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As gut issues become more prevalent, a growing number of people are turning to nutrition apps for advice. Despite being delicious, it’s no secret that the Western diet has plenty of pitfalls. From ulcers to heartburn, half the Australian population experienced some form of digestive problem within the last year. While most stomach issues are simply uncomfortable, others can be deadly. On top of being the most common internal cancer, bowel cancer has a mortality rate second only to lung cancer. It affects one in 20 people, which has made it impossible to ignore.

This alarming trend of potentially lethal digestive issues is forcing many Australians to reconsider their diet. When changing lifelong eating habits, many people don’t know where to start. Most public health standards are influenced by corporations, while fad diets come and go every year. This constant debunking of previously held truths makes finding the right diet overwhelming. Fortunately, nutrition apps are stepping in to fill the void.

Thanks to a new wave of nutrition apps, the mystery has been taken out of picking a new diet. By entering some basic information, users get access to all the crucial advice they missed their entire lives. Unfortunately, not all nutrition apps are created equal. While some boast a wide range of meal plans, others are just as rigid as the diets causing the problems. For this reason, picking the right nutrition apps is essential. To help guide our readers to healthier lives, we compiled a list of the best nutrition apps available. A poor diet is the root of most health problems, so start revolutionizing your health by eating right!

Top Nutrition Apps in 2018

Nutrition Apps

Discover exactly what your body is getting out of each meal.

Nutrition App #3: Nutrients – It’s impossible to be healthy while remaining oblivious to what you’re eating. By breaking down nutrients, this innovative app takes the guesswork out of reaching daily values for vitamins and minerals. From calories to fats, every aspect of your meal is explained in-depth. Users can even add in recipes to see if their meals are reaching the daily recommended values. Once the nutrient density is analyzed, this program makes diet recommendations and serving sizes. There’s no reason to guess what your body needs, so let this app be your guide!

Nutrition Apps

Embark on a new phase of quality nutrition.

Nutrition App #2: MyPlate Calorie Tracker – Sometimes having motivation from others is all it takes to make healthy diet changes. On top of offering food intake and exercise tracking, this app goes the extra mile. It’s connected to, so every piece of advice is backed up by in-depth articles.

Realizing that many people work best in groups, MyPlate created an entire online community. Users can connect with people who have similar goals and team up to keep each other accountable. From sharing recipes to health advice, this community is a godsend. There’s no reason to embark on this journey alone, so join millions on their transformation!

Nutrition Apps

Educate yourself with this surprisingly informative app!

Nutrition Apps #1: Fooducate – When it comes to nutrition apps, none are more celebrated than Fooducate. After winning the US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge, this app received an amazing amount of press. On top of being featured in the NY Times, USA Today & Oprah, this app is recommended by doctors and dieticians.

Fortunately, their selection of features is just as robust as their recommendations. Users can personalize their goals and create diets that revolve around their needs. From scanning barcodes to alerts about dangerous ingredients, this app takes the mystery out of nutrition. By mixing education with tasty suggestions, this app sets its users on the path towards good health.


Future mobile plans in Australia

It’s very simple to know the future mobile plans in Australia. Just visit the various telcos websites or at store and find out their latest mobile plans on offer as well any future plans they have for your mobile. In a recent news it was announced that in the coming year 2019 Australia will enrol US-style, family-friendly mobile plans in the country. These family plans will decrease the costing for your mobile phone bills.

Vodafone Australia had already started working on the family plans for future mobiles in Australia and expects to make them available in the next six to twleve months. According to the Vodafone’s director of the consumer business unit, Ben McIntosh, said Australia’s other mobile phone carriers would be looking to solve the same problem of cost cutting of phone bills with such future mobile plans.

The family mobile plans

The family mobile plans

In the US, mobile phone carriers such as T-Mobile offer family plans with four mobile phone numbers, unlimited talk, text and data, overseas text and data, mobile hotspot data and even a Netflix subscription, all for around $US40 per family member.

Such simple plans of US is what will be the future mobile plans of Australia. Families were the single biggest force driving the Australia’s telecommunications market and phone companies were made and lost based on the family segment. The challenge they have as an industry is to take their plans to that simple level” that families are offered in the US.

Other Telcos in Australia and their plans

Telstra Australia

At the time of writing Telstra and Optus had nothing to comment on their plans for family-based billing, but the family plans should represent the culmination of a wave of changes to mobile phone charging now sweeping through the Australian telecommunications market.

