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Top 3 Most Profitable Pokies Themes Online
Top 3 Most Profitable Pokies Themes Online

Now that the public’s fascination with pokies is no longer a secret, the stage has been set for epic jackpots. To attract a growing demographic of risk takers, developers have upped the ante. Small frequent payouts have steadily been replaced with larger-than-life prize pools.

This trend has crossed over into online gaming, with some themes offering prizes that are absolutely staggering. From progressive jackpots to mega-payouts, there are plenty of ways to strike it rich with pokies. Thousands of punters have gotten lucky, and their success stories are fueling an online gaming revolution.

Instead of having to travel to casinos, punters can enjoy the potential of big wins from the comfort of home. This easy access to high takes pokies games is changing the way punters wager. Now that progressive jackpots can be won outside casinos, the possibilities are endless.

Every year, countless pokies themes get released online. Pokies are easily the most beloved casino game to play online since they seamlessly make the transition onto personal screens. Developers aren’t oblivious to this, and every year more pokies themes make their debut.

Unfortunately, having an excessive amount of options creates its own unique problems. Faced with a staggering amount of choices, many punters don’t know which online themes provide massive payouts. To help clear the air, we compiled a list of the most profitable pokies themes online. The wildly large prizes of these games have made punters rich, so don’t miss out on the action!

3 Most Profitable Pokies Themes Online

Pokies Theme #3: Monty Python’s Spamalot

Profitable Pokies Themes
Enjoy a humorous approach to striking it rich!

Even though this game remains unapologetically cheeky, the size of its prizes is no laughing matter. Thanks to a rapidly growing progressive jackpot, this theme lives up to its claim as “not an ordinary jackpot game”. Their Holy Grail Jackpot reached £1,701,761, and that’s not the only way they treat fans.

Through a series of variations, they provide multiple ways for punters to win. The Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot exceeds £200, and lining up five Wild symbols delivers 5,000 coins. The impressive prevalence of unexpected rewards makes this silly pokies theme worth considering for even the most serious punter.

Pokies Theme #2: Mega Fortune

Profitable Pokies Themes
This theme has transformed punters into millionaires.

NetEnt outdid themselves with this daring progressive pokies game. From speedboat wildcards to progressive jackpots, there are plenty of ways to strike it rich. Getting three or more bonus symbols in a row lets punters spin the wheel of fortune. The wheel has three levels that are filled with big money and progressive jackpots.

Aside from the wheel of fortune, there are plenty of routes to get lucky. Landing five speedboats rakes in 10,000 coins, but the progressive jackpots are where the real action is. One lucky punter in Stockholm won a £2.5 million jackpot, and dozens of others have collected massive prizes. This game pioneered online progressive jackpots, so don’t miss out on their revolution!

A maximum standard win in this game offers up 2162 times your stake, which is possible via the free spins round. If you happen to hit one of the progressive jackpots though, you could very well win much more than this.

That’s one of the reasons why Mega Fortune has become one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots on the market. You never know what the next spin could bring you. To note, however, and to keep things realistic, your chance of landing the Mega Jackpot while in the bonus game is mathematically 0.00576% at max bet. We’ve seen worse odds than that, but just don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

Pokies Theme #1: Mega Moolah

Profitable Pokies Themes
This game’s progressive prizes are legendary.

This daring online pokies game has set the standard for progressive jackpots. Their prizes routinely exceed £1,000,000, which has made it a coveted feature for online casinos. Only the top websites can provide the amount of traffic necessary to generate these larger-than-life progressive jackpots.

In 2012, one punter from Lincolnshire won £5.88 million with Mega Moolah. This calibre of prizes has never been seen before, which makes Mega Moolah an anomaly in itself. It doesn’t get bigger than their prize pools, so quit wasting time with imitations and start playing for serious prizes!

The unusual thing about Mega Moolah game is that your chances of triggering the bonus jackpot wheel increase with the more money you wager on the spin. This means when you play for smaller amounts you have a smaller chance of triggering the bonus wheel. Play for higher amounts and you have slightly more chance.

But it does not mean that smaller-stakes players have little chance of success. The Guinness World Record recognised largest ever jackpot winner was Jon Heywood, who with a 25p stake triggered the Mega Jackpot in October 2015 winning £13.2m!

How can you send iMessages on Android phone
How can you send iMessages on an Android phone?

As you know that Android smartphone doesn’t support iMessages though lately Google released Allo app but unfortunately it doesn’t support always-on end-to-end encryption, sending and receiving messages from either phone or computer, or full-resolution images, among other things that iMessages can do.

But there’s one app that will allow Android users to experience iMessage on their non-Apple phones, complete with end-to-end encryption, message effects, and group messaging. There are other Apple-only apps, such as FaceTime which certainly aren’t compatible with Android. There are alternatives to those, too, but if you’re determined to send real iMessages on an Android phone, there is no way.

The one app is known as weMessage, a free unofficial iMessage client app for Android. But for this you will need to have a Mac computer, since the webserver, the accompanying server-side application, requires it and since iMessage can’t be spoofed on Windows yet.

How can you get iMessages on Android?

Download the app weMessage from the Google Play store which can send SMS, MMS and iMessges. It does the latter by using a Mac computer – an iMac or MacBook – and the weMessage server program to forward incoming iMessages to the app on your Android device. When you send a message, it replicates it to the real iMessage service using the same server.

This means you need a compatible Mac, one running Yosemite (macOS 10.10) or later, you need to leave it on all the time and you need to do a spot of port forwarding on your router so the service works when you’re not at home.

Follow the steps below to get iMessage on Android:

1. First, to run the app you need to install the JDK on your Mac

Install JDK on your Mac

You need the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) installed on your Mac in order to run the weServer program. Without Java, the weServer application won’t be able to start up. There’s a good chance you’ve already installed the JDK at some point, but if you haven’t or aren’t sure, you can easily check. Open up Terminal, then type in java to see. If you get an error saying to download it, then you obviously don’t have it, so go ahead and download the Java JDK from Oracle.

On the Downloads page, make sure to click on the button that says “Accept License Agreement,” then click on the DMG file below it for the “macOS” version. It’s a large file, so it may take a few minutes. Once it’s downloaded, extract the files as they may automatically be extracted, depending on your settings.

2. Next give terminal accessibility permissions

Terminal Access Permissions to install app

The weServer application runs inside of Terminal, therefore you need to give Terminal rights to control your computer so that it can properly run. Open up the “System Preferences” on your Mac, then go to “Security & Privacy.” From there, click on the “Privacy” tab and navigate to “Accessibility” in the side menu. From the list on the right, if you see that Terminal is listed and checked, you have nothing more to do.

If you see neither, click on the lock in the bottom-left corner and enter your password when prompted. Next, either check Terminal in the list or click on the + sign to add it to the list. You can find Terminal in Applications –> Utilities. Click on “Open” once selected, and Terminal will automatically be checked in the list.

3. Now install weServer on your Mac

Install we server on your Mac

Now, you need to download weServer, which does all the heavy lifting when sending and receiving iMessages on your Android device. From that link, select “Download for macOS” to get the newest version available. Once it’s done downloading, extract the ZIP file, then double-click the “run.command” file in the weServer folder to start up weServer in Terminal.

Depending on the Gatekeeper preferences on your Mac, you may get a popup that says it “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” If that’s the case, you can either adjust your security settings to allow apps from unidentified developers or open it this one time by right-clicking on run.command, selecting “Open” from the contextual menu, then “Open” again on the popup. After opening up the run. command file, weServer will open up in Terminal, as that’s the program it works through.

4. Now set up your iMessage account with weServer

Right after opening up the weServer in Terminal, it will ask you to enter your iMessage email and password. Your email needs to be the same one you use for iMessage, but your password can be anything. Don’t use the password connected to your Apple ID, for security reasons. Create a new password just for weServer, and save it in LastPass or another password manager you have for safekeeping. Once you enter those successfully, your weServer will start.

5. Now install weMessage on your Android phone

Next, you’ll need to install the weMessage app on your Android phone. To do that, either search for “weMessage” on Google Play. Tap on “Install” to download and install it, then open it up.

Install wemessage

When you open up weMessage, it’ll ask you for the IP address of your weServer, your iMessage email address, and your weServer password. As you could probably guess, the email and password are the same, but the IP address will either be the private or public IP address of your Mac, depending on how you want to use weMessage.

6. Find your Mac’s IP address

If you only want to use weMessage when you’re at home or on the same network that your Mac is connected to, you can use the private IP address to connect to the weServer. However, if you want to use weMessage no matter where you are, you’ll want to choose a public IP address so that you don’t have to be connected to the same local network as your Mac. Just note that this is a riskier option if weServer ever turns into a RAT or botnet since you’re letting it bypass your firewall.

