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Betting systems have been popular with casino gamblers for years, and plenty of people still swear by them. No matter which one you use, these systems provide the player with a guide for placing their wagers, which is meant to increase profits and minimize losses. Here are the The Perils of Betting Systems.

Unfortunately, no betting system can offer sustained winnings over a long period. That’s because each spin of the wheel or roll of the dice is independent of the last, and there’s never a pattern to be predicted or taken advantage of. Anyone who believes otherwise is falling prey to what’s known as the “gambler’s fallacy,” which is something to be avoided at all costs.

On this page, we look at the main perils of betting systems, as well as providing brief descriptions about some of the leading methods. If you’re still sitting on the fence about the validity of betting systems, hopefully, we can help you make up your mind.

Perils of Betting Systems

Perils of Betting Systems
Perils of Betting Systems

If you’ve ever tried betting systems for any length of time, then you’ve likely learned to stay away from them. Whether you’re a veteran of betting systems or a newbie who’s thinking about applying one or more of these methods, please read the following reasons and perils why you should stick to more reliable tactics. You will find here the The Perils of Betting Systems.

1. You’ll Look Foolish

You’ll Look Foolish
You’ll Look Foolish

If you don’t care what anyone else thinks about you, then go ahead and ignore this one. While you’re at it, hop onto some Internet gambling forums and find out the virtues of betting systems to anyone who’ll listen. For everyone else, better to avoid betting systems as they make you look like a gullible fool. It’s the same level of naiveté that allows players to rub a coin between their fingers before depositing it into a poky or sit down in front of a vacated machine because it’s due to get hot.

2. Contempt for Math

Contempt for Math
Contempt for Math

Many mysteries of the universe have been explained with math. While it’s cold and impersonal, it’s also ultimately fair and doesn’t play favorites. This is one of the The Perils of Betting Systems.

According to math, no betting system can consistently deliver over a long period.

Casino games all have a house edge, and it has been mathematically proven that no known betting system can overcome this edge.

4. Puts money in the pockets of liars

Puts money in the pockets of liars
Puts money in the pockets of liars

While most gambling systems are found online for free, several individuals are willing to sell “winning” systems to their customers. As some of them also sell books about fortune- telling and contacting spirits, you would think their credibility would immediately be called into question. Still, it’s scary how many people fall prey to them every year.

Betting systems that claim to ensure profits in the casino are scams. Avoid them, as you’ll just be wasting your money.

5. Goes against bankroll management

Goes against bankroll management
Goes against bankroll management

Since gambling systems often ask you to double your wagers following either a win or loss, an unlucky player can find their bankroll wiped out in less than an hour. Unless you have an iron will, there’s a decent chance that you’ll head to the ATM to get more funds for their flawed gaming strategy.

6. Wastes valuable time

Wastes valuable time
Wastes valuable time

While so many simple to learn, others take a bit more dedication. Sadly, any amount of time could be devoted to these bogus systems is a wastage. There are precious minutes and hours that you could be devoting to your family, or even a more legitimate gambling technique such as basic strategy or card counting. This is one of the Perils of Betting Systems.

Types of betting systems

There are two most popular systems for betting, keep in mind that most of these fall into two distinct categories.

1. Positive Progression

Positive Progression
Positive Progression

This is a system based on the positive progression that asks you to increase your wager each time you win, while losses result in a decreased bet. The idea is to capitalize on a hot streak by making larger wagers, while the damage caused by a cold streak is cut down to smaller and smaller bets.

2. Negative Progression

Negative Progression
Negative Progression

With a negative progression system, a loss results in a larger bet (often doubled) while a win results in a smaller wager. The idea is that a losing player is expected to win finally, and the larger bets allow them to recoup their earlier losses and also generate a profit. A winning player, meanwhile, is due to lose at some point, so cutting down wagers after a win is meant to ensure that some profits are retained when a loss comes.

Popular Betting Systems

1. Martingale


Often used on even-money wagers, this system requires the player to double their bet after each loss. The myth is that the player should eventually get a win, and that will cover all previous losses.

2. Anti-Martingale


Just opposite of the Martingale, the system requires you to double your wager following each win. The idea here is to take advantage of a hot streak.

3. Grand Martingale

Grand Martingale
Grand Martingale

Not only do you double your wager after each loss, but you also add units each time.

4. Labouchere System

Labouchere System
Labouchere System

You start by deciding how much money they want to win. You then write down a series of numbers that add up to this amount. For each wager, you bet the sum of the first and last numbers on the list. These numbers are crossed out after a winning wager, while a losing player adds the previous wager onto the end of their list. This continues until you have either run out of money or crossed off all the numbers on your list. This is also known as the Cancellation or Split Martingale system.

5. Reverse Labouchere

Reverse Labouchere
Reverse Labouchere

Instead of cutting numbers after a win, the player adds the winning bet to the end of the numerical line. The objective is to keep adding numbers until you reach the table limit on bets. If the wager results in a loss, then the two outside numbers are deleted. You start over if you run out of numbers on your line.

6. Fibonacci System

Fibonacci System
Fibonacci System

This system is inspired by a mathematical sequence where the next number is the previous two numbers added together.

If you use this system, you ignore the 0 and begin by betting one unit. You continue in this fashion until you lose, at which point you move up one level in the sequence. You then move up a further level for every subsequent loss and move back two levels when you win.

7.1-3-2-6 System

1-3-2-6 System
1-3-2-6 System

In this system, you begin by betting one unit. If you lose, the sequence is complete and you start over with a one-unit bet. If you keep winning, however, the betting units are increased or decreased according to the 1-3-2-6 arrangement. This continues until you either lose or complete a run of four consecutive wins.


The perils of betting systems are many. Not only are they inherently flawed, but many of the players who are willing to part with these “secrets” for a few bucks are knowingly deceiving their clientele. Even if a player manages to achieve some short-term success using one of these methods, you can bet that the house edge is going to catch up with them finally and decimate your bankroll.

If you want to be successful at gambling, the first thing you must accept is that the house almost always has the advantage. While this edge can be overcome in some cases, doing so takes an immense amount of planning and effort. If it were easy, casinos would be going out of business left and right.

Some strategies and tactics can help in the casino, but these take hours of practice and memorization to us it the right way. Card counting is a major boon for blackjack players, for example, but even it can’t guarantee continual success.

The only guaranteed way to avoid losing money at the casino is to never set foot in such an establishment. If you have money and want to have fun you are fee to enter the casino but do not bother to lose money. It is for entertainment not income.

How to buy a refurbished smartphone when budget is tight

Refurbished smartphone or mobile phones are easily available at online and physical stores for you to buy. These phones can be Android or iOS and work same way as the original and new models. Only the difference is that they have been earlier used so are cheaper phones to buy on supermarkets in Australia for those who have their tight budget. Why not I too cannot afford  Apple iPhone 12 pro max that costs $2369 and so refurbished phone is the best option for me and many like me.

Many times Apple and Google or Android smart phones become refurbished when the stock becomes so huge of new phones and people want new models so old models are sold by Apple and other mobile companies at discounted prices.

In a study by  Boost Mobile and Coles who trialled selling refurbished iPhone 7s in selected stores saw that they faced “phenomenal” demand, so they have expanded their offering in 2021.

Where can you buy refurbished smartphones in Australia?

You can buy refurbished smartphones in Australia at EBay, Amazon, Coles, Apple Store, Google Store, Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and various other major networks and retailers in Australia.

Also you can buy at Back markets where you can find refurbished devices of all types. Information on the refurbishing process is provided, and the listings are transparent about what damage is present if any. Also, there’s free shipping and a warranty.

At Coles, a refurbished Boost Mobile iPhone 8 starts at $359, while Dick Smith sells refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 phones from $389. For newer models, the discount is not quite so steep. For instance, a refurbished 64GB iPhone 11 Pro from NuMobile costs $1,296, just $3 less than a new model currently being sold at a discount for $1,299 at JB Hi-Fi.

What you should look for before buying a refurbished smartphone?

Here are certain things you should look for before buying a refurbished smartphone:

  • Refurbished phones have been sold or traded-in to a company that then runs quality tests and brings it back up to the best possible working order. This often means replacing the battery or a cracked screen. You’ll mostly see refurbished big-name smartphones such as Apple and Samsung. So always buy a tested and company phone.
  • The refurbished phone are graded, usually based on appearance. There’s no standardised grading system, so read the fine print. A phone with medium to heavy signs of wear will usually be the cheapest. One ranked as “good” with light signs of wear like minor scuffs will cost a little more, and “excellent” and “as-new” will be the most expensive.
  • Regardless of wear, all phones with these ratings will be fully functional, but – depending on the age of the device – may not run as smoothly as a new phone. So look how old the device is.
  • A refurbished phone should not be defective or of lesser quality. The lifespan of a product varies from brand to brand, and electronics by nature don’t last as long as many other purchases. Thus check how it works and runs.

