit enter to visit the casino in seconds
  • The signup process takes hardly a minute.
  • You can deposit and withdraw your money instantly.
  • There is vast catalogue of games available to enjoy be it pokies, live casino, table games, sports betting, lottery games and more.
  • You can play for free or with real money, that’s your choice
  • As you experience Web-Based Gaming in the Palm of Your Hand you can take your iPad anywhere and play games at the time and place of your choice.

Almost all of the iPads work best at casinos. Though your experience will vary based on the iPad model  you have. Like the Mini has a smaller screen, which may mean less graphical detail, and older, obsolete models may not be able to handle all games quite as well as newer, more popular iPads. But all the iPad models will work well with the vast majority of sites no matter which iPad version you have to play on.

Only thing you need to remember is that you should have an updated iPad browser be it chrome or safari. Some online casinos offer instant play and few sites have their own casino apps to download which you can do is if you want to access their full gaming suite.

As an Aussie punter if you are looking for the best iPad casinos to play pokies with real AUD then here are the very best real money iPad casinos for you. You can make deposit here with Australian dollars or Bitcoins to play pokies in real time.

1. Emu Casino

Emu Casino

Emu Casino is a best iPad casino for Aussie players. You can play pokies, live casino games on your iPad instantly without any download straight away on your iPad safari browser. Any iPad with iOS 3.x and above can work here with ease. Make a deposit with AUD or BTC. Get AU$3 no deposit to play pokies. On your first deposit of AU$10- AU$25 you get welcome offer of 100% match bonus to double it to play pokies.

There are over 1126 casino games to enjoy instantly powered by not one but many top software gaming providers mainly being NetEnt, 1X2Gaming, Multislot and NetEnt. With over 100 new NetEnt desktop games and over 30 new casino games, you will now have enough games to try something new every day. You can immediately accessible command controls from the home page and  have a support bar that hosts additional quick link references such as help pages, FAQ, payment options, emails, live chat, time, and more while playing games.

Click here to visit now

2. Fair Go Casino

Fair go

Fair go is another Aussie friendly iPad casino to look out for pokies in real time. Here also you can make a deposit with AUD or BTC easily. There are over 200 pokies powered by real time gaming which you can enjoy here. Get started with your safari browser and register yourself in seconds at the casino. Make a deposit and get AU$1000 welcome bonus which is 100% up to $200  and you can redeem it 5 times.  There are various other offers at this casino which are just amazing.

Click here to visit now

3. Mongoose casino

Mongoose casino

Mongoose iPad casino is Aussie friendly online casino optimized for iPad gaming. With over 800 pokies to enjoy in real time, the casino also offers live casino, scratch card games, poker and virtual sports. This casino is powered by many top notch gaming providers like Microgaming, Betsoft, Playson, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play. You can fund the casino account in your own Australian dollars and Bitcoins. After making initial deposit you get fantastic 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $200 meaning that you can have a total of $400 to start your pokies adventure with.

Click here to visit now

4. Rich Casino

Rich Casino AUD

Rich casinos also accepts players from Australia and allows you to deposit in real AUD or BTC with so many of friendly deposit options. With over 800 pokies, you can enjoy live casino, sports betting and more here.  All the games are powered by brand software developers like BetSoft, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Vig and Parlay Entertainment. When you make your first deposit at the casino your deposit amount is tripled with 200% match bonus. This is followed by your three more deposits and you get 100% match bonus , but for your final fifth deposit you get 175% match bonus. Get 400% bonus on your first three times deposits when depositing with Bitcoins.

Click here to visit now.

Besides these very best iPad casinos you can also play pokies with your iPad in real time at Slotland Casino, 7 reels casino, Winward casino and many others.


Mobile Pokies Casinos

There are loads of mobile casinos around in the present day, this makes it hard to choose which one to play at. If you take the fact that there are loads of mobile casinos and add in their big promotions to entice you, this makes it even more confusing, so today we decided to talk about the best mobile pokie casino for player to play at.

Now when you hear the name, we know there will be a big sigh as you will say “Oh like we didn’t know that” in a really sarcastic voice. The truth is that if you did really know it, why are you not playing there!?!

Well now we have gained your attention, read on to find out about the best mobile pokie casino.

Best Mobile Pokie Casino

Fair Go Casino

Drum roll please… the best mobile pokie casino is…. Fair Go Mobile Casino.

Fair Go casino is the perfect pokies site to play wonderful pokies in real time with your own AUD currency as well as cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  This casino was launched in 2017 and one can rely on to play real money pokies without any worries on your any of the gaming platform be it PC, mobile, tablet or Mac. This legit casino is owned by Deckmedia N.V. and licensed by Curacao Gaming Commission.

The most important aspect of this casino is that it just loves to have Aussie punters and this is clearly seen on their casino’s logo designed in the Australian contour. Also this casino is very friendly of other parts of the globe as well and accepts players from worldwide to enjoy pokies.

Now why is it Fair Go Mobile Casino?

Fair Go Mobile

Fair Go Mobile Casino is a leader in the mobile casino game world. This is the mobile casino that delivers the latest in mobile games, if its new and a game of note, then the Fair Go Mobile casino will be the place that it is available to play.