Vodafone announced in Septemeber 2018 “passes” for customers leery of bill shock, giving people unlimited access to content categories such as social media, music and video streaming for $5 to $15 a month.

Telstra announced “companion” plans that let customers add modular services on top of their existing phone plan, possibly similar to Vodafone’s passes.

Those companion plans will form part of Telstra’s new, modular approach to phone billing, under which it has committed to reducing its number of mobile phone plans from 1800 to 20, and then allowing customers to add the cost of mobile phones or extra services on top of those 20 base plans.

Optus Mobile

Telstra and Vodafone have also already announced unlimited data mobile phone plans, for around $60 a month they let users consume an unlimited amount of data, with the catch that the speed of that data is limited after usage has hit a certain number of gigabytes in a month.

All of these moves lay the groundwork for the simplified, US-style family plans.

Vodafone’s director of the consumer business unit, Ben McIntosh “At this point in time, they have good bespoke offers for families in Australia. Families can come and put themselves together a very good telco package that offers all the benefits of a US-style family plans, but the US telcos certainly display it all in a much better way,”

What does the Aussie demand?

Are Australians demanding such changes in future mobile plans is a debatable issue. The centrepiece of the US-style family plans, unlimited data for the whole family, might not be worth the extra cost, some experts argue.

The most popular mobile phone plans comparison site found in a survey that only 9 per cent of Australian mobile users regularly exceed their monthly mobile data limit, despite the fact that 79 per cent of consumers have limits of 10 gigabytes a month or less.

According to Finder’s Alex Kidman if you are spending $40 per month and rarely going over your 6GB data allowance, it’s hard to justify $60 per month for peace of mind. Still, unlimited data plans may “have some appeal to users who have been stung for years with excess usage charges,” he said.

Another popular site Whistleout publisher Joe Hanlon, publisher said that avoiding bill shock, rather than using more data, is the whole point of unlimited plans. “People have been asking whether we need unlimited data in phone plans, but I think this is really missing the point,” he said.

WhistleOut runs its phone-plan comparison website in the US, as well as Australia, and in the US the bundling of unlimited data with multiple phone lines to create family plans with no bill shock has become a “cornerstone” of the phone industry, he said.

Aussie telcos still don’t use multi-line discounts, or family plans, to encourage households to sign up for phone plans together as it works overseas in US. Are these future plans going to work in Australia? It is matter of time to know how such plans will attract users or not. (with inputs from Financial review)

Click here to know the future mobile plans of Vodofone

Click here to know the future mobile plans of Telstra

Click here to know the future mobile plans of Optus



In Australia, all online pokies have its own payout percentage. Those pokies with the best payout are the most popular for very clear reasons. This is the reason most of the Aussie casino players know to have a better chance at winning to play such pokies with highest payout percentages.

Before you jump into any pokies online game, better to know what is the return to player percentage (RTP) and how to maximize your winning chances.



The most important indicator that signals towards the best paying online pokies is the payout rate or return to player (RTP).  A common rule is that Australian online pokies having an RTP of 95% or more are a great choice. If you wager $100, $95 or more is expected to return to you if you play that particular game.  It is better to go through the RTP in the game rules, in an online pokies review or by going through the casinos’ payout percentage report that is available on the site.

Let’s find out the RTP of some great Microgaming slot, like Thunderstruck 2 (96.6%),  Game of Thrones (95%), Jurassic Park (96.67%), Ninja Magic (96.15%) and Karaoke Party (96.1%) all these online pokies have favorable RTP’s.

Have you ever wondered what determines the pokie’s payout rates? It’s the third-party testing agencies like e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), and Gaming Labs International (GLI), and Technical Systems Testing (TST).

These agencies have no personal interest in the games, software, random number generators or the industry at large.  These companies regularly evaluate and audit each game and the real money results, so there is no jugglery possible.

How to find big payout Pokies?

Considering the entertainment fact, the best online pokies real money are those that can develop multiple wins in AUD.  Now, the big question is how you can find the pokies that pay big?

To start with, the best online pokies are those with multiple game features in the combination. Jungle Jim El Dorado pokies (Microgaming’s), for example, has a rolling reel that re-spins and a multiplier trail capped at 15X.