According to Apple industry analyst Horace Dediu used Apple’s “active device” number to estimate that the average lifecycle of an Apple product made between 2013 and 2018 is four years and three months. In 2017 consultancy firm Kantar found that, on average, people held onto their smartphones for as little as 20 months in some countries.

Note that iPhones are also only supported with the latest iOS for five years, meaning models older than that will no longer be able to update their operating systems, and will quickly become obsolete. Without the latest iOS some apps and programs will progressively stop working as their technology advances beyond yours. It has already been close to five years since the iPhone 7 was released, so there’s no guarantee they’ll be supported after the next major iOS upgrade.

Under Australian Consumer Law, if a product or service you buy fails to meet the consumer guarantee, you have the right to ask for a repair if the fault is minor, replacement or refund if it has major problem. These rights apply to both new and secondhand goods, though the length of time the rights apply depends on what is reasonable for the product.

It also advises that “a business should be clear about what components in a refurbished good have been replaced and what components are secondhand, so a consumer can make an assessment about how long the refurbished goods’ components are likely to last”.

That being said, many retailers offer warranties on refurbished phones similar to those of new products. A Boost Mobile refurbished iPhone 8 available at Coles comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 12-month warranty. TeleChoice offers 12-month warranties on refurbished phones bought outright, and 24-month warranties for phones on a plan.

If you’d still prefer a new smartphone, there are many available at a more competitive price. A new Google Pixel 4a is $599; a new Motorola Moto G 5G Plus is around $650; and you can pick up a Realme 6 for under $300. If, like more than 70% of Australian smartphone owners, you’re stuck on Apple, consider the cheaper iPhone SE, starting at $679. But if you are rich enough to buy a new smartphone then there is no dearth of new smartphones to buy at the stores online or offline. The choice is finally yours.


Our guide to pokies offers detailed reviews of popular online and land-based pokies machines. We also cover the free-play pokies market for fans of recreational machine gambling. Since the Web-based pokies gambling industry is so different from the traditional casino pokies scene, we cover online pokies as a distinct category. Our notes on game strategy include the debunking of pokies myths, notes on proper bankroll management, and a common-sense method to help you pick the right game. Here is the pokies guide new players.

If you have a question about pokies, interest in a particular pokies game, or general curiosity about pokies machines, you’ll find all the information you need somewhere in our coverage of the world’s favorite way to gamble.

Types of Pokies

Types of Pokies
Types of Pokies

Today the phrase “pokies machine” no more refers to a simple mechanical game featuring three reels and spinning pictures of fruit. These days, pokies machines come in many varieties, it’s easy to get intimidated the first time you step onto the gaming floor.

Here are the types of pokies cover all the different game styles.

  • Classic Pokies
  • Fruit Machines
  • Progressive Pokies
  • Multi-pay Pokies
  • 3D Pokies
  • Mobile Pokies

What is Pokies Machine

what is pokies machine
what is pokies machine

A pokies machine is a gambling device that a player operates and it uses a changing series of symbols to determine winnings.

Traditionally, pokies machines are run by coin, and the player pulls a lever to trigger three spinning reels, with coins dropping out into a hopper after wins. That’s changed over time. Now, the phrase pokies machine includes games that don’t use a lever or accept coins at all. Forget the old-school hopper – these days, prizes are generated electronically, like the wagers themselves.

By this definition, video poker games are pokies machines. They involve an added skill element, and the winning combinations are a bit more familiar to us. Still, technically, you could call it a pokies and no one would argue with you.

The history of pokies machines

The history of pokies machines
The history of pokies machines

This Pokies Guide for New Players will help you know the history of pokies also. It all started with the invention of coin-operated mechanical devices around the year 1880. At that time, America was expanding rapidly to the West. Frontier towns; not unlike the dusty hardscrabble villages; you find in Western films were popping up as Manifest Destiny asserted itself.

Pokies Machine Origins

Pokies Machine Origins
Pokies Machine Origins

Earlier pokies machines were novelty items. Found mainly in bars and restaurants, they were more like games than anything else. A popular game at the time was a “race” between two toy horses; triggered by inserting a coin in the machine. Bettors would gamble on the result among themselves, rather than using the machine itself.

By the year 1888, machines that paid out real coins were patented, though they weren’t that popular. These were devices and required a lot of maintenance. They were also notoriously easy to rip off. More popular were games that paid off in prizes from the bartender – coins, free drinks, cigars, etc. The prize varied depending on which cards sprang up. The bartender would then reward you accordingly.

The First Pokies Machine

The First pokies machine
The First pokies machine

Charles August Fey, a Bavarian-born American citizen; is the founder of the first game that we can call a true pokies machine. Working as a mechanic in San Francisco; a town in the middle of a boom thanks to the discovery of precious metals and the expansion of the American West. Bored with his work, he created the first known coin-operated pokies machine in 1894. He failed to sell it to a single shopkeeper but kept working on his invention in his own time. His game is called The Card Bell. This became the Pokies Guide for New Players.

This card bell was redesigned in 1896; his Card Bell game was revamped as a three-reel pokies machine with an auto cash payout mechanism. It became so popular that Fey was forced to quit his job; open a factory, and produce units as quickly as possible.

Fey created another poky called the Liberty Bell; it contained absolutely no references to cards or other common forms of gambling. The first Liberty Bell was done in 1899, featuring symbols like horseshoes, bells, and numbers. Though some playing card symbols were incorporated; the focus of the game was on the lining up of three giant bells; and patriotic ones at that.

The Introduction of fruit symbols

The Introduction of fruit symbols
The Introduction of fruit symbols

The use of fruit symbols in pokies machines is conventional going back to 1909.

That year, the Industry Novelty Company started mass-producing machines in the style of Fey’s old Liberty Bell. The use of symbols in the shape of cherries, bananas, and grapes was an attempt on the part of Industry Novelty to disguise the gambling aspect of their game. Charles Fey included horseshoe and bell symbols to cover up the game’s similarity to illegal card games; Industry Novelty turned to a pack of chewing gum.

Industry Novelty’s earliest pokies machines were manufactured as “chewing gum dispensers.” Each of the game’s reel symbols indicated a particular flavor of chewing gum. The idea was that if you won; the game would dispense the flavor that correlated to the symbols you lined up.

Pokies in the American Century

Pokies in the American Century
Pokies in the American Century

The early 20th century was a time of much upheaval and change on the domestic front. For pokies lovers and gamblers; the country’s general suspicion of gambling turned into full-bore gambling prohibition; so that by the year 1951, virtually all gambling in America become illegal. That changed in the 1930s when the city of Las Vegas officially re-legalized gambling.

The Vegas saved the pokies machine, and (eventually) elevated it to the level of great art. The development of electro-mechanical pokies in the 1950s gave pokies designers the freedom to innovate, and they did. The pokies were introduced with new payout schemes, jackpot styles, graphic and audio effects, and features like coin multipliers in the 1950s. Two decades later; Vegas was home to the world’s first video pokies machines; games using simulated reels on a display rather than mechanical reels in a case.

Gambling machines are the bread and butter of American casinos. Without games like pokies and video poker, few casinos would be able to keep the doors open. Some pokies machines have decent return percentages. Besides, they’re fun to play with. Pokies are more than audio-visual effects and progressive jackpots.

Today a large variety of games

Today large variety of games
Today large variety of games

In today’s casinos, you can play games like The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune; listen to Elvis croon in a brilliant digital display while you play; or tap along to the plots of your favorite Marvel superhero film. Most casinos have a huge variety of price points available. You can play pokies machines with pennies or wagers up into the hundreds of dollars per spin. This Pokies Guide for New Players become a large source of fun.

As the most adaptable and varied game on the casino floor; pokies have earned a place among classic games like blackjack, poker; and roulette. These machines are a huge part of the gambling heritage; underappreciated entertainment gadgets that have earned a bad rapport as a rip-off.

What are the five new mobile smartphones to buy this month

Looking forward to buy a new mobile smartphone then there are many choices. You can go for the Android or iOS flagship mobiles according to your budget or need. You can visit the different service providers in Australia like Optus, Vodafone and others to get the best deals on these phones as well as the cheapest plans on offer that you can get if you don’t want to buy outright. Here are the five such new mobile smartphones which many users have given the nod for their best choice of mobile smartphones to buy this month.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the newest smartphone is the best Android device that you can buy right now. This new mobile comes with refreshed design, upgraded cameras, beautiful screen and all-day battery life – the Galaxy S21 Ultra ticks a lot of boxes for what you might be looking for in a new phone. There is also S-Pen support which is usually reserved for the Galaxy Note series.