7. Using a private IP address

To find your Mac’s private IP address plug into the weMessage app’s login page, open up “System Preferences,” then click on “Network.” You can also just click on the Wi-Fi logo in your menu bar, then select “Open Network Preferences.”

Next, click on the “Advanced” button, then navigate to the “TCP/IP” tab. Your Mac’s private IP address for your local network will be next to the IPv4 Address label. Type this into the weMessage app login page to use weMessage whenever your Android and Mac are on the same network connection. Using a Public IP Address

In order to connect to your Mac no matter where you are, you’ll need to set up port forwarding, which opens up a part of your internet network to the outside world. As long as no one else knows your public IP address, you should remain safe. By using your public IP address with weMessage, you’re allowing weServer to bypass the firewall on your network’s router.

Unfortunately, every router handles this process differently, so you’ll need to check your router’s manual or do a quick Google search to see how to access your router’s settings.

8. Log into weMessage on your Android phone

Install wemessage app on Android

After you’ve chosen whether to use your Mac’s private or public IP address, enter it into the weMessage app on your Android phone, along with your iMessage email address and weServer password, then tap “Sign In.”

You’ll know things are working when it says in weServer on your Mac that your Android phone has connected. Your current iMessages won’t be imported, but you’ll see all new conversations that take place as they happen.

9. Sync your iMessage contacts with weMessage

Install We Message app on Android and sync contacts
Sync your iMessage contacts with weMessage

Before you start using weMessage, it’s best to sync your iMessage contacts with weMessage. To do so, you need to give Terminal (on your Mac) access to your contacts so that your weServer can send your iMessage contacts to weMessage. In the weMessage app on your Android phone, tap on the “Settings” cog icon in the top-left corner. From here, tap on “Sync Contacts,” then “Start Process.”On your Mac, Terminal should automatically ask for permission to access your contacts, so follow the prompts to give it access.

If you don’t get prompted or weServer returns an error, open up “System Preferences,” then go to “Security & Privacy.” Click on the “Privacy” tab, then on “Contacts” from the left menu. Make sure “Terminal” is checked on the right side. If Terminal is open, you may need to restart it for the change to take effect, then tap on “Start Process” again in the weMessage settings.

It will take a few moments for your contacts to sync, but when it’s done, you should get a “Contact Sync Success” alert in the weMessage app on your Android phone. Tap “Okay” on that, then go back to the homepage to start messaging people.

10. Now Start Chatting via iMessage on Android

Now start chatting via iMessage on Android
Now start chatting via iMessage on Android

Begin a new conversation by tapping the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the weMessage homepage. Your contacts should appear before you, but you can always enter a number or email manually yourself.

After you hit the circle next to a contact to check them, you can start typing at the bottom where it says “Enter a message.” To create a group message, simply tap on multiple circles before typing. While weMessage doesn’t integrate all of iMessage’s features, it added a few key features from its iOS counterpart.

For starters, when you’re in a conversation in weMessage, you can tap the + icon on the left of the text box to add media to enrich your messages. Your screenshots and pictures will appear by default, but tapping the camera icon will allow you to take a brand new picture. By tapping “Voice,” you can record your own voice messages to send.

Do Not Disturb Feature

You can also tap on the “i” in the top-right corner to bring up more information about your contact. Here, you can turn on a “Do Not Disturb” mode that silences notifications from that individual, and you can also “Block” them. Tapping “Edit” in the top-right corner will also allow you to change the contact’s name and picture.

Also, some iMessage screens and message effects work. While you can’t send any of these effects, you can receive them. We tested them all out and found out the only ones that work right now are Loud, Gentle, Invisible Ink, Confetti, Fireworks, and Shooting Star. So, setting up weMessage is more challenging than the average messaging app. But, again, if you’re determined, it is certainly possible to get iMessages on Android.

iMessage has many features

Now that this app isn’t exactly like iMessage, but it’s very close. It supports text, emoji, images, group conversations and even attachments such as photos and videos. It can sync your contacts from iMessage, too. Everything is encrypted, just as with iMessage itself, and you can still send effects including fireworks and confetti, plus voice messages. It doesn’t have more advanced features such as reactions, digital touch, stickers or anything else from the recently introduced iMessage app store.

But the core functions mean it’s perfectly usable for most people: you get read receipts and messages will be held by the server ready to deliver when your Android device comes back online.

Plus, you can set up the server to send messages to multiple Android devices, not just one. This weMessage app is legit to use as it simply uses the server program to send and receive genuine iMessages from your Mac to your Android devices.

The World's Top Poker Machine Makers
The World’s Top Poker Machine Makers

Pokies is a game that celebrates diversity, but only a few manufacturers keep the show on the road. When it comes to gambling, few games have captivated our imaginations like pokies. There are countless pokies themes that flicker on the screens of millions of machines around the world.

These games are so popular that they literally fuel the Australian economy. Since these machines generate billions of dollars in revenue, the amount of new games is staggering. Surprisingly, despite all these options, there are only a few major companies that bring this game to life.

After diving deep into the industry, it’s easy to see there’s a certain level of monopoly. For the average punter, only 3 main companies will come to mind. Aristocrat, Ainsworth & IGT have all become household names. These companies have pioneered pokies with their tantalizing machines.

Even though pokies is rapidly expanding online, their presence is still strong in land-based casinos. In these fast-paced times, it’s nothing short of impressive that these companies have been able to adapt.

pokies producers
This company has made pokies what it is today.

Apparently, something is special about pokies. For this reason, it’s important to understand the stories behind the companies that paved the way. In this article, we will examine some of the biggest players in the industry. Get ready to get down & dirty with these larger-than-life companies!

Exploring the World’s Biggest Pokies Companies

1. Aristocrat Gaming Technology

pokies producers
This is yet another industry giant.

When it comes to pokies, Aristocrat reigns supreme. Ever since the 50’s they have pioneered nearly every aspect of the game. To this day they still have the industry in a chokehold with their award-winning machines.

The company was founded in 1953 by none other than the gambling tycoon Len Ainsworth. The timing couldn’t have been better, since New South Whales legalized pokies 3 months later. Aristocrats soon made a name for themselves with their first pokies machine, the Clubman. They followed up this historic debut with the Clubmaster.

These impressive releases helped cement Aristocrat as a leader in the pokies industry. In 1984, they revolutionized the game with the first modern-day pokie machine. From there they continued to dominate the market with a never-ending series of epic releases. Queen of the Nile, 5 Dragons & More Chilli is all part of their arsenal. It will be interesting to see where they take the game next!

2. IGT

pokies producers
This company is named after the king of pokies.

Many people may only recognize this titan from the 80s. However, this company has been operating under the radar as a private company since the 1950s. In 1981 International Game Technology went public & claimed their piece of the pokie bonanza. From the start, this company has won over fans by allowing them to play their favourite games across all channels. Gaming machines, lotteries & social gaming are all accessible by IGT. Their cornucopia of premium content has made them the number one game maker in the U.S. Even though they dominate America, they also have substantial influence in Australia.

3. Ainsworth Game Technology

Ainsworth Game Technology Poker Machines Ancient Treasure, Mustang, Dragons Pokies
Ainsworth Game Technology Poker Machines Ancient Treasure, Mustang, Dragons Pokies

When Len Ainsworth left Aristocrat in 1995, he had big plans. He used his expertise & cunning business prowess to found his own company. Before long this enterprise became an empire. Their multi-level progressive jackpots made games that were unforgettable. Double Shot, Triple Shot & Quad Shot games became their calling card. This visionary company continues to set the standard for pokies machines. It’s one of the top 3 game makers in Australia, & its influence can be seen around the globe.

4. Konami


Konami is far from the biggest pokie machine manufacturer on this list. But they’re definitely one of the most famous due to their success in the arcade and video game industries.

Introduced as a repair and jukebox rental business in 1969, this Japanese company began developing arcade games in the 1970s. It acquired immense success in the 80s with hit games like Frogger, Scramble, and Super Cobra.

It witnessed more success in the console gaming market with NES/Famicom releases like Castlevania, Contra, and Metal Gear. All of which have spawned sequels and been adapted to later consoles.

In 2005, Konami opened an office in suburban Las Vegas, which marked their move into casino gaming. They’ve since opened an office in Australia too because of the heavy interest in gambling there.

Some of the pokie machines that Konami has produced for both online and brick-and-mortar casinos include African Diamond, African Treasure, Ancient Dragon, China Shores, Full Moon Diamond, and Treasure Voyage.

5. WMS Gaming

WMS Gaming
WMS Gaming

It is a subsidiary of the Williams Manufacturing Company, launched in 1943, WMS Gaming gained notoriety for producing arcade and pinball games in the 1970s and 80s.