With over 200 pokies to play easily and instantly without any download, the games are powered by Real time gaming software which brings a wide diversity of casino games like video poker, video pokies, classic pokies poker, table games, roulettes, blackjack, bingo & keno games to the clients with the intention to establish itself as the largest casino Australia-based punter have access to.

You can  easily select pokies of liking on your gaming device as 6 reel, 5 reel, 3 reel, Progressives and Bonus Rounds, though the  selection of progressive jackpot poker games is narrowed at present with only few pokies, but the library will be enlarged shortly.  Amongst the most familiar pokers available at present are Orc vs. Elf, Megaquarium, Super 6, The Big Bopper and Vulcan.

Fair go- video poker games

There are awesome Table Games like Perfect Pairs, Baccarat, the Caribbean sequence of Hold’Em Poker and Stud Poker, Face Up 21, a number of variations of Blackjack, European Blackjack, Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, Match Play 21, Pontoon, Let’Em Ride, and some pokies like Pai Gow Poker and Tri Card Poker to mention amongst many. The predominance of these table games goes with huge progressive jackpots.

In the Video poker games lobby find 12 different games to select from. The huge register of Video Poker games varies from the standard to scarce games are not often found across the industry. The Video Poker variety includes Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, All American, Double Jackpot Poker, and Jacks or Better and plenty more.

Free Bonus to play pokies

Fair Go Bonuses

Fair go is fair in dealing with bonuses as well.  When you join the casino for the first time you are offered a lucrative welcome bonus of AUD1000. On your first deposit 100% up to $200 X5. All you need is to use coupon code WELCOME at the cashier when you make your deposit for the first time.

If you join the casino with your mobile then you are offered 50% up to $200, available daily, just use code: 50TOGO and redeem this mobile bonus.

Similarly there are monthly, daily, weekly and many other promotions that come in coupon codes to redeem instantly. Check out the latest promotions here.

Banking in AUD

Deposit in AUD to play pokies

On top of the games situation, there is also the banking options. At the Fair Go Mobile Casino you can enjoy banking options utilising many different currencies. For the Aussies there is the good old Australian Dollar, for Canadians there is the Canadian Dollar, for the British there is the British Pound…well you get the idea.

It is convenient for punter located anywhere around the world to make a deposit. The minimum deposits of $20 can be transferred via the familiar methods, Bitcoin, Debit or Credit cards /Visa, Mastercard/, Skrill, Paysafecard, Moneygram, Neosurf and Neteller. As stated on their website, deposits placed through these payment instruments are handled immediately.

As for the withdrawals, punters have to consider the minimum sum of $50 and the maximum weekly limit of AUD 10,000 payable through bank transfer, Srkill, Neteller and Bitcoin. Though the variety of withdrawal methods is not huge, the customers of Fair Go casino can benefit from the latest alternative for safe and secure online exchange of cash like Bitcoin.

Fair go as a reputed online casino offers 24/7 help support to Aussie punters.

Overall Fair Go have excelled with their mobile casino and many other casinos have found themselves struggling to keep up with the wonders of this great casino. If you are looking for a new mobile casino, then look no further.


Poker apps

Mobile Casinos are all the rage and poker is top of the bill when it comes to casino games at the moment. Thinking of this made us look at giving you guys a run down on some of the mobile poker applications out there that you can enjoy.

If poker apps on your phone appeal, then read on and find out more!

Poker is such an interesting game that it has number of fans who always look forward to play the game either free or with real money.

Free Mobile Poker Applications

Free mobile poker apps are those that you can download all free from Google Play or iTunes store for your iOS iPhone or Android smartphone. These poker games are all free to play and don’t cost a penny.

1. Poker Game: World Poker Club

World Poker Club

The incredibly popular World Poker Club is social game available on iTunes App Store all free for you to download. Find yourself in the world of bets, stakes and winnings! Play your favorite poker games – the Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha and make sure to try your luck in the competitive Weekly tournaments. Finally, enjoy the stylish interface and friendly atmosphere created in the World Poker Club especially for you!  To hype up the experience and the thrill you will find all sorts of surprises and bonuses: complete themed collections by playing in different poker rooms and exchange them for game currency; send gifts to your friends and receive kind gestures in return; use the chat to talk to other players and aim high in the top charts of this club. Prove to millions of other players that you’re on the very top of your poker game.  Note that you play by virtual money and you have in app purchases to do in the app if you want to get more chips to play.

2. Zynga Poker

Zynga poker

Join the world’s most popular Poker game with more tables, more tournaments, and more people to challenge than ever before. It’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker the way you want to play. As a welcome bonus you get 60,000 free chips just for downloading. Plus, win a daily bonus of up to $45,000,000 in in-game money. Stay casual with the classic Texas Hold ‘Em Cash game or turn up the heat and go for the high-stakes jackpot. It’s up to you how high the stakes go.
You can play poker however you want. Join a Sit n Go game, a Shoot Out tournament or a casual game, and win generous payouts. 5 player or 9 player, fast or slow, join the table and stakes you want. Join millions of players across the World competing in a Season competition. Win the most chips to come out on top. Challenge your friends or make new ones. Zynga Poker has the strongest community of any poker game.
Just log in with your Facebook profile and there you go with the game. The game is free to download but if you need more free chips you need to do in app purchases.