The pro grade camera comes with 108 MP where you can crop in your images. Use three lenses including ultra-wide to take photos which are clearer and brighter thanks to laser autofocus and Night mode. Also have pro grade video to capture in 8K or smooth the action with Super-Smooth video which adapts to 24 frames per second7 for professional looking video worthy of the big screen.  With 8K video quality so sharp, you can even pull a pixel-perfect 33MP still from your video long after the moment’s passed.

The stunning 6.8” intelligent display is designed to constantly adjust the blue light filter to help care for your eyes. The mobile’s toughest display ever, the 120Hz display makes scrolling feel so-smooth and adaptive screen performance to reduce battery strain.

The mobile comes with fast 5G to stream, download, and post at seriously fast speeds with incredible 5G technology.10

As said above Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the first Galaxy S series compatible with an S Pen stylus. Enjoy enhanced S Pen precision which lets you handwrite notes, edit excel documents, annotate images and so much more.

The biggest battery ever in a Galaxy smartphone. With 5,000mAh (typical) all-day battery, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has the power to last. It also charges superfast, so you get hours of power from only minutes of charge.

Available on selected plans on eligible 5G networks. Current availability is limited to major capital city CBDs and other select high traffic areas. Actual speeds achievable will vary depending on service availability and other factors.

Get up to $350 off the Galaxy S21 range instantly when you trade-in your eligible mobile device. Or buy from Optus now.

2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone pro

The next new mobile smartphone you can buy now is iPhone 12 Pro which has three cameras on the back – 12MP ultrawide, 12MP wide angle and 12MP telephoto lenses. Apple released four different models in the iPhone 12 lineup, and12 Pro is what most people want.

This 5G phone with A14 Bionic chip delivers four times better drop performance.

The LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects, so it can create a depth map of any space you’re in. Because it’s ultrafast and accurate, AR apps can now transform a room into a realistic rainforest or show you how a new sneaker will fit.

If you’re ready to replace your old iPhone with Apple’s latest and greatest, this is the model that has the best balance of new tech and features included. But if photography or videography is a really important thing for you, the iPhone 12 Pro Max might be worth looking at too.
Night mode comes to both the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras, and it’s better than ever at capturing incredible low-light shots. LiDAR makes Night mode portraits possible.  The Wide camera lets in 27 per cent more light, for greater detail and sharper focus day or night. This dual sim phone can be bought as trade in as well as outright. The 6.1 inch model costs AU$1699. Click here to buy now.

3. Google Pixel 5

Google pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is a new dual-SIM smartphone from Google. Available in different color options like Just Black and Sorta Sage. The dimensions of the smartphone are 144.7 mm x 70.4 mm x 8.0 mm and weighs around 151 grams. The mobile from Google might come with a 6-inch Full-HD+ OLED display with a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels, 432ppi pixel density and 19.5:9 aspect ratio. Also, the phone’s display might have a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection and 90Hz refresh rate. 

Google Pixel 5 is equipped with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC processor that will let the users enjoy a seamless experience while accessing multiple apps on the phone. Moreover, the smartphone will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage.  

The phone from Google will house a 4080mAh battery that will 18W fast charging. Also, Google Pixel 5 might support wireless charging and reverse charging. Besides, the smartphone will run Android 11 operating system.

Connectivity options on the Google Pixel 5 might include 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, USB Type-C port, Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, BDS and NFC. Sensors on the smartphone might include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, accelerometer, barometer, gyro, proximity, compass. This phone costs AU$999.

Click here to buy now

4. TCL 10 Pro

TCL10 pro

TCL has come in hot with a smartphone that is complete with an outstanding design, build quality, display and battery life.

The camera won’t replace your DSLR and doesn’t match some of the other heavy hitters in the smartphone world, but it’s good enough for what most people will need it for, and that’s those quick social media uploads.  

This mobile is powerful offering NXTVISION visual technology, a NXTVISION curved AMOLED display and a NXTVISION 64MP AI quad-camera system  unite in one cohesive device so you can display greatness.

Video is at its richest and most realistic with HDR enhancement. Create stunning photos with a 64MP quad-camera system and AI algorithm that automatically adjusts exposure and colour for effortlessly perfect shots. Appreciate image and video quality at the highest level with a 6.47-inch FHD+ NXTVISION curved AMOLED display.

TCL 10 Pro brings you into a world of intense colour and contrast. The curved AMOLED spans to every edge for a display so smooth it melts away, leaving only you and the experience. An in-display fingerprint sensor provides immediate accessibility and a smooth profile.

Make life smooth with TCL 10 Pro’s powerful processing and functionality that supports you whether you’re accomplishing in the office or out living life to the fullest. The battery is at large 4500 mAh Battery.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you can also check out the 10L that comes in at $449. Click here to buy now

5. OPPO A52

oppo A 52

The Oppo A52 Smartphone allows you to connect with friends, take stunning photos and view media with clarity on the go. It has a 1080p LCD neo-display so that you can video chat in a high quality, with automatic brightness adjustment so that you can view comfortably. It has an AI quad camera with NightMode, 4K video capabilities and an ultra-wide viewing field for stunning photography and videography.

This phone has a 6.4″ LCD display which offers sharpness, clarity and more natural looking colours. The phone has AI quad cameras with a 12 MP wide lens, 8 MP ultra-wide lens, 2 MP macro lens and a 2 MP depth sensor. It has an 8 MP front camera for fun, high-quality selfies.

This phone features 4 GB of RAM to aid productivity when running multiple programs and so you can run apps of your choice, ranging in complexity, without compromising on performance. It has a 64 GB storage capacity with the option to add an additonal 256 GB via MicroSD.

The Octa-Core processor allows for better multitasking as each quad core can run apps separately. This phone supports conections via Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi and the 4G wireless network.

Simply connect to the network using a nano-SIM. A 2 year warranty is included. It comes with a USB-C cable for charging the phone. This phone is unlocked so you can connect it to the Australian network of your choice. This phone has a 5000 mAh battery and comes in a sleek twilight black design. The phone costs AU$219.

Click here to buy now

Astropay online casinos

Astropay is a new payment option listed at online casino banking page. Australian punters can use Astropay deposits to fund their online casino account with their PC or mobile to play real money pokies or any other casino games of their choice.

What is Astropay?

What is Astropay

If you have heard of prepaid cards, Astropay is also like one of them. It is a virtual prepaid card that allows you to make online purchases.

To get started with Astropay there are two ways:

Register at Astropay online site on your Windows PC


Download the Astropay app on your mobile and get started

Click on Sign Up and register yourself

Enter your mobile phone number and wait for the code.

The six-digit code is sent by SMS, enter that into the web page and that’s it.

Note that Astropay is all safe and secure and maintains your privacy. So when you do any online transactions like funding the online casino account with real AUD, all your banking information is secure and the casino won’t have access to your bank account.

After you sign up, you have the option to enter the rest of your identifying information. This step is only necessary if you want to withdraw your funds from Astropay to your bank. There’s no option to withdraw from a casino to your Astropay account.

You can purchase the Astropay card as well after registration.

AstroPay Card is a virtual voucher that you can purchase for a certain amount in AU dollars. It is accepted at thousands of online sites worldwide affiliated with the AstroPay system. Before buying your AstroPay Card, check whether it is accepted on the website where you wish to use it.

The cards themselves are available in a range of values from $25 all the way to $500. You can pay for your prepaid card by Internet banking, by local bank transfer, by debit card, by credit card or by transferring funds in from a web-wallet facility.

When you buy an AstroPay virtual card, the card itself will be emailed to you straight away. The card will have a 16-digit card number as well as a CVV number for online payments. As a player you can link up to 10 card values together to pay for large items online. The virtual card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Advantages of using Astropay

Advantages of using Astropay

There are many advantages of using Astropay at online casinos.

  • Its free and easy to use
  • You can purchase a card whenever you want to pay online
  • Also make instant online casino deposits payments
  • Online payments are 100% secure and anonymous
  • AstroPay is accepted at all leading online casinos around the world
  • Using a virtual card means never having to share you details with the casino
  • A virtual card cannot be lost or stolen
  • It comes with AU currency
  • You can only spend what is loaded onto your virtual card and there is no credit facility available so there is no chance of going over your gaming budget. This makes playing responsibly so much simpler and helps you keep tabs of your bankroll at all times.

How to make a deposit with Astropay at online casinos to play pokies?