Both industries began declining in the 90s, though, leading WMS Gaming to focus on pokies machines. And the Chicago-based company start making its mark in 1996 by introducing multi-line and multi-coin secondary payouts through Reel ’em In.

These two innovations helped start a pokies industry that had previously relied on simple themes and payout structures.

Some of WMS’ notable pokies machines include Amazon Queen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Giant’s Gold, Bruce Lee, King of Africa, Reel ’em In, Star Trek: Red Alert, Kronos, Wizard of Oz, and Zeus.

Best 12 Do's & Don'ts of Mobile Pokies
Best 12 Do’s & Don’ts of Mobile Pokies

Australians, like many other gamers in the world, love to play their mobile pokies. Poker machines have existed in the land down under for just over a half-century and have evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. We do love our pokies and we all play them for different reasons. There are so many themes to choose from that anyone can find a pokie to meet their fancy. Here are the Best 15 Do’s & Don’ts of Mobile Pokies.

Some people play pokies for fun, others play them to gamble in search of huge jackpots. There are certain do’s and don’ts that should be adhered to if you want to enhance your opportunities for success. Listed below are a half dozen do’s and a half dozen don’ts that every player should consider before they jump head-on into the gambling side of the pokie world.

6 Do’s when playing mobile pokies

pokies on mobile
Do’s when playing mobile pokies

1. Select your Pokies carefully

You start with, you must understand that no two pokies machines are ever the same. Not only do different machines come with different themes, soundtracks, additional features and symbols, also all have different Return to Player (RTP) rates. It is great to opt for a game with a high RTP rate, so check the RTP % at the online casino before you start playing.

2. Practice with free games

Before you start playing pokies for real money, you have the option to try free pokie machines. Not only is this great fun, but it also gives you the chance to know your game and all of its secret quirks. Play a pokie with bonus rounds, as this is a great way to hone your skills. Don’t start playing with the idea that you’ll soon know how to win at pokies in Vegas – always start with free games.

3. Study the pay table

Every pokies machine comes with its own unique pay table. These pay tables show what each symbol is worth and which ones are the most lucrative. It’ll also tell you whether the game has wild symbols and scatters. So, better put your time and efforts to understand and know the paytable of the games that you plan to play as per your preference and interest.

4. Be within your budget

Be within your budget
Be within your budget

One of the most important pieces of advice is this: set your budget before you start. Don’t start spinning those reels until you’ve decided on a maximum sum that you are prepared to spend. If you reach that sum, stop playing. Never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Never bet more than the set budget for each day.

5. Aim for smaller jackpots

Games with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently, so if you’re after a win but you’re not concerned about chasing the big bucks, games with smaller jackpots are ideal. We know those huge progressive jackpots are enticing, but your chances of claiming one aren’t very favourable! So, be happy to aim for smaller wins for better odds and encouragement.

6. Look for higher RTP rates

Look for higher RTP rates
Look for higher RTP rates

Although the house edge is the term used in most casino games to tell the player what benefits the house has over them, in pokies you might also hear another term. The RTP rate, which means Return to Player rate, is another phrase to describe the house edge. The RTP rate or house edge varies according to which game you choose to play.

Make sure you take a look at the RTP rate of any given pokie before you start playing. Over time, you’ll find that the house will always come out on top at any given game, it’s just a case of how much.

Check out our pokies with best odds page to find out more about the house edge.

9 Dont’s when playing mobile pokies

1. Do not Skip Using Free Spins

The free spins are intended to attract new players and stand out among the competition, many online pokies offer free spins. Playing for free is a perfect chance to try out your luck and skills, without getting anyone — and by anyone, we mean your wallet — hurt. Play around with the free spins learn how to win at pokies without the beginner’s anxiety. 

2. Do not Waste Special Bonus Offers

Do not Waste Special Bonus Offers
Do not Waste Special Bonus Offers

Now it is time to expand your bankroll and what better way to do it than to jump on special bonus offers! The problem is that they aren’t always available, so pay a close look at the special promotions such as free spins, reload and seasonal bonuses that appear from time to time to attract the players and bring them back to play. Do not waste the special bonus. For most online casinos, you can subscribe and get notifications on such bonuses through emails or text messages, so that you’re up to date at all times.  

3. Do not Expect Big Wins

The dream of every pokies machine player is to come up with a strategy that will ensure big wins and small losses. Although you can never be guaranteed a win, this tip will definitely spare you from big losses and open the way for greater chances of winning. Running up a big win by gradually increasing the bets from a small starting deposit is the safest, and the best way to go.

4. Do not Forget you’re Playing for Real Money

Do not Forget you're Playing for Real Money
Do not Forget you’re Playing for Real Money

Pokie machines can seem like an innocent casino game in comparison to the others, perhaps due to their naive format and popularity among younger audiences, but do not let their funny looks deceive you. It is one of the most addictive casino games, so always make you’re in control, both of your game and your money. 

Now when all the cards are on the table, tricks up your sleeves and dollars in your pocket anxiously waiting to double up— are you ready to spin the reel?

5. Do not bet fewer coins and lines

Pokie machines are funny because unlike some other casino games where the amount you bet doesn’t really matter to your chances, in pokies, it’s critically important.

Most, if not all pokies, have a better payout rate when you bet maximum coins on all the lines. This is because this will activate all possible bonuses, features, and jackpots that are associated with a particular game.

Because of this, you’re better off spinning a pokie once at a maximum bet of $5 than spinning it five times at $1 and not having all lines or maximum bet value activated.

While from an entertainment perspective one spin isn’t as great as five, you’ll do better in the long run by max betting. If you don’t have the bankroll to support this type of bet, drop down to lower denomination on the machine you’re playing on, or if this isn’t possible find a machine with a lower denomination.

6. Do not play Fast

Pokies are designed to be played very quickly as this will result in the biggest possible intake for the casino that houses it.

Due to this, you should take your time in playing pokies and don’t continuously spin immediately after the preceding spin finishes. Take some time and analyze the pokie face and see how you won, or how you missed out on this occasion.

This way you’ll get more time out of the game and won’t burn through your cash so quickly. It also makes the pokie a lot more fun as you can become more intimate with the game in question and how it works.

7– Do not Forget to Sign up for the casino pokies club

Do not Forget to Sign up for the casino pokies club
Do not forget to Sign up for the casino pokies club

Pokies clubs are a great way to get some rewards and bonuses for all that play that you put through pokie machines.

In return for some personal details and the tracking of your play, the casino will give you comp points which can be exchanged for free play credits, free food, cash, drinks, and much more.

Ensure you sign up to the pokie club before you start playing and be sure to put the card in the machine before you put cash in and start spinning. Pokie clubs will also give you access to extra promotions and tournaments, so it’s just a no-brainer to sign up to these at every single casino that you plan on playing pokies at.

8. Do not Play Fast

Because of this, you should take your time in playing pokies and don’t continuously spin immediately after the preceding spin finishes. Take some time and analyze the pokie face and see how you won, or how you missed out on this occasion.

This way you’ll get more time out of the game and won’t burn through your cash so quickly. It also makes the pokie a lot more fun as you can become more intimate with the game in question and how it works.

9. Skip those pokies at the airport

Skip those pokies at the airport
Skip those pokies at the airport

When you visit Las Vegas, it’s not a good idea to play the pokies at the airport.

While it might be a tradition to chuck a dollar in the Wheel of Fortune pokie when you first arrive or depart, I’d suggest that you don’t make a habit out of playing longer sessions on these pokies.

This goes for any other airports in the United States or across the world that offer pokies also. The simple fact is that these pokies have the worst pay-out rates that you could possibly find.

This is because the pokies owners and operators know the motivations behind those who would play on these machines. Firstly, we provided one above about tradition and secondly, many people will jump on these pokies to try and win back all their losses from their trip.

Because of this, the owners know they can bump down the payout rate as people will play no matter what. On top of these reasons, the rent for the pokie owners and operators will be much higher in the airport when compared to other locations, so they need to pay out less so they make enough money to be able to squeeze out a profit while covering their overheads. So, never play pokies at the airport.


There is a wide variety of pokies to be downloaded online for your iPad, Android, or favourite Smart Phone. The one thing common among pokies is that winning is based on luck and chance. You can enhance your chances and improve your luck if you play smart. Research pokies before you download them or play them instantly on your mobile phone browser. The more you know before you begin, the better prepared you will be. Also, note finally the wisdom is to stop playing if you are losing and don’t ever chase your wins.

The 3 Online Pokies and Casinos Games With The Best Odds
The 3 Online Pokies and Casinos Games With The Best Odds

When it comes to RTP, not all pokies games are created equal. Even though plenty of punters love pokies, not all of them are familiar with the term RTP. This is a classic mistake since it has a profound impact on your winnings.