Win Sum Dim Sum online pokies also have wilds that can spread and cover the entire reel and Shoot! That’s next to the wilds, scatters and free spins that are standard right across the video pokies genre. It shows that your chances of banking Aussie dollars are immensely improved.


After you have identified the best online pokies following the above-listed tips, you can play the sample for free.  You can select to play the games in the practice mode, but without expecting any real money rewards in play.

To start with, you will find both low and high variance pokies that’ll allow you to see the pokies variance in action without any cost to you at all!

Or else, you can browse through the above listed top pokies casinos and find the best online pokies bonus for your gameplay.  You can also search for no deposit cash bonuses, percentage match bonuses, free spins bonuses etc. all of which will enable free play of the best online pokies and you can hit all the winnings!


How legal it is for police to search your mobile

If you ever have come across a policeman stopping you on the road and asking you to show your mobile then you have this question in mind as how it is legal for a cop to search your mobile phone in Australia. From inputs from Matthew Raj an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law at Bond University here is the best answer to this question.

Talking of your mobile’s security and privacy the mobile brand companies allow you to secure your phone privacy with a passcode or a pattern protection where you swipe a symbol or numbers and unlock your own phone. This security feature of locking one’s own phone saves your personal data like contacts, text messages, videos or music or any other important document.

Studying the legal aspect of police searching your phone and asking for your password to unlock your phone has different aspects varying about different country laws In 2014, a US Supreme Court decision confirmed the search and seizure of digital contents of a phone during an arrest is unconstitutional. Chief Justice John Roberts described mobile phones as: “not just another technological convenience. With all they contain and all they may reveal, they hold for many Americans “the privacies of life”. The court seemed to recognise that, in many ways, phones are more like a home than a handbag. Therefore in July 2017, a US Federal Court judge excluded evidence obtained without a warrant using a surveillance device that tricks suspects’ phones into revealing their location.

In Canada, a narrowly divided Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that warrantless police searches of a phone following an arrest are permitted, so long as the search is directly related to the circumstances of the arrest.

The court ruled that detailed records must be kept of the search. Justice Thomas Cromwell said:

“Unwarranted searches undermine the public’s confidence that personal communications, ideas and beliefs will be protected on their digital devices. This is particularly important given the increasing use and ubiquity of such technology. It is difficult to conceive of a sphere of privacy more intensely personal – or indeed more pervasive – than that found in an individual’s personal digital device or computer”

The laws in Australia- When can police search your phone

Mobile search by police in Australia is legal or not

The position in Australia is not so clear. Last year, police officers on the Gold Coast arrested Paul Gibbons, a former Australian Federal Police officer. It was alleged the officers required Gibbons to unlock his phone using his fingerprint. It was also suggested that, once seized by police, material was deleted from Gibbons’ phone.

Point to note is that police officers can search your mobile phone with your consent. A recent Queensland decision made it clear that voluntarily permitting a police officer to look at one piece of information like your phone contacts list acts as consent to look at all the information stored on the phone.

However, information stored on the phone does not include information accessed via the internet (ike your Facebook or whatsapp messages. Without a warrant or a person’s consent, police must rely on existing powers to search either before or after arrest if the police must reasonably suspect you possess an unlawful dangerous drug.

It has been recognised, in line with the aforementioned 2014 US Supreme Court decision, that while a warrantless pre-arrest search of a phone may be legally justified despite the invasion of privacy, a post-arrest search may not be.

Also the police can rely on emergency search powers to prevent the loss of evidence like when they genuinely suspect that evidence of the commission of an indictable offence may be destroyed.

Police powers to search also exist in relation to your vehicle and anything in it, which includes your phone.

In Queensland, it is an offence to possess something that has been used or is used in connection with the commission of a drug offence. So if you text another person to arrange the supply of drugs, merely possessing the phone becomes an offence.

But controversially, if you refuse to provide the police your passcode or fingerprint, you may be charged with an offence of obstructing or contravening a direction given by a police officer. This is because, in circumstances where an officer has the power to seize a phone, they also have the power to examine it.

Police can search your mobile with your consent

Without the voluntary consent of an owner, a search warrant must include authorisation (under special provisions relating to warrants) to gain access to a password-protected device. In addition to obtaining a valid warrant, police must have this special provision on the face of the warrant so as to require you to provide the information necessary to access all of your electronically stored information.