Astropay casinos deposits
  • At any friendly casino or online casino, like Rich Casino go to deposit page or at the cashier.
  • Select Astropay deposit option
  • Now enter your card details and CVV number.
  • Enter the amount of deposit
  • Once you have filled in the amount you want to deposit, you can authorise the payment and tap on the pay button. The online casino will process the payment straight away.
  • You can even use their app to make a deposit with your mobile

You can use your virtual card to make one or multiple casino deposits at all leading casinos in Australia or anywhere in the world. When you have used up the funds on your card, you can simply log onto the website and purchase another card or multiple virtual cards for any form of online payment.

Cards are available in $15, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1,000 denominations. The cards are not reloadable. However, you can consolidate multiple cards into one through the apps. Also there isn’t any transaction fees to use your Astropay Card at a casino. 

Rich Casino  –  Best Astropay casino

Rich Casino- Play now

Rich casino is the best Astropay online Casino in Australia to play pokies, table games, live casino, do sports betting, lotto games Keno and Bingo.

Rich Casino offers many bonus offers to Australian punters. When you sign up at the casino you are offered free spins as no deposit bonus to play pokies.

At Rich Casino you will find that it offers wide range of casino games from the top gaming software brands like BetSoft, Rival, Pragmatic Play, Vig and Parlay Entertainment. Rich catalogue of over 800 games is simply amazing at this casino which comes loaded with outstanding graphics and 3d animations as well as many features that are mostly common to find in any slot play.

As a new player you are offered 750% Bonus plus 110 cash free spins when you sign up as a new player. This welcome package comes in three match deposit bonuses.


The free spins winnings will be credited in CASH up to a maximum value of $200!

25 Free Spins will be issued upon sign-up. You will be able to see the featured games that have Free Spins available by accessing the Free Spins section of the Homepage.

 If you have earned Bitcoins and want to use at casino play then grab wonderful 400% BTC bonus on your first three times deposits. Also there are other monthly and daily offers and VIP bonuses and other prize awards as well.

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A major concern for people playing online casino apps is the safety of payments and withdrawals. With the growing number of online scams, it is natural to feel frightened. But rest assured, there are some safe means of transferring money online to get you started. Concentrate on winning big and stop worrying about your money falling in the wrong hands with these safe transaction payment choices for mobile casino apps.

These mobile casino deposit methods are safe and secure as the casinos implement the latest encryption technology to protect player details and their financial transactions. Also the online casinos or apps integrate a wide range of mobile casino deposit methods, which are trustworthy and convenient for Australian players.

Deposit Methods Commonly Found At Mobile Casinos

Banking methods at casinos
Banking methods at Fair Go Mobile Casino

When it comes to mobile casino deposit methods there are variety of them to choose from at online casinos. Some of the common mobile casino deposit methods available are Credit Cards, Debit Cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards, Mobile billing, web wallets and prepaid vouchers. You will find VISA/ Master card, Instant EFT, Astropay, Instant Banking, Ecopayz, Entropay, Idebit, Instadebit, Neteller, Payforit, Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Web Money, Trustly and many others of such kind.

Credit/debit Cards: Players find it most convenient to use credit cards to fund their accounts. Credit card holders just have to input card details such as CVC number, name of the account holder, card number, expiry date, and the amount they would like to deposit. Revealing all these details at online casinos is 100% safe as they implement the latest encryption technology, which makes them as safe as banks. The funds will be instantly credited to their accounts. Winnings can be withdrawn back to the credit card; however, players should note that they can only withdraw an amount equal to the amount deposited using a credit card.

Wire Transfer: This method allows players to move funds easily, safely, and securely from one account to the other. There are several types of wire transfer. For example, using one’s debit card to transfer funds from one’s bank account to one’s casino account can also be considered as a form of wire transfer. Many players prefer using wire transfers as they are not required to reveal any personal financial information. The only drawback is that wire transfers are not instantaneous and come with a fee.

Electronic Wallets: Popularly known as eWallets, they allow players to fund casino accounts safely, securely, and instantaneously. Players just need to sign up an account with the eWallet service and load it in order to start using it to deposit casino funds and withdraw winnings. Some of the most popular eWallets are Click2Pay, Skrill, and Neteller. For example, players who want to use Neteller must first sign up at Neteller and load their Neteller accounts. They can then easily transfer these funds to their casino accounts. Winnings can be transferred back to the Neteller account. Funds from one’s Neteller account can be withdrawn using a wide range of methods, including a Neteller debit card that can be used to withdraw funds at any ATM accepting MasterCard.

Prepaid Cards: This is another popular method in Aussie-facing casinos. Using a prepaid card gives players more control over their wagering activities as they can only use the funds loaded on their cards. Some of the most commonly used prepaid cards in Australia are UKash, Neosurf, Astropay and PaySafeCard. These prepaid cards value from $10- $100 and are quite handy as well as useful to fund the casino account. You cannot make a withdraw with prepaid cards is the only disadvantage.

Much Better: Much Better is instant payment mode which means you need not wait for days to get your real dollars come to your casino account. Also the minimum amount you can fund your casino account with Much Better is $10 and maximum is $10,000 which is very convenient for all types of players be it high rollers or low stake players.

Rich casino BTC Deposit
Rich Casino Bitcoin Deposit

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies deposits and withdrawals are prominent nowadays at most of the friendly online mobile casinos. You can make a deposit and withdrawal with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum and various others. Crypto payments are a digital currency without the backing of a financial institution and this allows it to avoid some banking restrictions in countries from around the world. Australian players can use bitcoins to bet on casino games in a safe and legal environment such as Slotland Casino, Rich Casino, Fair Go and many others.

PayID: PayID is a simple service that makes paying money faster and easier. You can create a PayID by choosing something easy to remember, like your phone number, and registering it with your bank. This means your PayID is information unique to you, like your phone number, email or ABN, that can be securely linked to your nominated bank account. The PayID addressing service is operated as part of the New Payments Platform, which is managed by NPP Australia Limited. For privacy and security reasons, PayIDs can only be registered and managed by participating financial institutions, which is why it is best to speak to your financial institution about your PayID.

EZee Wallet: eZee Wallet is a software-based system that functions as a hassle-free alternative to traditional credit card payment services. This method of payment is all secure. This means that as opposed to credit cards, your name, address or any sensitive information isn’t at risk of being hacked. This is due to eZeeWallet’s cutting-edge encryption technology, which delivers peace of mind banking when you need it most. 

Besides the above mentioned there are various other deposit and withdrawal methods to transact at mobile casinos.

How to make a deposit at a mobile casino?

Payid deposits at casinos
PayId Deposits at Mobile casinos

You can make a deposit at a mobile casino with any of your mobile smartphones or even with PC things remain same.

  • Click or Tap on the cashier at the banking page once you log in at the casino you wish to play.
  • The banking page will be listed giving you so many options to choose from as a payment method
  • Select the one you are comfortable with
  • Enter the amount in AUD or the currency that casino accepts.
  • Follow the process or steps as they pop up on your screen
  • Your online casino will be funded and the amount will be displayed on your account page.
  • Now grab the bonus if applicable to your account Note that deposit bonuses have wagering requirements to meet so better ask the casino customer support team in case of any doubt before making a deposit.
  • Go to games lobby, select the pokies game and tap to play.

How to make a withdrawal at a mobile casino?

Bitcoin withdrawal at slotland casino
Bitcoin withdrawl at Slotland casino

After each session you play, your money will remain in your account for the next time you want to play. The only time you will need to make a withdrawal is when you would like to get your money.

  • In the casino app, click on Bank and select Withdrawal
  • You will be asked to select your preferred option to receive your payment
  • Your withdrawal request will then enter a pending period (minimum 24 hours), during which time you will be able to reverse your withdrawal, should you wish to do so
  • Your withdrawal will be processed on the day in which it is released from the pending period
  • For security reasons, you may be required to provide the following information, in order to verify your withdrawal:
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of a utility bill (Water, gas, telephone etc.).
  • Copy of your Credit Card (back and front) if you made deposits using your Credit Card.
  • Also there may be a cancellation cost incurred for certain withdrawal methods. So always read the terms and conditions when selecting a withdrawal method.
  • The portion of your withdrawal less than or equal to the original deposit amount will be paid to you through the payment option that was used to make the original deposit
  • Any other money owed to you can be withdrawn whenever you wish.

When using certain web wallets to withdraw, for example eCheck, there is an eight day waiting period. As a result, the casino will not be able to process a withdrawal within eight days of your last deposit when using these web wallets

Due to restrictions in some countries also many casinos may not be able to pay your withdrawal through Visa or MasterCard

Withdrawals are paid as soon as possible. However, your bank’s processing times may slow down the payment of withdrawals. Withdrawals may be subject to processing fees at the discretion of the casino.