3. Full Tilt poker

Full Tilt poker

The great thing about the Full Tilt poker app is that it allows you to enjoy your favourite poker games anytime, anywhere. Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments, Rush Poker, Ring Games – they’re all there. You can access Full games from any device with iOS 7 or higher. Please note that the Full app is only for play-money players aged 18 years and up.

You will never miss a promotion or special offer with our Push Notifications, keeping you in the game at all times. Play Hit No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables and win a share of up to 2,000 times your buy-in with Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments. Play Sit & Go Tournaments: choose between 6-Max or Heads-Up. Also available: Rush Poker and Ring Game tables and you can play at a wide range of Play Chip stake levels. Buy Play Chip bundles and become an instant high roller. The app is free for you at app store and also has in app purchases that will get you more coins.

4. World Series Of Poker – WSOP

World series of Poker

This free app lets you start playing as a guest or with a Facebook account. You can play either Texas Hold’Em or Omaha – Sit and go or tournament style. As you earn more chips you will be able to play in different “cities”. If you are really good you can even win a free ticket to participate in the real WSOP tournament. You get free chips every four hours and you can fill up your Collectors’ Chip collections and  win the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet. Also win multi-level Texas Hold’em tournaments to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! Download this free app from app store which offers in app purchases in case you wish for more chips.

5. Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbroke poker

This is one amazing bit of kit and with such a global brand like Ladbrokes at the head of the poker application you know that the game will offer more than the application promises. For all you mobile lovers out there, hold on to your pants as Ladbrokes will take you on a wild ride of poker mayhem. The only bad thing we can say about this application is the fact that it doesn’t work on Apple based products at the moment. Click here to join now.

6. Pokerstars Poker

Poker stars app

The Pokerstars mobile app is at the forefront of poker mobile fun and it can be played on any form of mobile device, it doesn’t matter whether its an android phone or an Apple ipad, you will get endless hours of Pokerstars fun whilst on the move. Over 250,000 people enjoy Pokerstars and the numbers continue to swell, so why not be part of the party? Click here to download.

Besides these there are many other mobile poker apps to play poker games all free on your mobile.

Real money Poker Apps

Real money poker apps allow you to play poker games with real AUD or BTC

Ignition Poker

Ignition poker

This poker at online casino accepts Aussie players. To get started playing poker tournaments at Ignition, you first have to download the poker client. Once you’ve installed the client, open it, and you’ll be taken to the main lobby at Ignition Poker, where you’ll be able to sign in to your Ignition account and view the entire tournament schedule.

Next you have to do is choose the tournament you want to play in. Click or tap on that tournament in the schedule, and the lobby window for that event will open, showing you the details: starting time, buy-in and entry fee, prize pool distribution, number of entries, and so on. Click or tap “Register” to join. When it’s time for the tournament to start, your table will open in a separate window, then it’s time to play some poker. Raise, call, check or fold as you see fit, until either you’re eliminated or you win the tournament.

Grab $2,000 in Welcome Bonuses and 100% up to $1,000 Poker Welcome Bonus Unlock your Poker Welcome Bonus by downloading the poker software and start earning Poker Points too. You can make a deposit in Bitcoins here to play poker.

Poker tournaments you can choose are online freeroll poker tournaments, where you don’t have to pay any buy-in or entry fee to play. There are online satellite poker tournaments, where you can win a seat into a larger buy-in event. There’s also the new Jackpot Sit & Go format, where you play against two other players for a random prize. You can even play Jackpot Sit & Go’s using your mobile device; Texas Hold’em is the most popular way to play online poker tournaments at Ignition, but you can also play Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments – these four-card games might be even more fun than Hold’em, and the competition level is often easier, provided you know how to play the game. these are the only mobile poker tournaments available right now at Ignition.

 Click here to know more about the video poker games available at Ignition Casino

Poker tournaments run 24/7 at Ignition; click or tap on “Scheduled Tournaments” when you open the poker client to see what’s running right now. In addition to special Daily and Weekly tournaments, Ignition hosts some of the biggest festivals in online poker, including the annual Black Diamond Poker Open, with well over 100 tournaments on the schedule and $300,000 in guaranteed prize money available at the Main Event.

If you wanna play real money poker then  you can also visit any of the Australian friendly poker sites on your mobile and play instant poker games with wonderful bonuses in real AUD or BTC. Enjoy poker at Rich Casino, 7 Reels Casino, Emu Casino, Mongoose Casino and many other Aussie friendly mobile casinos.


Exclusive Bonuses

Rich Casino
200% New Player Bonus
Slotland Casino
$1000 Welcome Bonus
Emu Casino
$300 Triple Bonus

Highest Jackpots

Mega Moolah is by far the biggest mobile Jackpot... Starting at $1,000,000!

$25 Free Bonus