As you know your mobile phone carries a great deal of information. It has your work email, personal photographs, places you’ve been, friends with whom you associate, dating preferences, levels of fitness, internet browsing history, bank account details and much more are all carried in your hand. With enough work, even the stuff you’ve deleted can end up being retrieved.

All that can be concluded finally is the fact that in Australia police needs to have clearer explanations to search your phone. The rules need to be examined carefully and proper guidelines or norms should be set when police requires to search your phone. Also public should be made aware of the laws where the search is necessary. (Inputs from various news sources as well as

As said above police should obtain your consent to search data stored on a mobile with a proper lawful procedure.

Click here for more information


Out of all the budget smartphone releases of 2018, Xiaomi has stolen the show with the Mi Mix 3. This gorgeous phone has managed to outdo the competition with a slew of surprisingly high end features. From its notch-less display to massive storage options, the Mi Mix 3 is an enticing option for frugal shoppers. While the slide out selfie cameras may be a deal breaker for some, it adds a welcome touch of nostalgia for most users. With a starting price tag of $474, this good looking phone is impossible to ignore.

Despite stirring up skepticism from die-hard Apple and Samsung fans, after reviewing the specs the Mi Mix 3 has to be taken seriously. Offering all the premium features of high-end flagship phones at half the price is a groundbreaking development. To highlight the impact of Xiaomi’s new release, we compiled this in-depth review. After reviewing its specifications, it was impossible not to be impressed. Prepare to get an intimate look at the Mi Mix 3, it appears to be the phone to beat in 2018!

Examining the Mi Mix 3

Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi went the extra mile with this release.

When looking at the Mi Mix 3, it’s impossible not to be impressed by its design. Xiaomi is debuting their first bezel-less HDR AMOLED release in a gorgeous 6.4-inch 1080p screen. By hiding the selfie cameras, the Mi Mix 3 has a 93.4% body to screen ratio. This creative solution to removing the notch was achieved by attaching the front cameras to a magnetic sliding mechanism. The slide-and-click action of activating the selfie cameras is bringing back the mechanical slide displays of old Nokia phones.

While this retro touch is memorable, everything about the Mi Mix 3 is undeniably modern. It boasts a Snapdragon 845 processor and memory options that run up to 10GB, the most of any smartphone. Users can pick between 6GB RAM and 128GB storage for $472, 8GB RAM for $520 or $575 for 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. For those who want to splurge, the Palace Museum Edition offers 10GB of RAM and 256GB storage for $720. This last version is groundbreaking, since it’s the first smartphone in the world with 10GB of RAM.

All these choices offer everything users expect from high end phones at a fraction of the cost. The Mi Mix 3’s 3,200mAh battery boasts 10W high speed wireless charging, and its cameras are even more impressive. The dual 12MP rear camera system uses AI to combine both shots into one. This has proved to be a winning combination, since its photos are rated on par with Huawei’s P20 Pro.

Mi Mix 3

This fold out display is absolutely gorgeous.

Even though it has to be manually slid out, the dual selfie camera system is equally impressive. In the front users get access to a 24MP sensor that’s complemented by a 2MP camera. This is the latest 24MP mobile sensor from Sony, which provides dynamic depth of field effects in pictures and video. Instead of relying on a motor, the front cameras slide out with a manual mechanism that utilizes neodymium magnets. It has been rated at 300,000 slides-and-clicks, so users can count on the system to take plenty of high-quality selfies.

In many ways, the Mi Mix 3 embodies the new wave of great releases from smaller smartphone companies. While Apple used to be the king of smartphones, in the last decade many formidable contenders have popped up. Nowadays pretty much every smartphone release boasts the same impressive features. To see Xiomi provide all the premium features that users love for half the price is inspirational. As the industry continues to progress, quality phones will become even more affordable. This is a victory for consumers, and the Mi Mix 3 highlights the fruition of this new trend.


The significance of pokies in Australian online casino gambling has always been the utmost for the native players. The best Australian online casinos are powered by world-class Microgaming and Playtech, which are well known for the high-end pokies in their portfolios.

Australians are mostly crazy about online pokies as it offers larger payouts than other casino games. A payout of a few thousand times the staked amount is quite a routine affair. When it comes to new online pokie, it has something different to offer every time.

Benefits of Download Pokies Compared to No Download Pokies

There is no glitch with no download pokies as it works perfectly fine, in fact, the quality has improved so much in recent few years that many of them now offer fantastic gameplay with cutting-edge graphics and mighty sound effects, but players are still more inclined towards downloading Pokies through the casinos secure software client. No doubt that today over 95% of Pokies available is online today.