Remember deposits and withdrawals at the mobile casino of repute are safe and secure. Always play on registered and licensed casinos with your mobile casino app or web browser as these sites are equipped with the latest SSL encryption software to keep your transactions safe and sound.

Bitcoin pokies

Bitcoin slots or as you call pokies are those games which you can play at casinos offering Bitcoin as deposit and withdrawal mode. Bitcoins first appeared on the scene in 2009 and since then thousands of businesses have started to accept the currency for all manner of services, including online pokies or casinos.

There are many benefits associated with playing online pokies with bitcoin, but many players find it hard to understand how this digital currency works.

Unlike traditional currencies like the dollar, euro and pound, Bit coin isn’t managed by a central bank and it functions within a network of computers that regulate its production and value.

Bitcoin Slots or Pokies and where to play them

Bitcoin Pokies games
Play Bitcoin slots at Bitcoin casinos

Like in any other online casino Bitcoin casino offers various types of pokies to play like

  • 3- reel classics
  • Multi-line pokies
  • Bonus feature pokies
  • Video pokies
  • Progressive jackpots

So you would find almost every kind of pokies available at Bitcoin casinos, including some really Big progressive jackpots.  You can play for free or real money that is but your choice.

Some of the pokies you can enjoy are when pigs fly; good girl bad girl; charms and clovers; dwarven gold; dragon;s myth; exclusive reels; desert drag; journey to the west; motorhead; lucky blue; lucky sweets; Aztec magic and many more.

You can also enjoy live dealer games at Bitcoin casinos like Blackjack, Roulette, Live Bitcoin baccarat  or Live Bitcoin casino Hold’em

You can play such games at Rich casino, Fair Go casino or online casinos that accept Aussie players.

So how does Bitcoin deposit method work?

Bitcoins are transferred from one user to another through special addresses which allow for free and near-instantaneous transactions. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits of crypto currencies compared to their fiat counterparts.

Whenever players deposit funds to play online casino games using traditional methods like debit/credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfer, there is a small transfer fee involved which is usually paid for by the casino operator. This forces casinos to offer reduced odds and less attractive promotions, as they need to ensure they have an ROI on each player that signs up. Bitcoin eliminates these costs and players can in turn benefit from better payouts.

What you need to do before using Bitcoin as deposit method at online casino.

Bitcoin Wallets
Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin banking option is available to Aussies as long as they have their own Bitcoin wallet, which is needed for storing, sending and receiving coins. Using the cryptocurrency at gaming sites is very simple and takes only several minutes.

Remember that Bitcoins wallets store your BTC currency in digital form and you need to first buy or get BTC from a certain Bitcoin exchange to store them in your BTC wallet.

There are many reputable bitcoin exchanges in Australia and setting up an account is very straightforward. Most will ask for a few forms of identification but once you are set up you can buy and sell bitcoins with just a few clicks. Some even offer setting up regular purchases. Here are a few of the larger exchanges. You can get Bitcoins from BitCoin Australia, CoinJar, CoinLoft and CoinTree

  • Bitcoin can be bought instantly with your credit/debit card or via bank transfer through a regulated exchange. 
  • Once you purchase the bitcoins using Australian dollars they will become available in your account for you to send elsewhere. As with real money, it’s important to get a good wallet.

Securing your wallet is the most important aspect to owning bitcoins, and it is recommended not to keep your coins on an exchange. There are several wallet options you may consider, depending on the level of your investment.

For small amounts, using a mobile app such as Mycelium (Android) or Xapo (iPhone) stores the private keys to your funds on your phone. Typing in long bitcoin addresses when you want to send payments is inconvenient so most wallets use scannable QR codes to send and receive. You can also store your bitcoins on a laptop or computer using software like Bitcoin Core, with the added benefit of running your own node to contribute to the security of the network.

For larger amounts, you’ll want even higher levels of security by using a ‘hardware wallet’ such as Trezor. While expensive, these protect your bitcoins through passphrases and only ever connect to the Internet securely through a USB port.

  • Signing up for a wallet usually takes no longer than 5 minutes because you only need to provide username, password and an e-mail address. Bitcoin wallet companies rarely will require for you to provide additional information such as personal details or credit card number.
  • Once you own a wallet, you will be able to receive payments using the address provided by your wallet supplier. However, in case you want to make payments at Australian casinos, then you’ll have to top up your Bitcoin wallet first.

Best Bitcoin Casinos to Play Pokies in Australia

Though there are several bitcoin casinos to play pokies in Australia which are both hybrid (that allow AUD + BTC) and exclusive (that allow BTC only) casinos, here are the few best ones.

1. Fair Go Casino

Fair go
Fair Go Casino Accepts Aussie players
  • Min. BTC or AUD deposit: $25
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal: $100
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

Fair Go Casino offers $1000 welcome bonus when you first join the casino as a new player. There are over 500 pokies and other casino games to play at this online casino. Pokies are powered by Real Time Gaming software. Also enjoy table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, video poker games, Keno, Bingo and Scratchies.

Click here to visit the casino now

2. Rich Casino

Rich Casino- Play now
Rich casino is popular for 25 free spins
  • Min. deposit: $25
  • Min BTC deposit: $10
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal: $300
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

Rich Casino offers 400% BTC Bonus on your first three deposits. Rich casino is rich in over 1000 pokies and casino games that caters to all types of punters be it low stake or high stake. This bitcoin casino is powered by many outstanding gaming software like RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming and others. The live casino, poker games, table games, binary stocks and Craps, Keno, Bingo and scratchies are the limelight of their games lobby.

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3. Bitstarz Casino

Bitstarz casino Australia
Bitstarz Casino is well known Bitcoin casino
  • Min. deposit with BTC: 0.006
  • Min. deposit with AUD: $50
  • Withdrawal Option With Bitcoin
  • Min. withdrawal Unlimited
  • Fees applied: No fee
  • Processing time: 2 business days

Bitstarz Casino is another best bitcoin casino to play pokies with bitcoins. This casino offers 150% up to 1 BTC welcome bonus when you join the casino. To gran their free spins offer you need a minimum deposit of 0.80 mBTC to receive the 180 free spins. Minimum deposit to receive only the bonus is 0.50 mBTC. Bitstarz offers over 500 pokies and casino games including Bitcoin games, pokies, table games, live casino and others.

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How to make a withdrawal using Bitcoin at casinos

Withdrawing in Bitcoin is as easy as depositing in the cryptocurrency. When you choose the cashing out option you’ll have to click on Bitcoin and mark it as your preferred cashout method. Some casinos for Australians won’t allow you to use the method unless you’ve used it as a deposit option before. Therefore, it’s smart to have this in mind when you’re making a payment. Once the cashing out screen is loaded, you’ll notice that this time there are two empty fields.

The first one is where you should enter the amount you want to withdraw; naturally, this amount can’t be over the actual number of coins you have on your account. The second field is where you enter you Bitcoin wallet address. The smartest thing to do that, in order to avoid making a spelling mistake, is to copy and then paste the address. Remember that, once sent, Bitcoins can’t be taken back unless the receiver agrees to send them to you.

What are the banking limits when playing Bitcoin slots

So, when talking about deposit limits, those are usually a bit higher than withdrawal limits; that’s especially noticeable in the highest transferable amount. The minimum deposit at reputable AU online casinos often varies between AU$5 and AU$20, whereas the maximum can be anything from several thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. If you’ve set personal limits, then those will apply on Bitcoin payments too.

The withdrawal maximum amount is often lower. Therefore, you should expect not to be able to request a cashout in case the total amount of coins on your account is worth less than AU$10 or AU$20. Many sites have even higher minimum cashout limits of AU$30 or AU$50. The maximum amount of cash (calculated in Bitcoin) that can be withdrawn depends on the operator’s policy; nonetheless, you’ll often see limits around AU$2,000, 10,000 and 50,000. Some AU casinos don’t have such limits, but those are hard to find.

Fair Go Casino – $25 Free Chip Coupon for March Depositors and $5 Free Chip Sign Up Bonus Reliable #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Crypto #BitcoinCash or #Fiat Casino for #Australia, #France (NO UK)

What is the processing time at Bitcoin casinos

When you make a deposit you’ll see your funds transferred and uploaded in less than 10 minutes after you’ve completed the depositing process. Withdrawals, on the other hand, might be trickier in case the operator has a withdrawal pending time. In such scenarios, the pending time has to pass first and then you’ll be able to get your funds. This withdrawal pending period usually lasts between 28-72 hours and during that time you can cancel the request without any penalties. Other than that, your coins will be sent to your wallet pretty fast.