The RTP is the return to player, a percentage that shows how much players win back for every $100 spent. Since it’s based on these statistics, games that offer RTP’s closer to 100% are the most advantageous to play. This simple aspect of the game is crucial, since the RTP varies wildly with every game.

RTP from 90-98% is Great

It’s essential to do your research since there’s no industry standard for setting RTPs. They normally range from 90-98%, depending on the game. Progressive jackpots are notorious for offering low payback rates, so staying away from them is a safe bet. To find out the RTP of a game, simply check the percentage listed on the rules or paytables of each pokies game. The provider should be happy to provide this info, so watch out if they try to avoid making it public.

Even with the information publicly available, it’s still hard to guess which pokies games offer the best RTPs. For this reason, we compiled a list of games with the best payout rates online. Prepare to stack the odds in your favour with this list of surprisingly profitable pokies games!

Pokies Games with the Best Odds

1. Alaxe in Zombieland (98.9% RTP)

Pokies Games
This game offers the best odds online!

It’s no surprise that a Microgaming creation topped our list since they are undisputed titans in the industry. They’re responsible for some of the most prolific pokies releases, & they also hold the title for best RTP. Out of all their quality games, Alaxe in Zombieland steals the show with its larger-than-life RTP. Standing at 98.9%, this is easily the best odds for any pokies game at the time of this writing.

Instead of just relying on good odds, this game is also wildly fun to play. It immerses punters into a zombie-filled adventure that’s absolutely packed with surprises. This game is in a league of its own, so come experience it for yourself!

2. 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.6% RTP)

Pokies Games
Take on the high sea with this adventurous game!

Over the years Thunderkick has made a name for itself by creating delightfully quirky games. These games refuse to fall into a category, but they all have one thing in common. A favourable payout rate is their MO, & out of all Thunderkick’s releases, this one stands out.

At 98.6% RTP, this is one of the most profitable pokies games that a punter can play. These great odds are accompanied by a gorgeous theme. Punters sail the high sea winning free spins & big payouts. This release is too appealing to ignore, so start your next adventure with 1429 Uncharted Seas!

3. Blood Suckers (98% RTP)

Pokies Games
This game lets players fight for their lives.

Netent outdid themselves with this wild release. On top of creating a gripping theme, they also offer some of the best odds online. Players are guaranteed a fair shot at winning since it doesn’t get much better than this. This 25-line pokies game brings a romantic vampire theme to life. On top of being wildly entertaining, this game blesses players with a 98% RTP.

All these factors are complimented by an action-packed storyline. This game’s fast pace & fun bonuses keep the experience fresh, allowing punters to enjoy it for months on end. Throwing open coffins & killing vampires is always fun, so you might as well make some money doing it!

Casino Games with the Highest Winning Odds

If you have ever been to a casino being confused about what you should play, here you will come to know how to choose the game with the best winning odds. So that you can reduce your losses by enhanced winning chances. There are a few specific casino games with high odds of winning. Try to engage yourself more by playing such kinds of games to avoid the risk factors.

Below mentioned are a few casino games for you to try your luck with high odds of winning.

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

1. Blackjack


Blackjack is a type of the card-based game with the highest winning odds of 52%. It is a good winning odds compared to other casino games. Also, blackjack allows many players to play at a time in the condition every player has to beat the dealer individually. The player and dealer compete and try to get the upper hand, which is 21.

The winning of this card game is based on the luck and skill you have. You can win blackjack with some knowledge and skill set. So the odds of winning blackjack are high.

2. Craps


Craps is a yet another table-based casino game that you can easily find in online casinos and brick-and-mortar ones. Craps is also known for its high odds of winning, which is more than 49%. Gambling lovers admire craps more than any game because of the fun and thrill the game has.

Craps game can accommodate as many as 20 players at a time which makes it more fun-filled and live.

The craps game is quite simple and easy to master with practice and experience with the minimum skillset and the winning odds are also high. This makes craps one of the most played casino games ever. If you are a newbie or have limited experience it’s better to enter games like craps with good winning odds.

3. Roulette


You would be lucy enough if you try your luck in roulette as you may earn some good bucks. Classic roulette is quite the face of the gambling world for many years as it is unbeatable popularity. Gamblers find wheel-based spinning games are way more fun than any other games.

Roulette is also a game of less skill which makes the game most popular and also the rules are pretty simple compared to any other casino game. The winning odds are, mainly up to luck and some basic knowledge about the game. Anyone with determination can master it instantly.

Roulettes are available in most casinos online and physically. About the simplest rules and patterns, roulette has 50% odds of winning. It is always suggest to try your luck by start playing roulette.

Where to Play Pokies in Brisbane? Enjoy the Best Pokies Spots in Brisbane
Where to Play Pokies in Brisbane? Enjoy the Best Pokies Spots in Brisbane

Out of all the hubs in Australia, Brisbane stands out as a pokies paradise. In Queensland alone, there are over 50,000 electronic gaming machines. Out of this staggering statistic, 8,500 of them are running in 187 venues throughout Brisbane. Between the two local casinos, 3,200 pokies machines are available to punters. The remaining 5,200 machines are scattered throughout the wide range of pubs, clubs and hotels. This massive amount of options gives punters the ability to choose the gaming environment that’s perfect for their needs.

Brisbane’s plethora of pokies options opens up doors to a slew of different gaming experiences. This wide range of venues lets punters pick the gaming environment that’s perfect for their needs. From the most glamorous casino to a down-to-earth pub, there’s a pokies venue that fits everyone’s style.

Even though this wide range of options is a blessing, it can also make picking the right venue a daunting task. It’s easy for new visitors to get overwhelmed by the options, so a little guidance goes a long way. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best places to play pokies in Brisbane. They are one of the many reasons why Australia is the capital of pokies, so don’t miss out on the action!

Best Places to Play Pokies in Brisbane

Pokies Venue #1: Jupiters Casino

This behemoth casino can’t be missed!

Located on the Gold Coast, this is hands down the most decadent venue in Queensland. Even after an hour’s drive from Brisbane, punters agree that this casino is well worth the trip. On top of a stunning design, it features all the luxurious amenities found in the world’s top casinos. Punters can access their world-class hotel, award-winning restaurants and tantalizing bars. There are also live shows, which makes this venue an entertainment hub.

Even though it’s hard not to get distracted by the glamourous attractions, their game floor is equally robust. Every casino game imaginable is in full rotation, but the focus is undeniably on slots. Over 1,600 pokies machines provide an electrifying experience. This is a wonderland for pokies enthusiasts, so don’t hesitate to make the drive next time you are in Brisbane!

Pokies Venue #2: Treasury Casino

This casino manages to blend historical charm with modern gaming.

Located in a massive heritage-listed building, this casino offers the best of both worlds. On top of offering cutting-edge casino games, it also offers a glimpse into Brisbane’s illustrious history. It’s located in the heart of the city, providing easy access and guaranteed entertainment.

More than $57 million has been spent to make sure this casino is as captivating as the city it occupies. On top of being a booming venue, they also feature six restaurants, multiple bars and a five-star restaurant. This impressive selection of entertainment makes it impossible not to have a good time, no matter what you are into.

Even though their entertainment options are larger than life, the real action is on the game floor. They sport a robust lineup of table games, but pokies machines are where the action is. There are over 1,600 machines to choose from, with new additions regularly thrown in rotation. This makes it a punter’s paradise, so try your luck with their brilliant selection of pokies machines!

Pokies Venue #3: Grand View Hotel

Enjoy the unrivalled heritage of this venue!

For punters who crave delicious food while playing pokies, this is the spot. Established in 1851, this is officially the oldest pub in Queensland. Located thirty minutes from Brisbane’s city centre, this venue gives visitors the best of both worlds. Their bayside location provides remarkable views, and their old-fashioned style proves that traditional pubs can still thrive.

Out of all their features, what steals the show is their wraparound verandah that provides a 300-degree view of Merton Bay. This is the perfect place to indulge in their robust food and drink menu. From muscles to squid, no classic pub dish is neglected. There’s also a beer garden, cover bands and five-dollar fruit cups for the kids. All these amenities make it easy to forget that they also have pokies machines. This venue makes taking the family out and treating your inner punter an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Ethereum pokies

Crytucurrencies banking is now to be found at most of the Australian friendly online casinos to make a deposit and to play pokies. Few years back Bitcoins was the only such currency used as deposit option to fund the casino account to play pokies, but  now there are lots of such digital currencies one popular being Ethereum.

Although both Ethereum and Bitcoin belong to the same cryptocurrency family, there are several differences between the two. For one thing, Bitcoin is older than Ethereum and hence more stable and mature. Secondly, despite the fact that Ether is younger it is profoundly quicker than Bitcoin in regards to transfer time. Also Ether wallet addresses aren’t the same as Bitcoin. Hence, when transferring Ether to an Ethereum wallet you should never use the same address.