There are limited flash-based software companies that can compete download Pokies, but some are coming quite close, for instance, NetEntertainment. You can see the difference when you open a no-download (Flash) Pokie and see it next to a download Pokie. Although no-download Pokies are not bad in any way, it is clear that the downloadable Pokies are far better in terms of quality, gameplay, in-play features, adjustable options, and other settings.

If you plan to spend hours in your favorite online casino, there is no point of playing in the Flash mode, if they are not able to download the software for some reason. Better you should download the casino from the beginning. You will have more fun and will enjoy playing time and of course, a more immersive experience when playing on a download Pokie, compared to a no download Pokie.

Enjoy Over 275 Pokies at Microgaming Casinos

When you visit a Microgaming powered online casino, you usually have the option to launch the games in the instant flash mode (i.e. no download mode), or can also download the software. It is a fact; the download version will always offer more than half as many games that are provided in the instant flash mode. So it is quite clear the advantages of a download casino.

Microgaming casinos mostly have nearly 200 Pokies available with multiple different themes. Microgaming is one of the most extensive gaming libraries in the industry today and it continues to release new games periodically so that the pool of games keeps on growing.

Once you have downloaded the secure Microgaming software, you’ll have access to various Video Slots, both the Classic varieties and the modern Video Slots with scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus symbols, free spins, and innovative bonus rounds. Video Pokers are also Microgaming Pokies. Some are single hand games and others are multi-hand games with almost 100 hands available.

Playing Pokies at Playtech Online Casinos

Playtech is yet another high-end gaming software development company and has developed over 250 Pokies that players can access in the downloadable version of their casinos or in the instant flash mode both.

If you are a high roller, you will find Playtech games specifically appealing as they are known for their high betting limits. It also has an exclusive jackpot structure by offering three different levels of jackpots to play for, depending on the stake you are wagering with. Playtech also keeps releasing new games throughout the year keeping most players engaged in what they have to offer.

Playtech is widely known for their immense, and unrivaled clarity, innovative graphics, and amazing sound effects, as well as their comprehensive assortment of branded Marvel™ games. These games include Dare Devil, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, Elektra, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, the Punisher, and many more.

There are many players whose number one choice of software providers is Playtech. As it offers many in-play features and custom settings which are adjusted to make the players experience more tailor-made. It also offers wide betting limits and several of the games have large jackpots as they are connected to the Playtech Progressive Jackpot network.


Bitcoin Wallets for Android phones Australia

Bitcoins are widely used these days and even online casinos offer cryptocurrencies as payment options to play pokies with Android. To play pokies with real money you can therefore fund your casino account with Bitcoins to play pokies. For that you need to first buy bitcoins and then store them on your wallets. If you are the pro gamer who is always exploring the ways to play pokies on your mobile and wish to store Bitcoins as well then you need to have Android wallets to do so. These Android wallets come in the form of free apps and allows you to store Bitcoins and later on it’s your choice either to sell them, or use them to play games at online casinos.

These Bitcoin Android wallets are safe, secure and best to use on your mobile. Remember these Android wallet apps are available at Google Play store for you to download all free

Electrum  Wallet

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

Electrum is well-known Android wallet to store Bitcoins. After downloading, your wallet is generated using a ‘seed’ of 12 random words, which you must write down. If anything happens to your Android device, you can then use this seed to restore your wallet along with your BTC. Your ‘private key’ is not locked in to Electrum and you can export your BTC to another wallet if you wish. This shows how secure this wallet is as during setup you’re also asked to create a 6-digit PIN which is used to confirm payments.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet also has its own QR scanner to easily capture wallet addresses and send payments. To receive BTC, just tap on the ‘Receive’ section to display a handy QR code for others to scan. This feature is only compatible with the ZXing QR Scanner. If you use another app to scan codes, it may cause compatibility issues. You can Download Electrum Bitcoin Wallet here and works well with 2.3 and up Android mobile.

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet was laucnhed in 2015 and is great wallet for storing not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ether tokens. During setup you can choose which coins to display in the handy ‘overview’ section which lists the current market price and value of each currency.