Remember casinos utilise very secure encryption mechanisms and connections to transfer your money when you do any transactions online so no need to worry as it is all safe and sound. Also do not forget to grab Bitcoin bonuses when playing pokies of your choice.

iOS pokies app

This year iOS users have been blessed with a slew of pokies apps. With a steady stream of online casinos opening up, it’s prime time to play pokies. Gone are the days of simple slot machine casinos. The recent online casino bonanza has paved the way for a slew of top notch casino games. Now blackjack, keno & most importantly pokies are available from a cornucopia of different casinos. The true diversity of online casinos is flourishing, now every game you can imagine is online.

This fresh wave of development has given punters access to nothing but the best. Now iOS users only have to download an app to start trying to win big. There are literally too many online casinos to try out for yourself. While this added competition does wonders for making casinos step up their quality, it has its downsides.

With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, finding the perfect online casino can be daunting. That’s why we compiled this list of the best iOS Pokies Apps. These apps cater to pokies lovers’ needs by offering a slew of top notch games. Prepare to be united with your next favorite online casino!

Best iOS Pokies Apps

Rich Casino- Play now
Rich Casino iOS Pokies App

iOS Pokies App #1: Rich Casino – After examining this app, it’s easy to see why millions of punters around the world use it. Rich casino is more than just an online casino, it’s one of the main pioneers of the industry. Ever since it opened in 2009, it has received nothing but positive reviews. They have won multiple awards for Best Online Gaming, which has propelled it to international fame. Their impressive arsenal of 100 games are all run by various top brand software. This state of the art provider has helped put Rich Casino at the top of our list.

One of the best parts of this casino is the sheer diversity of their games. They literally have every game you can imagine, & Aussie style pokies hasn’t been neglected. There are so many different titles that picking a game can be tough. But after trying a few you will realize that all of them are exceptional.

Their Mobile Casino is equally impressive, so you can enjoy all the action on your iPhone. All you have to do is download the app & hook up your payment options. Get ready to experience a whole new level of pokies with Jackpot City! Click to visit Rich Casino

Fair go
Fair Go iOS Pokies App

iOS Pokies App #2: Fair Go Casino – First impressions are everything, & Fair Go Casino doesn’t disappoint. The amount of games they feature is staggering, & there’s plenty of pokies for punters to go wild with. Ever since they opened in 2017 they stuck to their roots. The creators of this revolutionary platform had more than just a plan, it was a vision for the future of online casinos for Aussies. Their mantra is “fair, easy, safe & fun”, & they haven’t deviated from this idea.

To this day Fair Go is one of the most diverse casinos online. They offer over 500 games. Each one of these additions is powered by RTG, the undisputed leader of the industry. Out of all these options are enough slots, keno & pokies games to keep the average punter busy for a year. There are plenty of new additions, so the gaming experience stays fresh. To make things even more appealing, they have a larger than life welcome bonus of $1000.

Their mobile options are equally tantalizing. All you have to do is download Fair Go Casino or get it on your mobile browser & you are ready to test your luck. Their mobile casino is flawless, & many claim that it’s even better than the PC version. Quit wasting your time with other casinos & download the Fair Go app! Click to visit Fair Go Casino

7 reels Casino Australia- Get started with mobile
7 Reels iOS Pokies App

iOS Pokies App #3: 7 Reels Casino – Like Rich Casino, 7 Reels is no less powerful online casino that accept Aussie punters. The friendly online casino which came into existence in 2008.The casino accepts AUD, NZD and BTC to play games but also so many other currency options including cryptocurrency being accepted widely here there is no reason as why not to play at this amazing casino.  You can play awesome pokies with your mobile phone instantly or with download option but that’s your choice.

7 Reels is the perfect name for players who believe that seven is the luckiest number in the history of casino wins.  With over 280 games that are quite attractive are powered by popular gaming software developers like Rival software, Betsoft, Visionary iGaming, and Pariplay software so that players get a great variety of games to choose from.

All these games are available to play either with a download or instant play option on your mobile. The Pokies section includes new, classic, popular, and progressive machines to play. Click to visit 7 Reels casino

Slotland casino mobile
Slotland iOS Pokies App

iOS Pokies App #4: Slotland Casino – Slotland casino is rich in slots. Infact they use their own casino software and develope their pokies best suited for all kinds of players. This online casino is not new but has a good reputation since its launch in 1998. Though this casino allows USD as deposits, nevertheless Bitcoin deposits lure Aussie punters to this site.

Though pokies or slots are prominent here, other casino games are no less wonderful to play. What is most interesting in this casino is that every single one of the video slots games contributes to a single progressive jackpot. This means that every one of Slotland’s players have a chance of striking it lucky with a massive win. 

There are also special deposit bonuses for high-rollers, exclusive VIP offers for top players, mobile casino promotions, and various other prize offers. Not only are the slots games offered here but also sci-fi flavored variant of the traditional game of blackjack, and several poker-style card games that are included in the lobby. Click to visit Slotland casino.


There are hundreds of real money pokies that can keep you entertained for a long time. Just to avoid being swayed away from all these bunches of sites to select the most popular one, we have a dedicated panel of experts continually testing, reviewing, and highlighting the best pokies for you making your task simpler of searching for the right pokies. Here, on this blog, we will talk about the concerns and payouts around playing online pokies for real money, so you will have all the information you require prior to heading to casinos here on our site!

Pokies to Play for Real Money

Before you set to play real money pokies you can try your hand on free pokies

Free pokies is also a unique concept and have a place of their own. It is one of the most useful machines for all novice players who want to try their luck on online real money poker and professional players alike. Free pokie lets you understand the rules and regulations of poker and helps you gain some expertise playing free without betting any real money.

For most players the online pokie real money offer many benefits. The first and foremost is knowing that you are gambling using real money which in itself offers a real sense of motivation making your each and every move exciting and, in the process, you tend to play the game as well as you can. This adds to your overall experience making it more enjoyable and of course more useful when it comes to bushing up your internet pokie skills.

Here are 5 Best Real Money Pokies you can play for real money

Though there are many best real money pokies to play for real money. But few pokies are superbest. The reason being that they offer great payouts, are popular among players; are linked to progressive jackpots to win and are simply loaded with awesome game features like free spins, bonus rounds and great multipliers.

Before you start to play these five best real money pokies for real money, remember that these pokies demand higest stake as well. We advise to play these games of chance, if you can afford it. Always stick to your bankroll when playing these pokies and don’t chase your wins or losess. Also there is no harm in playing for fun and for enjoyment. If you win these pokies then obviously you are a millionaire and a BIG winner.

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Thunderstruck
  3. Thunderstruck II
  4. Tomb Raider
  5. Avalon

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah pokies on mobile
There are many ways to play Mega Moolah Progressive pokies on your mobile with your real AUD

Gone are the days when you use to download the pokies to play them. Now with any of your mobile, be it Android or iPhone you can simply play the pokies instantly without any download.

Wild Africa-themed Mega Moolah offers multiple opportunities for rewards in an innovative and unique combination of 5 reels and 25 pay-lines plus a Wheel of Fortune style jackpot game. Lions are the Wild in every sense and can double your winnings. The Scatters are featured as Headhunter trophies and if you hit some of these they will open the door to 15 Free Spins that re-trigger and 3x all of your winnings throughout the free spin cycle.

Mobile Play

There are many positive sides to playing Mega Moolah on a mobile device. Since the mobile version was released in 2012, the game has been optimised to play on handheld devices and the high-quality screens prevalent on most modern mobiles and tablets mean that the game has never looked better, brighter or more clear.

Remember that Mega Moolah Slots for mobile has been designed to run direct from an HTML5-ready mobile browser – which they all are these days. There is never any need to install a third-party app claiming to offer you access to the Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpots to win

The Mega Moolah Jackpot consists of four progressive jackpots that can be won by spinning a wheel of fortune type of bonus game.

There are four different jackpots you can win in this pokies game – Mini that starts at A$10, Minor – starts at A$100, Major – starts at A$10.000 and Mega progressive jackpot which starts at A$1.000.000. Other prizes in the game are not that big, and the biggest payout you can win in a regular game is A$11.250, but this is also quite rewarding considering the maximum stake.

These four progressive jackpots can be won by spinning a wheel of fortune type of bonus game. These progressives are known as; the Mini, Minor, Major, and the Mega Jackpot, which is the largest and has a guaranteed payout of one million pound sterling contributed by Microgaming. Additionally, from each bet placed on the game, a fraction of the bet amount is placed into a progressive jackpot pool.

When the Jackpot Bonus Game is triggered it appears in a window over the base game. The player then spins the wheel to see how much they won as every spin is a winner. The bonus game is triggered randomly guaranteeing equal opportunity for players at all times.

2. Thunderstruck

Thudnerstruck pokies on mobile
The God of Thunder – Thor, is your temperamental ruler and he rules over his kingdom with an iron fist.