What is Ethereum?

What is ETH
Also called ‘Ether’ it is the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency in the world

Ethereum is an innovative open-source computing platform which has hit the ground running in recent years. It was designed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin with the intention of creating something cutting-edge and building on the groundbreaking creation of blockchain technology and decentralization. The platform, which official went live in July 2015 with 11.9 milion coins, provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that serves to render scripts using an international network of public nodes.

Other than being used for computing, Ethereum also produces a cryptocurrency called ‘Ether’ which is the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency in the world. This can be transferred between two accounts and can also be used to pay participant nodes for any computations performed by way of a smart contract.

Although it’s possible to buy and sell Ether like Bitcoin, Ethereum is evidently so much more than a currency. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum uses a decentralized system (known as blockchain) in order to keep track of transactions and where each unit of the crypto currency is stored. However, Ethereum takes this idea one step further by tracking and executing computer programs.

Ethereum at casinos

Ethereum Casinos
Ethereum Casinos

Many online casinos have sprung up in few years around the Ethereum blockchain, including ‘provably fair’ models in which punters can determine with complete certainty that the house hasn’t tampered with the odds in any way. Ether – the currency which powers the Ethereum network – is highly versatile and is particularly suited to the demands of online gambling.

By the notoriously volatile standards of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is remarkably stable. Its value tends to stay reasonably constant against the dollar, give or take 5%.

This makes it much more suited to betting, as holders can store the coin in their casino wallets in the knowledge that it’s unlikely to dramatically drop in value overnight. Ethereum is also easily obtainable and boasts fast transaction times, certainly compared to Bitcoin.

Popular Ethereum online casinos are:

How to play pokies with Ethereum at online casinos?

Winward casino Australia
Winward casino Australia

You can play with ETH directly, or exchange it in a casino, play with your own currency, and then exchange back and withdraw your funds. Playing with AUD and then exchanging in ETH or vice versa you’ll probably have to pay more than you would if you were using a regular payment system, because you will lose a lot of money due to the double exchange.

You can play anonymously and get paid out instantly, and pay fewer fees. The direct payments with Ethereum are more interesting, mainly because of a new advantage they offer that is smart contracts.

Smart Contracts in Ethereum

Smart contracts
Smart contracts

Smart Contract is an in-built service of Ethereum that allows you to bet on pretty much anything. It is written down into the very code of Ethereum, and each bet you make becomes part of a block, and can’t be altered in any way. It’s the if/then sequence, where if you bet on a particular event to happen and it occurs, then you get paid out by Ethereum automatically.

The advantages of this system is that it gives you the transparency you’ve always wanted. Each contract becomes a part of a blockchain, and you can see it and No one can alter the smart contract’s details or retroactively change it after you win.  Also it’s as reliable as a deposit in a Swiss bank and eliminates the middlemen.

The best part is you don’t need to exchange your Ethers, you don’t need to register and pay the fees to anyone outside of the blockchain. You can deposit and withdraw money free without all those “pending withdrawal” shenanigans that regular casinos offer.

Smart Contracts are also called trustless gambling, because of their one simple feature. Gambling via smart contracts doesn’t involve sending your money to anyone. The deal between a player and a casino is made within the blockchain system, and no one is in control of your funds.

This feature means punters don’t have to rely on anyone; not even the casino they’re playing at! It’s like turning your bank account into a casino account, and yet the bank account still maintains its primary purpose.

Each bet gets deducted directly from your account, and all your payments are instantly transferred to it. No matter how much you win, you get paid, and a casino is simply never able to withhold your winnings at all. If you’ve ever had a dispute with a casino, then you know how it goes! They can say that you’ve made a slightly larger bet than their terms. Of course, they could simply stop you from placing such a bet in the first place; but they generally don’t, as it’s much more fun to withhold the winnings!

They will also say that you’ve used irregular betting patterns, or that you were playing under a VPN, or that they’ve spotted a suspicious activity from your IP-address. If you don’t agree on that, you can take your complaint to a mediation portal and wait for weeks until it gets resolved, or go even further and place it on a site of the regulatory body that issued the casino with their license. Even if a player wins a dispute, it takes a lot of time and effort to finally resolve such disagreements. But with smart contracts, you only have to place the bet, and it instantly becomes carved in stone, or rather in the code of Ethereum. It leaves us with the only possibility of losing your money: if Ethereum itself ceases to operate.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of playing pokies with Ethereum

Note that each bet with Ethereum is being saved in a blockchain, which means that when you place a bet, it has to be confirmed by at least one block. Currently, one Ethereum block takes about 15 seconds to be created, which means that each bet needs up to fifteen seconds for confirmation.

All bets exceeding 1 ETH need more than one block confirmation, which leadsyou  to a longer waiting time. While playing at regular casinos you can bet instantly, but your problems might start when you actually try and withdraw your winnings, and find the process to be slower than you might like.

But Ethereum might be the best thing that had ever happened to play pokies, because of non-stop innovations and complete transparency that it’s bringing to casinos. You can see where your money goes, you can make sure that you  will get back as much as you should be getting back, and nobody is going to interrupt the process, or trick you in any way. There are many exciting and successful Ethereum gambling projects in the gambling business, including edgeless casinos as they have no house edge and digital currency schemes that appear to be fraud, but actually aren’t exactly fraud after all. The best thing is that during the process of betting, the casino site will not hold your funds at any point; because each transaction is ensured by the blockchain technology itself, and leaves your funds protected at all times.

How to get started with Ethereum pokies?

Ethereum deposit at casino
Ethereum deposit at casino
  • In order to place a deposit, you must first sign up at an Ethereum Casino. Once you’ve done this, simply head to their deposit page and select Ethereum as the payment method. 
  • Next specify how much you’d like to transfer to your online casino account.
  • Once you’ve decided how much to deposit, you’ll need to send it to the Ethereum address provided by the casino. So make sure it’s entered correctly, then simply just submit the payment. 
  • Once you’ve hit the submit button, all you’ll need to do is wait for the funds to appear your Ethereum account. 
  • To make withdrawals if you win playing pokies with Ethereum go to the withdrawal page and choosing Ethereum as a payment option and enter the amount you’d like to withdraw and submit the amount. 
Where to Play Pokies in Perth
Where to Play Pokies in Perth

There are a significant number of places to play pokies in Perth. But the rules over here are slightly different from the rest of the country. The government has restricted electronic gaming machines only to the states and nowhere else. We observed why playing online is a convenient method to invest your time in if you can’t make it to the Crown.

Gambling Scenario in Perth

Perth offers plenty of options to gamble including a city casino which has the licenses for playing pokies and keno.

But when it comes to pokies, it has just one licensed casino for Perth run by the Burswood Entertainment Group. Currently, you will find only one casino in the territory of Western Australia. Given that the casino is the only place in the state of Western Australia where electronic gaming is licensed, this isn’t surprising.

Unlawful to Play Pokies in Perth

As per the law of Western Australia, any type of gaming machine which is often known as pokie machine, fruit machine (or any similar machine) is restricted here under section 85 of the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987. The law also allows the Commission to declare games allowed for use at the Casino, with the exception of games played with poker machines.

The fact is there are many pubs and sports bars but the real fruit machine or pokies are not installed there. You can enjoy other entertainment options like sports and fine dining but pokies are prohibited.

Cannot Play Pokies at Clubs and Pubs

Perth Clubs and Pubs
Perth Clubs and Pubs

Due to the strict legalization of pokies in Perth, the land-based casino is the only way to enjoy playing pokies in Western Australia. This means that you will be unable to enjoy this facility anywhere else around Perth like in pubs or sports bar, and thus the only way to play pokies is by visiting the casino in Perth.

Places to Play Pokies in Perth

1. Crown Perth Casino

Crown Perth
Crown Perth

Located next to the Swan River, this casino is just 3.5 kilometres out of the Perth CBD. It has multiple facilities such as the casino, resort, ballroom, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and theatre. James Packer was the person who changed the name of the place to Crown Perth, originally known as the Burswood Island Casino and the Burswood Entertainment Complex. Then due to a $750 million refurbishment, the entertainment business went through some changes and become the world-class entertainment facility it is today, attracting millions of people from Australia and around the world.

Games it Offers

Due to the restrictions, Crown Perth holds the only monopoly to organize pokies in all of Western Australia which may be demoralizing for those who can’t afford to visit Perth. However unfortunate it may seem, the casino makes up for it by offering over 2000 electronic gaming machines with games ranging from one cent to one dollar. Some of the most addictive casino games are offered by the casino including:

Jackpots and Added Benefits

Excluding public holidays such as Christmas Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day where they operate for just restricted hours, the casino is open for 24 hours and 7 days a week. That implies the massive exodus of people to casinos where they can try their luck and win the special bonuses available for them including the Super Sunday Jackpot or the Win this cash jackpot on particular machines.