Like Electrum, your wallet addresses are generated using a ‘master seed’ of 12 random words which never leaves your device. You can use this to restore your wallet balance for all of your coins should anything happen to your device. Coinomi offers the option to set a password during setup rather than a mandatory PIN as with Electrum. If you choose not to set a password, make sure your Android device has screen lock enabled and is encrypted.

Coinomi has integrated support for exchanging different coins using either of the services Shapeshift or Changelly for a small fee. You can download Coinomi now and supports 4.1 and up Android mobile.

MyCelium Wallet

Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium is popular Bitcoin wallets and has won the ‘Best Mobile App’ award from in 2014.  Mycelium is entirely open source, which means it’s much easier to check for any software bugs, and also near-impossible for developers to include hidden backdoors to steal your BTC.

The interface is simple to use and you can send and receive BTC as well as scan in QR codes. Mycelium also has a built-in address book for making payments.

This app is all safe and secure to use as first you have the security PIN which you can set so that Mycelium requests it each time you make payments. The app also supports sweeping private keys from paper wallets, as well as ‘cold storage’ wallets which will only display your balance, and cannot be used to send BTC. You can download this app now and requires 4.4 and up Android device.

GreenBits Wallet

Greenbits wallet

GreenBits is best wallet for Android mobile if you want to store lots of bitcoins. This app is a secure and open source Bitcoin wallet. If a person or company supports the GreenBits wallet service, BTC can be sent without needing to wait for confirmation via the Blockchain which can take hours or days allowing for near-instant payments. Each payment also has a unique ‘hash’ preventing fraudsters from spending the same coins twice.

During setup, a 24-word mnemonic is created which you can use to restore your BTC on another machine if anything happens to your Android device. The app also prompts you to set up payment confirmation via two-factor authentication.

GreenBits is secured via a PIN which you create during setup. If you fail to enter the PIN correctly three times, your wallet’s decryption key will be destroyed. After that, the only way to recover your BTC is by re-entering the 24-word mnemonic. Thus a very secure app with easy to use interface and you can send BTC by entering an address or scanning a QR code. Download this app now and the compatibility varies with device.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet App

Bitcoin Wallet app is best for those who have small amount of BTC to store. Unlike other wallets which require you to set up a PIN or write down a seed, you can use Bitcoin Wallet immediately after installation. Very simple to use you can simply click ‘Send’ or ‘Receive’ to manage your BTC. There’s even a handy address book to keep track of your favorite payment destinations. Your current balance is displayed in mBtc (millibitcoin) by default, as well as your local fiat currency, but you can change this in the app’s settings.

Your private keys, which are used to send payments, are stored securely on your Android device, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to recover your BTC if anything happens to the device itself but the app does support scanning the private key of a Bitcoin paper wallet to empty it and add the BTC balance to the wallet app. Download the app now and requires 4.4 and up Android mobile.

Finally remember that all these wallets are good to use and you can sending and receiving small amounts of BTC  and with their QR code scanner they can easily be used to pay for pokies real money play at casinos which accept bitcoin.


Ever since their introduction, pokies machines have been an essential part of the casino industry. The first gambling machines were primitive in nature, but these iconic inventions paved the way for modern pokies machines. Today pokies accounts for over 70% of land based casino revenue, which generates billions of dollars in profit every year. During the last decade, this popularity has spread online. Thanks to improved graphics & video options, pokies are the undisputed main attractions of online casinos.

Despite being enchanted by modern pokies themes; most punters would be equally fascinated by the first machines. By today’s standards these once groundbreaking inventions appear so archaic that they are almost laughable. Even though they barely resemble what punters indulge in today, their introduction was monumental for modern day gambling. Exploring these historic steps for pokies isn’t just illuminating, it hints at how far the industry has evolved. For this reason, examining the progression of the first gambling machines is essential for any respectable punter.

To highlight this illustrious faucet of history, we compiled a list of the oldest pokies machines. Their introduction in gambling parlours & casinos shook up the entire industry. The ripple effect of their inventions are felt to this day, which makes them impossible to ignore. No matter what part of the world they hail from, the introduction of pokies is something any punter can appreciate. Prepare to be blown away by these inventions, since they revolutionized gambling as we know it!

Oldest Pokies Machines

Pokies Machines

This invention gave birth to one of the most popular forms of gambling ever invented.

Pokies Machine #1: Liberty Bell, 1887 – When Charles Fey created this innovative machine, he unintentionally changed history. While the exact production date is estimated to be between 1887 & 1895, there’s no second guessing its wild popularity. Despite being banned in California, the national demand for the Liberty Bell was overwhelming. Completely inundated with orders, Fey fought in vain to keep companies from copying his epic invention.