Thunderstruck pokies game is available at most of the reputed Australian online casinos. You can play the game even on your smartphones and mobile devices. Australian friendly casinos like Fair Go Casino that offer great bonuses to the players as well as other free games to play. You can deposit and withdraw at the casino with your own native currency that is A$ choosing from the list of banking options available at these casinos.

Thunderstruck is 5 reel, 9 pay line online pokies with some amazing graphics and sounds. The God of Thunder – Thor, is your temperamental ruler and he rules over his kingdom with an iron fist. You’ll find Thor throwing lightening belts and flashing objects like his War Hammer. This pokies has become one of Microgamings premier games and has fans spread around all corners of the globe.

Winning combinations in Thunderstruck

The scatter symbol is the “Rams” symbol, and when three or more of these turn up on any spin it will activate the Free Spins Bonus Game.

The “Thor” is a wild symbol. It can substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations, except it does not apply to combinations that can only be supplied by the Rams (scatter) symbol. The Thor also pays off the most for five in a row across a payline, with 10,000 for five. And when it is a wild symbol, it doubles any win. 

The scatter symbol is the “Rams” symbol, and when three or more of these turn up on any spin it will activate the Free Spins Bonus Game. They can appear anywhere on the five reels. 

After any regular win, players can compete in the Gamble Bonus Feature. In this process, you, as the player, would be confronted with a face-down card, and you can either guess as to what color it is – red or black (right guess will double your winnings) or what suit it is (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs) which will quadruple the winnings.


Four of the Thor symbols on an active payline award players 2000 coins and five of the Thor symbols on an active payline award players an astonishing 10000 coins, the highest payout in the base game. Apart from the wild symbol, there is also a scatter symbol, denoted by the rams, Thor’s accompaniment on every mission.

Two of the rams on screen award players a 2x multiplier, three of the rams award players a 5x multiplier, four of the rams award players a 20x multiplier and five of the rams award players a 500x multiplier. The rams scatter is also responsible for the free spins, three or more of the rams on screen award players 15 free spins during which all winnings are tripled.

3. ThunderstruckII

Thunderstruck II pokies on mobile
Playing is more fun with mobile as you go to unlock more bonuses and features to win more.

Thunderstruck II is designed with a total of 5 reels, 3 rows and a 243 ways to win pay line structure that can be enjoyed with your mobile smartphone and other devices. Playing is more fun with mobile as you go to unlock more bonuses and features to win more. You can play this pokies game at any of the instant play online casinos that are powered by Microgaming and enjoy the game on your iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android.

All you need is to choose an online casino of repute that offers Microgaming pokies especially this one that you are looking for. Register yourself at this instant play or mobile casino, open your real money account to play some real game which means you need to make an initial deposit at the casino to do some real betting.

Once all these formalities get completed go to the games list that you will find at the casino games section.  Select Thunderstruck II and there you go. You can play with your mobile with a mobile web browser or by directly typing the URL of the online casino. You can bet with a minimum stake at AU$0.30 to AU$15 or 300 coins and you can wager up to 10 coins per line. 

Game Features

Thunderstruck II pokies game features

Thunderstruck II is all packed with games bonus features  like the wilds and expanding wilds, unlock-able bonuses, scatters, 4 different free spins rewards, multipliers ranging from 2x to 6x and captivating free games.Wild storm Feature: This is a totally random feature that can happen in the middle of a spin. The Wild storm features a thunderous Wild storm that will rage on your screen and give you one free spin, with up to five expanding Wild reels. The maximum is 5 but you can also get less, which is more usual, such as 2 or 3 depending on how lucky you are.

Free Spin Bonuses

  1. The Great Hall of Free Spins: If you’re not familiar with the legends of Vikings, then it’s said that if a Viking warrior died a ‘valiant’ or honorable death, that the Valkyries will bring him to Odin’s Great Halls and give him a lifetime of feasting and partying.  So the more times you enter the hall, the more free spins you can unlock and meet the gods one by one, and therefore, more wins to be had. 
  2. Valkyries Free Spin Bonus: This is the first step in the free spins, where you can get up to 15 free spins which can be multiplied by 5. 
  3. The Loki Free Spin Bonus: This naughty god can unlock 15 free spins for you and can also turn random symbols into wilds to trigger bigger wins.  There’s a lot more to Loke as the game goes along.
  4. Odin Free Spin Bonus: Hit this feature and Odin will trigger 20 free spins, and the twist is that if you one Raven to land on the reels, you will be rewarded with random multipliers of x2 and x3 on winning symbols. If both ravens land on the screen you’ll get x6 multiplier, which is rarer of course but can pay out well and boost your coins when it does.
  5. Thors Free Spin Bonus: You might be familiar with the god of Thunder and here when you get 15 entries into the Hall of Free Spins, the gods will consider you worthy and Thor himself will give you 25 free spins with ‘rolling reels’  which will make winning symbols disappear and then new symbols to take their place for winning pay lines to be formed!  The consecutive wins will increase the multiplier from 2x to 3x, 4x and 5x your win.

4. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider mobile pokies
Like Thunderstruck pokies Tomb Raider is anothe gem from Microgaming

Join Lara in her quest to find treasure and as you do this then you might actually trigger some wonderful bonus prizes. Tomb Raider is among the very first of Microgaming’s pokies titles, and this you will notice from its dated graphics and sounds. There has since been an upgrade and release of a sequel, Tomb Raider II Secret of the Sword. This is a 30-payline pokies  with a modern looks; nonetheless, what the first version lacks in graphics, it repays in bonuses and payout potential, as you will see below.

There are three  Special symbols that you need to watch out for: the game’s Logo, the Idol, and Lara Croft. The Logo is the game’s wild, and it substitutes all other symbols on the reels apart from Lara and the Idol.

Free Spins with 3X Multiplier

Tomb Raider game features
In th game scatter and 3 or more of these symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger the Free Spins feature that will award 10 free spins with a 3X multiplier

Lara is the game’s scatter and 3 or more of these symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger the Free Spins feature that will award 10 free spins with a 3X multiplier; additional free spins can be retriggered by getting 3 or more of Lara’s symbols.

Players will enter the Tomb Bonus round when 3, 4, or 5 Bonus Idols land on the reels. Inside the tomb, players will be faced with 3 or more Idols to pick from and reveal the tomb’s hidden treasures.

The betting range in Tomb Raider is quite limiting and best for mid-limit bettors. The minimum bet on all 15 lines is 7.50, while the highest bet possible is 37.50 when all 5 coins are applied to all lines. All wins are multiplied by credits staked per line apart from scatters.

5. Avalon

Avalon pokies can be played with your mobile
Avalon is the place where Arthur’s sword was forged, and it is also the place where he was taken to heal after the Battle of Camlann.

Avalon pokies  game is one of the Microgaming titles that is most popular and widely played among casino players.  It is a 5 reel multiple payline game that is based on the medieval Arthurian legend.

You can play this pokies at online casinos of repute that offer Microgaming pokies  games. There are total of seven coin values to choose from – $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25 and $0.50, where you can select up to 20 paylines and 10 coins per spin. This means that you can wager anywhere from $0.01 to $100 per single spin of the reels. In order to improve your winning chances, you should always select maximum number of paylines and then scale down your bet size if needed.

Winning Combinations

Avalon pokies game features

All wins displayed in paytable are multiplied by bet per line. This means that wagering maximum 10 coins will give players an opportunity to win up to fabulous 30,000 coins at a time. When five wilds occur on any active payline, the maximum coin jackpot is paid out. Also there are another four regular game symbols awarding 4,000 coins or more for five matching symbols.

The Lady of the Lake is the scatter and on top of awarding you with scatter pays, she will also activate the Free Spins feature whenever you have 3 or more of her symbols appearing on the reels. During the free spins feature a 7X multiplier is also awarded and applied to all wins. During this bonus round, the symbol Avalon and Treasure Chest symbols substitute all other symbols apart from the Lady of the Lake. Also twelve additional free spins will be triggered whenever you hit 3 or more scatters.

Online Pokies Real Money Games

Rich Casino- Play now
Rich casino offers real money pokies to play in real AUD and BTC

At real money pokies machines, players mostly play in a much more reasonable way. This not only improves your pokies playing skills but it also helps in a way that you may develop the potential to hit payouts.

As we are talking about real money pokies, there are many factors that ascertain which pokies machines are best and better than others. To analyze any pokies machines, promotions make a huge difference.

If you make real money deposits and play tactfully, promotional activities like no deposit bonuses and loyalty programs play a great role. You also need to ensure that you are playing in a trustworthy casino site for real money. For this, you can look at their history and customer support services.