Certain schemes have been put up front for the regulars such as the one where the more you spent the money the more you gain casino points and the more privileges you are offered by the casino whenever you spend it at any of the Crown Hotels.

2. Online Pokies in Perth

Online Pokies in Perth
Online Pokies in Perth

For a local or just a casual visitor in Perth, you can avoid the extras that come with the privilege of visiting the casino. For example the food and refreshments, parking costs, overpriced drinks, etc. you can’t just go to any other pub and try to play over there with reduced costs in Perth, instead, you can enjoy one of those online casinos.

They are marked legal by the Australian Government and on top of all attract many Aussies around Australia to try the luck that they can’t at the original casino. It also contains better payouts than Crown Casino.

5 Best Online Casinos for Australian Punter to Play Pokies

Here are some of the most popular online casinos for punters in Australia to play pokies!

1. Rich Casino

Rich Casino
Rich Casino

This is a well-known casino with over 800 games including some of the greatest progressive jackpots. You can also get 25 free spins with no deposit to start playing and also a 200% Match bonus.

This casino was introduced in 1999 and it is regulated and licenced by Curacao eGaming. This casino is rich in entertainment. Other than pokies it offers live casinos, sports betting and stock options for professional players. Here you can play different casino games and tournaments either instantly without any download even with your mobile or tablet.

You can make the deposit in real AUD or BTC both.

Games to play

Some of the top games you can look forward to playing includes popular Dragon Kingdom, Jurassic Giants, Greedy Goblins, Genie’s Fortune and more. Some classic pokies include Monkey Madness, 888 Dragons, Irish Charms, Treasure Horse, Tripple Joker, etc.

Bonus Promotions

On signing up you get 25 free spins as a no deposit bonus. On your subsequent three deposits, you get a 200% match bonus, and an extra 30 free spins; a 250% welcome bonus plus 50 free spins; and a 300% bonus match with 30 complimentary free spins. The casino will credit spoils from the free spins up to a maximum of $100. On depositing with Bitcoin, you get a 400% Bonus on your first three deposits.

Banking options

It offers easy ways to deposit and withdraw cash via trusted banking services. The depositing options include Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, Bitcoins etc.

2. 7 Reels Casino

7 Reels Casino
7 Reels Casino

7 Reels is around since 2008. It is an affiliate of the Revenue Giants program with many games and pokies to play and win. It is powered by Vivo Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Microgaming, and Octopus Gaming, hence there’s plenty of action to witness.

Games to Play

Here you would find a range of video pokies, classic pokies, video poker, progressive jackpots, live dealer and table games. You can select from over 700 exciting game titles to play and win.

Bonus and promotions

On signing up you would get a $10 free chip bonus. On consecutive 5 deposits can earn you a 675% match bonus plus 150 extra free spins. Deposits via cryptocurrencies will reward you with a 400% match bonus on your successive three deposits at the casino.

Banking Options

You can deposit your account through Neteller, Visa, Neosurf, MasterCard, Ethereum, TrueUSD, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Tether. You need to pay the transaction costs when depositing via Visa and MasterCard, but all other options are free.

3. Fair Go Casino

Fair Go Casino
Fair Go Casino

This casino is a newcomer in the online casino industry as it was introduced in 2017. Due to being part of Deckmedia Group they could gain a lot of traction within a short span.

Although not as big an assortment as other casinos, this casino is powered by  RealTime Gaming but no live dealer games.

Bonus and promotions

Here, you can earn up to $1,000 as a welcome bonus. To receive the full $1,000, you’ll have to deposit $200 five different times. The welcome bonus functions as a 100% match up to $200. 

Banking Options

This casino offers some very common banking options like MasterCard, Visa/ Neosurf Prepaid Card, Bitcoin, bank transfer etc.

4. Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino
Slotland Casino

Slotland has been around for the late 90s with a motive to offer fair and great services. It is licensed and regulated by the Government of Anjouan.

Games to Play

The selection isn’t great. Here you will find around 30 different video pokie games to play and have a great time. But they are all of good quality. Some of the popular ones include Turbo GT, Double Luck, and Treasure Box.

Bonus Promotions

You get a free welcome bonus of up to $1,000 as a 100% match on your first deposit, followed by a 50% match on your next 9 deposits. You also get $100 cashback for every $1,000 deposited.

Banking Options

Like most online casinos, Slotland accepts deposits from all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. They also accept a range of alternative payment methods including Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin.

5. Uptown Pokies Casinos

Uptown Pokies Casinos
Uptown Pokies Casinos

Introduced in 2017, the casino is widely available all over the world except for a few exceptions. It’s fresh, it’s vibrant, and it is paced with a great variety of casino games.

Games to play

In total, Uptown Pokies have around 175 games and is still adding to its assortment almost occasionally. All of the primary RTG games offer players a huge selection of entertaining games to choose from. Sports enthusiasts can play the Football Frenzy slot, complete with matchday scarves with pints of beer. You can also find very popular pokies Jumping Beans, which is a popular Mexico-themed pokie, while Megasaur is popular for its juicy jackpot.

In addition to the pokies, you’ll find plenty of classic casino games. You will find many table games including Blackjack. It is available in many variants including Match Play 21 and Super 21, and RTG’s classic casino games. These are popular for their simple, playable layout.

You will also find a great amount of video poker games on offer. Aces & Eights, Bonus Deuces, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are among the 19 available. Powered by RTG games, you can thoroughly enjoy yourself at the casino. Considering all these, the casino is a great fit for the players to have a great time.

Bonus promotions

There are multiple, even a dozen or more promotions that keep going at Uptown Pokies to keep their customers happy. As there is so much going on at Uptown Pokies, the promotions keep changing frequently. Still, there are a few popular ones to stick around. ‘Unlimited Cashback’ is a great fan favourite that will give you a very down-to-earth feel. Opt out of any bonuses, and if you bust your deposit, you can claim 25% back. For this, you’ll need to connect with the customer care of the casino through live chat.

Banking Options

The currencies used at Uptown Pokies are US and Australian dollars. You’ll also be able to use a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC). If you’re interested in trying out an online casino with Bitcoin but aren’t sure where to begin, check out our guide on bitcoin casino pokies in Australia.

Uptown Pokies is usually a Visa casino, but they also offer other deposit methods namely Mastercard, American Express, Neosurf, bank transfer and even Bitcoin. Minimum deposits range from AU$10-50 depending on your chosen method.


So, are you ready to spend quality time playing your favourite pokies in Perth? Do not forget to visit Crown casino and of course, there is every possibility to play online by visiting the above casino sites.

Lightning Link Pokie
Lightning Link Pokie

Introduced in 2015 by Aristocrat, Lightning Link is a progressive jackpot pokie series where you can play as many as 8 different classic games with a chance to win a generous progressive jackpot prize. The games of Lightning Links are loaded with exciting bonus features, with free spins and the Hold n Spin bonus to earn all kinds of great payouts! 

Lightning Link with Impressive Jackpot Prizes

Multi-Site Progressives
Multi-Site Progressives

Being a progressive pokie, you will get titles to be standalone games. Aristocrat’s Lightning Link progressive machine is a series of games that offers the potential to feed the jackpot pool from a variety of titles. You have every chance to win bigger and better prizes than you would be playing the average progressive pokie.

Many players usually miss the progressive jackpots that can be won at random. But, what is a progressive jackpot? It is a pokie game that will increase every time you play the game without the jackpot being won. 

Once the Lightning Link progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next play will be reset to a predetermined value and restart increasing under the same rule. Any paid spin that gets at least one hold and spin symbol can bring you one of the two progressives.

Mini Minor and Major prizes

If you get three or more coins after a credit value or one of the three jackpots like Mini, Minor, or Major, the prizes on the coins can be won, whether you get a jackpot. After getting another coin within the next three spins, the winning will join the sticky coins, and you will be eligible to win this amount as well.

You will also have a chance to get another chance each time you get a coin. The reels fill up fast and offer you a great winning combination of the smaller jackpots with several cash amounts. While filling the reels with coins, you can win the Grand jackpot.

However, to win the progressive jackpot bonus, you need to know the Hold and Spin feature that enables you after getting six symbols with words for three of the four jackpots. While getting these symbols, the progressive will continue to grow until it hits its maximum level. 

Aristocrat is a leader in the land-based pokies when it comes to creating progressive pokies which are not only creative and awarding but also entertaining and engrossing. The Lightning Link progressive pokie is one of the most amazing games out there, offering you the opportunity to win amazing jackpot prizes and access some exciting and innovative bonus features.