What made this machine so iconic was the fact that it was the first machine to deviate from poker’s system. Instead of using card symbols, the Liberty Bell boasted five potential icons that were displayed on 3 reels. By using horseshoes, spades, hearts, diamonds & a Liberty bell, utilizing an automatic payout system was possible. Getting three bells in a row triggered the max payout of ten nickels (50¢), which was an enticing prize. This machine paved the way for pokies machines as we know it, & spawned countless copy cat models.

Pokies Machines

This machine displayed poker cards to hopeful players.

Pokies Machine #2: Sittmann and Pitt Gambling Machine, 1891 – Based directly on the game of poker, this machine displayed real cards that were tucked away in drums. In total 5 drums randomly fed 50 different cards into a 3-reel 5-symbol theme. Each hand was activated by a player inserting a nickel & pulling a lever. To give the house an edge, the ten of spades and jack of hearts was usually removed from the machine. This devious move doubled the odds against winning a royal flush. Some establishment stacked the odds even further in their favor by rearranging the drums.

Instead of betting for cash, the prizes from these spins revolved around bar prizes. A pair of kings won the punter a free beer while a royal flush generated a round of cigars or drinks. The prizes varied widely between establishments, so the players were at the mercy of how generous the owners were. Despite being far from an ideal gaming option, this machine exploded in popularity until it was replaced by better releases.

Pokies Machines

This machine was one of the many models that were inspired by the Liberty Bell.

Pokies Machine #3: Operator Bell, 1907 – By this time, the demand for gaming machines was too high for the original producers to keep up with. After Fey refused to sell the copyrights to his coveted Liberty Bell machine, Herbert Mills got creative. His corporation Mill Novelty Company copied the Liberty Bell’s design & installed them across Chicago. To avoid copyright issues, they changed the symbols to plums, cherries, lemons & other fruits. Due to its appeal to both young & old users, this revised version ended up becoming a hit. By the end of 1908 every bar, bowling alley, barber shop & brothel in Chicago had one of these machines.


How to choose mobile plan in Australia

If you are thinking of visiting Australia or reside in Australia but yet don’t know the basics of Australian mobile networking then here is the complete guide for you. First of all you should know that in Australia the mobile technology is most advanced and all major cities are covered by most networks. However, mobile coverage in some rural areas in Australia is not that powerful and come with little or no coverage.

So according to your place of visit in Australia or where you reside in the country matters the most when choose a plan for your mobile.

Also when buying a mobile phone you need to see as how much data you might need, what network coverage is available and whether you should enter into a contract or go prepaid.

Four Major Mobile Network providers in Australia

Best mobile plans in Australia

While there are many providers or  mobile phone sellers in Australia, essentially Australia has four major mobile phone providers:

  • Telstra – Australia’s leading provider of mobile phones, mobile devices, home phones and broadband internet.
  • Optus – Second in area covered behind Telstra has about 30 personal plans + 8 business plans for your mobile
  • Vodafone -Covers mostly metropolitan and larger regional areas and has about 38 mobile plans on offer with great deals.
  • Virgin Mobile – This network provider uses the Optus network and has about 27 mobile plans on offer.

What do the mobile network providers offer in Australia?

Mobile networking

These providers offer a range of options and coverage for your mobile. You can choose that suits you the best. There are package deals  which can include data, handset, pre-agreed monthly usage for your mobile. Then there are contract options  where you pay a monthly fee for a fixed period of time, usually 18 to 24 months. These options allow you to choose the package of minutes and texts that best suits your usage. Also you can find prepaid plans  for your mobile where credit is purchased in advance of service use. This type of plan also allows you to control your spending specially when you are visiting the country and know how tight your budget is.

Some network providers also include capped inclusions  so as to protect you from overspending you can be notified via SMS when your mobile usage gets close to the agreed cap to warn you that your spend may exceed what you had budgeted for your mobile usage and plan.

There are different types of data packages  also with these network providers if you want internet connection running on your mobile.

What you need to do before choosing a plan for your mobile?

What you need to do before choosing a mobile plan

Always speak with your network provider and understand what network coverage exists in the area you will be living in, particularly if you will be living in a rural area of Australia.