Ultimately, nonetheless it should be obvious, you also must ensure you can really leverage the payment and withdrawal options that are part of any card game room. You must not miss out to check for the wide variety of fast banking options, more the banking options better it is.

Finally, irrespective of where you are, or what your objective is, you can find the best pokies machines for real money here at pokiesmobile and we always help you find the best jackpots and bonuses.

Pokies in Sdyney

Enjoy the Best Places to Play Pokies in Sydney

It’s no secret that Sydney is one of the best places in the world to play pokies. Liquor & Gaming NSW has issued its latest gaming machine data updates, revealing the areas with the most pokies and revenue. The latest reports cover June 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018 for clubs and July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 for hotels.

It reveals the top 20 clubs in NSW now have more than 11,000 poker machines between them. ClubsNSW spokesman pointed out to the Sunday Telegraph that clubs pay about $1.4 billion in state and federal taxes, employ tens of thousands of people and provide entertainment to some 6.7 million members.

On top of being a pokies hub, Sydney is one of the liveliest cities in Australia. They used to be the entertainment capital, but draconian lockout laws destroyed their once vibrant nightlife. Patrons can’t enter bars or clubs past 1:30 am, and no one can get a drink after 3 am. These outrageous rules may have decimated the bar scene, but betting has remained untouched. Since most of the entertainment has been stripped away, the only thing left is pokies. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best places to play pokies in Sydney.

Best Places to Play Pokies in Sydney

1. Star City Casino

The star casino
The Star Casino – Land Venue

Out of all the city’s venues, this one has suspiciously escaped the devastating effects of the lockout laws. This bustling casino still runs 24 hours, attracting millions of visitors a year. Ever since opening in 1997, it has been an essential form of revenue for the city. Many claims that Sydney is addicted to gambling, which is why this casino remains unscathed. Either way, it’s something that no one should miss.

The Star Casino is the second biggest casino in Australia, & it’s packed with entertainment options. They boast some of the most diverse gambling options in the country. Every day 1,500 pokies machines & 160 gaming tables provide visitors with unparalleled gaming experience. To top it off, the entertainment options are even more impressive. They have a 2,000 seat theatre, a 900 seat showroom, corporate meeting rooms, shopping outlets, 5 bars, 7 restaurants & a nightclub. All these options make the casino a city within a city. Don’t miss it next time you are punting in Sydney!

Star play online casino
Star Casino – Online Casino

You can play online pokies at Star Casino in Australia at their Star play website. Star Play is the online site of the Star casino Sydney to play pokies. All you need is pick your mobile or sit in front of your PC and type the casino URL to enter the casino

  • You can sign in with Google or Facebook to become a member at the casino to play free pokies online.
  • The Star casino online will load at once on your gaming screen
  • As the Start Play doesn’t allow you to play pokies with real money it will but offer you free coins and other bonus offers to play pokies for fun.
  • Everyday you are offered more Free Coins by spinning the Bonus Wheel and collecting your Daily Bonus. Also you can always grab some more Free Coins by collecting your Time Bonus every three hours.
  • Login to their online casino each day and you’ll earn Free Stars too, which can be redeemed for vouchers to use in selected restaurants, bars and even spas!

Many new pokies  games added each week from some of the best game providers in the world, including KONAMI, AINSWORTH, NOVOMATIC and more! Some of the best pokies you can play are Lotus Flower, Temple of God, African Stampede, Almighty Jackpots, Dragon Palace, Shooting Stars, Secret Treasure, Gypsy Fire and others. Besides pokies you can play video poker, Blackjack and more.

  • The center of the lobby shows all pokies games available at your level. Click on a game to play it.
  • The arrows on the left or right side of the games can be used to navigate the game list. The header above the games list displays the type of game that you are viewing.
  • VIP players will get millions of free coins to play the pokies games at Star Play casino
  • Access to the VIP Room can be gained by becoming a Gold Star Club member, purchasing VIP Access in the “VIP ACCESS” section of the coin store.
  • You must be 18 and over years of age to play at this casino. Also note mobile users can even download their casino app from app stores be it iTunes or Google play store and have fun playing free pokies online. The app has in-app purchases to buy more coins if you need them.

2. Pubs & Clubs

Pubs in Sydney
Pubs in Sydney

On top of having your favorite draft on tap, every bar in Sydney has pokies machines. There are literally thousands of machines throughout the city, so each nighttime venue has more than one. This offers punters a more laid back alternative to going to the casino. Pub food is something that can’t be missed, so there’s no excuse not to stay nourished while you play.

In Australia, Aristocrat pokies machines reign supreme. All you have to do is go to any bar, & top notch pokies machines will be available. Get a piece of the action at one of the countless options!

Some of the best pubs and clubs to enjoy pokies in Sydney are:

  • Club Hillsdale
  • Oasis On Beamish
  • Scruffy Murphy’s
  • Cambridge Tavern
  • Club Totem
  • Dove & Olive
  • Ermington Club
  • Chruchill’s Sports Bar

RSL Club also has pokies

 As RSLs struggled to find funds to run their clubs and provide services. As a result, they subsequently welcomed pokies over the last several decades for their revenue. Young veterans are pointing out the real numbers, though. They say the RSLs aren’t the main benefactor, and the costs for members of the clubs are too high.

In Victoria, there are approximately 280 RSL clubs, and 52 of them bank on pokies. According to ABC reporting, those RSLs in Victoria took in $8 million in profit from pokies in 2017. But that number was a small percentage of the $260 million in revenue that the machines actually generated and the remainder of the revenue, only about $9.8 million went into government-sponsored welfare programs for veterans and the community at large.

As it turns out, RSL members who most fervently support pokies in RSLs are older veterans. These are people who have been accustomed to the environment since they returned from wars decades ago. New veterans are not used to the gambling offered and are more vulnerable to addiction.

3. Hotels

View from Sydney Hotel

Unsurprisingly, hotels in Sydney aren’t missing out on the action. Pretty much any reputable hotel will have a fleet of pokies machines, so you don’t have to go far to play. These usually have a more relaxed dress code, so there’s no shame in staying in & getting busy on the machines!

Few of the popular hotels that offer pokies are as follows:

  • The Light Brigade Hotel: Corner of Oxford St & Jersey Rd, Woollahra
  • El Cortez Hotel: Corner of Avoca Rd & Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights
  • Twin Willows Hotel: 739 Hume Hwy, Bass Hill
  • Greenfield Tavern Hotel: Corner of Mimosa & Greenfield Rd, Greenfield Park
  • Pyrmont Bridge Hotel: 96 Union St, Pyrmont
  • Cross Roads Hotel: Corner of Hume Hwy & Camden Valley Way, Casula
  • Belmore Hotel: 383 Burwood Rd, Belmore
  • Meridian Hotel: 220 Forest Road, Hurstville
  • Railway Hotel: 2 Joseph St, Lidcombe
  • Pritchard’s Hotel: 360 Elizabeth Dr, Mt Pritchard
  • Kinselas Hotel: 383 Bourke St, Darlinghurst
  • Sir John Young Hotel: Corner George St & Liverpool St, Sydney
  • The Sly Fox Hotel: 199 Enmore Rd, Enmore
  • Burwood Hotel: 121 Burwood Rd, Burwood
  • Canley Heights Hotel: 274 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights
  • The Bank Tavern: 1-3 Belgrave St, Kogarah
  • Campsie Hotel: 372 Beamish St, Sydney
  • Three Swallows Hotel: 342 Hume Hwy, Bankstown

4. Online Casinos

Fair go casino iPad casino
Pokies at Fair Go online casino

These days the best place to play pokies in Sydney is at online casinos. There are hundreds of online casinos at the disposal of Aussie players these days that allow you to make a deposit in real AUD or Bitcoins to play pokies with real money.

The best online casinos are to play pokies in Sydney are:

And many others

All the above-mentioned online casinos offer pokies powered by brand companies like Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Betsoft and others. Besides pokies you can enjoy live dealer games of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo and many other fun live casino games where you can win handsome prizes. Be it lotto games of Keno, Bingo or scratchie that too are in abundance at online casinos to play for fun.  You can get started at online casinos with your mobile or PC or tablet anywhere anytime.

If you don’t wish to indulge in real money games and avoid risking your money then these online casinos also offer you free pokies to play without costing any penny. Only thing is free pokies means that when you win you get free credits to play more. Online casinos in Sydney are superb as they allow you to make a friendly deposit in Paypal, POLi, Neosurf, PayID, credit cards, Neteller, Bitcoins and many other Australian friendly deposit options.  Also find 24/7 help support at these online casinos in case you need to get help playing games or doing any online casino transaction.


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