Wagering Requirements

Every game has a similar setup. When you learn how to play one game in the Lightning Link family, you’ll be able to play the rest of them too.

These pokies have a wide range of denominations (coin sizes) and win-lines to choose from. They interact, at the smallest coin sizes, the minimum number of win-lines is bigger:

  • 1c or 2c denomination: 50 win-lines
  • 5c or 10c denomination: 25 or 50 win-lines
  • $1 or $2 denomination: 5 win-lines

Here you can include multipliers to your bets. This will make larger numbers of win lines available for bigger bet sizes. As you’ve seen in the bonus game information above, jackpot bonuses go up alongside your coin size. Making it beneficial to bet the maximum amount.

Each game has wild symbols. Typically, these appear only on reels 2 through 5. Stacked wilds are common. Although they also appear as single symbols. While unique symbols which match the themes are used for the higher prizes – all the Lightning Link pokies use playing cards for smaller wins.

If you watch closely, you’ll realise that aces are missing. Kings down to nines make up the smaller wins.

How to play on your Mobile

How to play on your Mobile
How to play on your Mobile

To play these games on your mobile, you can get the app from Google Play or iTunes and find an Android or Apple port where it can be played having a possibility to obtain big wins and jackpots. Once you find the port, you will get coins that you will use while playing the game.

You can play Lightning Link pokies mobile for real money in Australia collecting casino-free coins and free chips. It is also possible to enter the Lightning Link pokie free play mode with no download, no registration, and no deposit. Choose among 16 games in the family, including the most popular ones:

  • High Stakes help you use the Hold and Spin feature to make your logical skills to decide where the value lies and improve your wins. The game also offers free game bonuses that have giant symbols on the central reels that can easily let you win on the fifty-win lines. 
  • Magic Pearl displays an underwater theme and fifty lines of action, along with the Hold and Spin feature that leads to big wins with both progressive jackpot and fixed prizes.
  • Best Bet is packed with a horse racing theme, fifty lines to play, and great wins with the Hold and Spin feature that can get you multiple jackpots within a single feature, and the bonus free spins round can get you 25 spins once you remove the playing card from the board.
  • Happy Lantern is a 25-line game with an Oriental theme and great animations, free spins, and jackpot prizes, giving players a unique and highly exciting gameplay experience.
  • Bengal Treasure is an Indian-themed pokie that has fifty lines to play and free spins round that allows taking advantage of the stacked symbols that will become available as the round plays out.

Special Feature “Hold N Spin” & “Mega Symbol”

Special Feature “Hold N Spin” & “Mega Symbol”
Special Feature “Hold N Spin” & “Mega Symbol”

Aristocrat’s Lightning Link slot is paced with the unique ‘Hold n Spin’ feature, which helps you increase your winning capacity while playing the free spins bonus round. On landing six bonus symbols on the reel, the free spin bonus is triggered when all the bonus symbols remain in place and the rest of the positions spin.

If you continue to get bonus symbols, you’ll keep earning free spins. This will continue until three spins go by without you locking another bonus symbol in place – or until all of the places are occupied by bonus symbols. In both circumstances, your winning potential will remain tremendous!

When you trigger the free spins round, the middle three reels will combine and turn into one mega symbol. For the period of your six free spins, the mega symbol will remain active, adding to your overall odds of hitting amazing cash prizes.

Get Free Coins for Lightning Link Casino 

Get Free Coins for Lightning Link Casino 
Get Free Coins for Lightning Link Casino 

Lightning Link is an amazing pokie game with multi-denominations, a jackpot with multiple formats, and a great mixture of games that will attract many players. With a simple interface, you can quickly learn and play without any problems and understand features and jackpots. The Lightning Link casino will keep you entertained.

Each Lightning Link pokie has great distinctive features that provide many free spins and bonus games. Each game will have wild symbols that will appear on reels 2 through 5. The games will also have stacked wilds that will appear as single symbols. While the game has many unique symbols that match the themes and get higher prizes, the Lightning Link also uses playing cards to provide smaller wins. 

Lightning Link has witnessed great growth since it was introduced to the Australian and New Zealand market in 2014. And Aristocrat has kept improving it. Their latest Mission & Reward Functionality update, has revamped rewards and missions that allow manual claiming, actual Tier progression meter, and greater detail in the tasks. 

Lightning Link has two main ways of getting free coins:

  • Rewards 
  • Hold and Spin

The rewards you earn once you complete missions and gain lightning and the Hold and Spin feature in the lobby will bring you coins while playing. However, the missions are sometimes long, and players often look for shortcuts. Some players are not satisfied with this and often cheat on the casino and get free coins. 

The most common way players use to cheat is to abuse the signup bonus a game offers by making duplicates of their accounts and getting additional first deposit bonuses. To some, it is not cheating but taking advantage of rewards in correspondence to the terms and conditions. 

Some players also use different software programs that cheat pokies. They use engines that are similar to the ones used for video games. These software programs scan the process and trick the slot into providing bonuses. Among these, you can find the Lightning Link casino coin generator.

The Lightning Link casino coin generator can be acquired for free, for both Android and IOS platforms. It is a simulation game that is influenced by stories and chapters. It aims to provide the best gaming experience to its users by taking advantage of potential glitches in the game and providing more coins.

Bunch of Aristocrat Games

Bunch of Aristocrat Games
Bunch of Aristocrat Games

In the Lightning Link assortment of pokies, you’ll get some of the most popular Aristocrat games. You’ll be able to select from a collection of Aristocrat classics to play in order to compete for your chance to win amazing prizes.

Below mentioned are the games that you’ll find in the Lightning Link series:

  1. High Stakes
  2. Magic Pearl
  3. Heart Throb
  4. Sahara Gold
  5. Happy Lantern
  6. Best Bet
  7. Moon Race
  8. Tiki Fire

Free Spins Bonus Games

Free Spins Bonus Games
Free Spins Bonus Games

There are many entertaining free spins variations on the Lightning Link slots. Triggering them requires 3 or more bonus symbols. Punters receive scatter prizes, with up to 100x your total wager if you trigger with 5 bonus symbols.

Here are a few of the Lightning Link free spins variations:

Giant Symbols: Reels 2,3 and 4 merge into one reel. Giant symbols always fit into this 3×3 gap. Big wins are possible if you match them with the symbols from reels 1 and 5.

Reveal Symbols: Long strips of the reels are covered in special symbols that open after the spins stop. These will often cover a lot of the reels. They will all show the same symbol (picked at random) when they reveal their contents. Special hold and spin symbols or wilds can be revealed.

Richer Reels: This simple bonus removes the playing card symbols. You have a better chance of getting both high-paying line hits and the hold and spin features.

Expanding Wilds: When you get any wild during the free spins, it expands to cover all 3 positions on the reels.

Extra Wilds: A few Lightning Link free spins bonuses will add up to 200 extra wilds on the reels. Other bonuses will add win multipliers to the wilds.

The number of free spins you start with, and how many are awarded for retriggers, will vary from game to game. See our individual Lightning Link pokie reviews for those details.


You can play these titles. Each one is equipped with its own fun theme with unique graphics, offering a diverse selection of pokies. Aristocrat makes it possible to completely customize your online gaming experience with its Lightning Link progressive pokies series. It certainly has something for everyone!

Bitcoin pokies
Bitcoin Casino Pokies in Australia

Bitcoin slots or as you call pokies are those games which you can play at casinos offering Bitcoin as deposit and withdrawal mode. Bitcoins first appeared on the scene in 2009 and since then thousands of businesses have started to accept the currency for all manner of services, including online pokies or casinos.

There are many benefits associated with playing online pokies with bitcoin, but many players find it hard to understand how this digital currency works.

Unlike traditional currencies like the dollar, euro and pound, Bitcoin isn’t managed by a central bank and it functions within a network of computers that regulate its production and value.

Bitcoin Pokies and where to play them

Bitcoin Pokies games
Play Bitcoin pokies at Bitcoin casinos

Like in any other online casino Bitcoin casino offers various types of pokies to play like

  • 3- reel classic pokies
  • Multi-line pokies
  • Bonus feature pokies
  • Video pokies
  • Progressive jackpots

So you would find almost every kind of pokies available at Bitcoin casinos, including some really big progressive jackpots.  You can play for free or real money that is but your choice.

Some of the pokies you can enjoy are when pigs fly; good girl bad girl; charms and clovers; dwarven gold; dragon’s myth; exclusive reels; desert drag; a journey to the west; motorhead; lucky blue; lucky sweets; Aztec magic and many more.