Also research a bit online or ask some of the local people  which plans works best as there are a large variety of mobile phone plans and purchase options to choose from, especially if you need data for internet or international roaming options.

Also decide whether you want a prepaid plan or want a contract plan. If you are a visitor then only prepaid plan is the option for your mobile as contracts need ID proof of resident of Australia or proof of employment. So better check out what the specific requirements are by speaking to few network providers.

Also check your mobile device whether they are compatible with Australian GSM technology. If your handset is compatible then all you will need is a SIM card and a prepaid plan where you top up your account monthly or as needed to get started.

Also there  are great mobile packages available so you could upgrade to the latest Apple iPhone, Samsung, or Nokia if you sign a contract with a network provider such as Telstra, Optus or Vodaphone. But read the terms and conditions before commiting to the contract period before locking in.

If in case you find any issue with your mobile plan that you have purchased then you can contact the network provider from where you bought the plan either by calling them on their toll free numbers or visiting their nearest store. Check with their websites for customer support to seek help if you need.


Pokies in Australia have reached a level of fervor in terms of its popularity with many Australian casinos offering real money pokies games. Often people ask what are the best online pokies for Australia?

We have enlisted in this piece of the blog the top pokies casinos online that can give the best bonuses to Australian players. It is mostly noticed that Australians like to play such internet casino games as here 20% of the world’s Pokies gaming machines are found in Australia. Australian online pokies real money offer faster payouts and excellent online pokies welcome bonuses compared to traditional casinos.

There are more than 2000 various types of mobile devices. This becomes a challenge of the software developers to refit their pokie slots for mobile and tablet play.

You can have two convenient options for mobile play – either you can gain a one-touch entry to the mobile games room that most of the Australian casino offers through a mobile app or you can play the mobile casino which is also available to Australian players via the mobile casino browser. Any of the alternatives you select to opt for you will find the best Australian pokies at any time through Wifi or cellular connectivity. The Australian casinos have all types of the top mobile operating systems that include systems for iOS, Android, LG, Blackberry and Windows products.


  1. Thunderstruck

It is a popular online poky for real money consists of a Norse mythology theme. It is not only based on enticing graphics, but it also offers the biggest draw in the multiplier effect in the free spins bonus. The primary multiplier in the free spins is 3x which converts to 6x if the Thor gets involved in the win.

  1. Mega Moolah

It is the most popular and progressive jackpot pokie that has made many people rich this is the reasons it is nicknamed “The Millionaire Maker”. It is based on an African theme, filled with wild animals roaming around and headhunters. The wild symbol is the lion. It is based on a 3x multiplier. You enter into the bonus round when The Headhunter Trophy Scatter symbol pushes you, where you have the chance to win big at the Wheel. Here you can win in four different ways. The super jackpot starts at one million and keeps increasing until someone wins it from all over the network of Mega Moolah-featuring casinos.

  1. Break da Bank Again

It is yet another online pokies for real money that is immensely popular with Aussies. It carries a jackpot of $375,000 with a Wild symbol. In this pokies games the wins are multiplied five times! The safe is the Scatter, which sends you to free spins heaven. You get 15 free spins from three Scatters; four Scatters give you 20 free spins, and five Scatters offers you 25 free spins. In the bonus rounds, wild can make your win and you can really break the bank as under these circumstances you get 5x multiplier!

  1. Avalon

This is 5-reel online pokies with 20 paylines that you can play for real cash on a royalty based theme. This pokie is rich with amazing graphics and background music which displays the regal nature of the game. Here in this game, you get a free spin bonus where you will get 12 free spins. Here scatter symbol has a multiplier so Scatter-generated wins are huge and lucrative.

  1. Mermaid Millions

This pokie is based on the deep blue theme with sea life as the basic symbols. The gorgeous Mermaid is the Scatter symbol. If you win with the Mermaid, it is multiplied by the number of coins bet! The Mermaid also offers you free spins bonus round where all wins are equipped with a 3x multiplier and the free spins can be retriggered and that too multiple times.

The most lucrative aspect of Mermaid Millions is the Treasure Bonus. You can win this bonus during free spins, thus making it all the more potentially lucrative. When three or more Treasure Chests appear, you become entitled to the Bonus. You go deep beneath the surface in the deep blue sea where treasures await. You need to select three, four, or five treasures and garner the winnings. The number of treasures you opted for should equal the number of Treasure Chests you got to trigger the bonus.