You can also enjoy live dealer games at Bitcoin casinos like Blackjack, Roulette, Live Bitcoin baccarat  or Live Bitcoin casino Hold’em

You can play such games at Rich casino, Fair Go casino or online casinos that accept Aussie players.

So how does the Bitcoin deposit method work?

Bitcoins are transferred from one user to another through special addresses which allow for free and near-instantaneous transactions. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits of cryptocurrencies compared to their fiat counterparts.

Whenever players deposit funds to play online casino games using traditional methods like debit/credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers, there is a small transfer fee involved which is usually paid for by the casino operator. This forces casinos to offer reduced odds and less attractive promotions, as they need to ensure they have an ROI on each player that signs up. Bitcoin eliminates these costs and players can in turn benefit from better payouts.

How to use Bitcoin as a deposit method at an online casino?

Bitcoin Wallets
Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Here are the necessary steps to start playing pokies or any other game using Bitcoin.

  • Step 1. Register a Bitcoin wallet. Some of the popular ones are Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Bither, etc. 
  • Step 2. Buy Bitcoins. For this, you would use one of the exchanges like Bitstamp, Kraken, or Brittex to buy them on sites like LocalBitcoin. 
  • Step 3. Find the right casino to play pokies. 
  • Step 4. Deposit from your Bitcoin wallet. After registration on the casino’s official website, you will be assigned a specific Bitcoin address by the cashier. You can transfer your money to top up your bitcoin account to this address. As soon as the money is on your credit, you can start playing. 
  • Step 5. Withdraw your winnings. After you’re finished playing, you can go to the cashier and make a withdrawal request. 

What kind of games can you play with Bitcoin?

What kind of games can you play with Bitcoin
What kind of games can you play with Bitcoin

Of course, the most common games you can play with Bitcoin are pokies. Nowadays, you can easily find a couple of dozen Bitcoin pokie games. And it has to be said that most Bitcoin pokie games are not just simple reels with a boring interface. On the contrary, the developers try to make each app as exciting as possible. Sometimes there’s a feeling that Bitcoin pokies are trying to “Outdo” each other in appearance.

But what about those who do not like pokies? Bitcoin casinos offer indispensable attributes of traditional casino table games for such players.

The most common table games found in cryptocurrency casinos are:

Usually, such kinds of games imitate real tables. Green cloth, cards, dice – depending on the game, the player sees a familiar layout.

Bitcoin banking option is available to Aussies as long as they have their own Bitcoin wallet, which is needed for storing, sending and receiving coins. Using cryptocurrency at gaming sites is very simple and takes only several minutes.

Remember that Bitcoins wallets store your BTC currency in digital form and you need to first buy or get BTC from a certain Bitcoin exchange to store them in your BTC wallet.

There are many popular bitcoin exchanges in Australia and opening an account is very straightforward. Most will ask for a few forms of identification but once you are set up you can buy and sell bitcoins with just a few clicks. Some even offer setting up regular purchases. Here are a few of the larger exchanges. You can get Bitcoins from BitCoin Australia, CoinJar, CoinLoft and CoinTree.

How to purchase Bitcoin

How to purchase Bitcoin
How to purchase Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin can be bought instantly with your credit/debit card or via bank transfer through a regulated exchange. 
  • Once you purchase the bitcoins using Australian dollars they will become available in your account for you to spend elsewhere. As with real money, it’s important to get a good wallet.

Securing your wallet is the most important aspect of owning bitcoins, and it is recommended not to keep your coins on an exchange. There are several wallet options you may consider, depending on the level of your investment.

For small amounts, using a mobile app such as Mycelium (Android) or Xapo (iPhone) stores the private keys to your funds on your phone. Typing in long bitcoin addresses when you want to send payments is inconvenient so most wallets use scannable QR codes to send and receive. You can also store your bitcoins on a laptop or computer using software like Bitcoin Core, with the added benefit of running your own node to contribute to the security of the network.

For larger amounts, you’ll want even higher levels of security by using a ‘hardware wallet’ such as Trezor. While expensive, these protect your bitcoins through passphrases and only ever connect to the Internet securely through a USB port.

  • Signing up for a wallet usually takes no longer than 5 minutes because you only need to provide a username, password and e-mail address. Bitcoin wallet companies rarely will require you to provide additional information such as personal details or credit card numbers.
  • Once you own a wallet, you will be able to receive payments using the address provided by your wallet supplier. However, in case you want to make payments at Australian casinos, then you’ll have to top up your Bitcoin wallet first.

Best Bitcoin Casinos to Play Pokies in Australia

Though there are several bitcoin casinos to play pokies in Australia which are both hybrid (that allow AUD + BTC) and exclusive (that allow BTC only) casinos, here are the few best ones.

1. Fair Go Casino

Fair go
Fair Go Casino Accepts Aussie players
  • Min. BTC or AUD deposit: $25
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal: $100
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

This casino offers a $1000 welcome bonus when you first join the casino as a new player. There are over 500 pokies and other casino games to play at this online casino. Pokies are powered by Real Time Gaming software. Also enjoy table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, video poker games, Keno, Bingo and Scratchies.

Click here to visit the casino now

2. Rich Casino

Rich Casino- Play now
Rich casino is popular for 25 free spins
  • Min. deposit: $25
  • Min BTC deposit: $10
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal: $300
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

This casino offers a 400% BTC Bonus on your first three deposits. Rich casino is rich in over 1000 pokies and casino games that cater to all types of punters be they low stake or high stake. This bitcoin casino is powered by outstanding gaming software like RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming and others. The live casino, poker games, table games, binary stocks and Craps, Keno, Bingo and scratchies are in the limelight of their games lobby.

Click here to visit the casino now

3. Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz casino Australia
Bitstarz Casino is a well-known Bitcoin casino
  • Min. deposit with BTC: 0.006
  • Min. deposit with AUD: $50
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal Unlimited
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

This casino is another best bitcoin casino to play pokies with bitcoins. This casino offers a 150% up to 1 BTC welcome bonus when you join the casino. To gran, their free spins offer you need a minimum deposit of 0.80 mBTC to receive the 180 free spins. The minimum deposit to receive only the bonus is 0.50 mBTC. Bitstarz offers over 500 pokies and casino games including Bitcoin games, pokies, table games, live casinos and others.

Click here to visit the casino now

How to make a withdrawal using Bitcoin at casinos

Withdrawing in Bitcoin is as easy as depositing in cryptocurrency. When you choose the cashing out option you’ll have to click on Bitcoin and mark it as your preferred cashout method. Some casinos for Australians won’t allow you to use the method unless you’ve used it as a deposit option before. Therefore, it’s smart to have this in mind when you’re making a payment. Once the cashing out screen is loaded, you’ll notice that this time there are two empty fields.

The first one is where you should enter the amount you want to withdraw; naturally, this amount can’t be over the actual number of coins you have on your account. The second field is where you enter your Bitcoin wallet address. The smartest thing to do, in order to avoid making a spelling mistake, is to copy and then paste the address. Remember that, once sent, Bitcoins can’t be taken back unless the receiver agrees to send them to you.

What are the banking limits when playing Bitcoin pokies?

What are the banking limits when playing Bitcoin pokies?
What are the banking limits when playing Bitcoin pokies?

So, when talking about deposit limits, those are usually a bit higher than withdrawal limits; that’s especially noticeable in the highest transferable amount. The minimum deposit at reputable AU online casinos often varies between AU$5 and AU$20, whereas the maximum can be anything from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. If you’ve set personal limits, then those will apply to Bitcoin payments too.

The minimum withdrawal limit is AU$30

The withdrawal maximum amount is often lower. Therefore, you should expect not to be able to request a cashout in case the total amount of coins on your account is worth less than AU$10 or AU$20. Many sites have even higher minimum cashout limits of AU$30 or AU$50. The maximum amount of cash (calculated in Bitcoin) that can be withdrawn depends on the operator’s policy; nonetheless, you’ll often see limits around AU$2,000, 10,000 and 50,000. Some AU casinos don’t have such limits, but those are hard to find.

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What is the processing time at Bitcoin casinos?

What is the processing time at Bitcoin casinos?
What is the processing time at Bitcoin casinos?

When you make a deposit you’ll see your funds transferred and uploaded in less than 10 minutes after you’ve completed the depositing process. Withdrawals, on the other hand, might be trickier in case the operator has a withdrawal pending time. In such scenarios, the pending time has to pass first and then you’ll be able to get your funds. This withdrawal pending period usually lasts between 28-72 hours and during that time you can cancel the request without any penalties. Other than that, your coins will be sent to your wallet pretty fast.

Remember casinos utilise very secure encryption mechanisms and connections to transfer your money when you do any transactions online so no need to worry as it is all safe and sound. Also do not forget to grab Bitcoin bonuses when playing pokies of your choice.