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Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel phone is the new Android phone launched by Google and is being considered the best smartphone with its new features and software like the Google Assistant. Obviously as a new Google Pixel phone user you might be interested in knowing some of the wonderful tips to enhance the working of the phone to your choice. Here find below the ten wonderful tips that will surely give you a great pixel experience.

1. Use the scanner for quick access to the notification bar

In the Google Pixel and Pixel XL you need not always stretch a thumb to the top of the screen to pull down that all important notification bar, as you can have a quick access  to it by a simple tip. The fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phones doubles as a gesture control, and with a swipe down on it with your forefinger the notification will appear, showing you any notifications and a bar of six quick settings. Swipe down on the digit reader again and you’ll expand the quick settings bar, allowing you to view all nine options and the screen brightness slide. Swipe up on the scanner and you’ll close the bar. This is especially useful on the larger Pixel XL, as its 5.5-inch can be a struggle to navigate one-handed. If gesture control isn’t working, go to Settings then click on Moves and enable “swipe for notifications”.

2. Call the Google Assistant to help you

It is like Cortana on Windows and Siri on Apple. The Pixel and Pixel XL are currently the only phones which offer Google Assistant. It can help you manage your life, tell you jokes, read you poems, update you on the latest sports scores and even play games with you and it’s just two words away. Say “Okay Google” and Assistant will spring to life, waiting for your next command. If you don’t like using that phrase, holding down on the home key will also launch Assistant.

3. Double twist for selfies

There’s an easy way to quickly switch to the selfie camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL. A double twist of the hand and you’ll go from the 12 mp rear offering to the 8 mp selfie snapper. It’s easier than reaching a finger on screen to tap the switch cameras icon. Double twist again to return to the rear snapper.  If the double twist isn’t working for you, go to Settings tap Moves and enable “flip camera”.

4. Return to previous app with a double tap

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL run Android 7.1 Nougat, which brings a host of new features to your phone. One of those is the ability to quickly return to the last app you were viewing. A double tap of the multi-tasking icon that’s the square in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will see you speedily return to the last app you were looking at. It’s especially convenient if you’re working between two apps and need to regularly hop between the two.

5. Quick launch camera by double clicking the power or lock key

Sometimes the perfect picture requires instant action, and you can load the camera app on the Pixel and Pixel XL in a flash by double clicking the power/lock key. This works even when the phone is locked and the screen is off, ensuring no time is wasted capturing the exact moment that you wish to capture. If quick launch isn’t working or simply if you want to turn it off, go to Settings tap Moves and enable “jump to camera”.

6. Access One-Handed Mode to type

If you’re busy with another piece of item on your free hand and you have no choice but to type with just one hand, you can press and hold the “return” button while the keyboard is open. A new icon will appear, depicting a single hand holding a screen. Tap this to go into one-handed mode.

7. Automatically turn on the  power saving mode

The battery life of the Google pixel 5 inch phone is a bit more sluggish. To ensure you get the most from your new phone go to Settings tap Battery then tap Battery Saver and select it to turn on automatically when the battery level hits 15%. This will help you eke out the remaining charge.  Another good way to save on precious battery is to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data when not in use.

8. Edit quick settings by just swiping the notification bar

Swipe down once on the notification bar or use the fingerprint scanner to do so and you’ll be find a row of six quick settings.These are handy, but may not be the settings you most frequently use. Pulling down again and then hitting the pencil icon at the top of the screen will allow you to reorder the settings, with the first six appearing in the condensed initial drop down.

9. Long press apps for handy pop ups

A long press on an app icon  of Google Pixel phone will have options pop up for easy access. Like maps will give you options to instantly navigate to your saved locations, the camera allows you to jump straight to the selfie cam or video mode and the messages apps shows your favorite and most frequent contacts for some quick messaging action.  Note that currently it only works for the pre-installed or you can say default Google apps.

10. Wanna have the Google search bar tap the Google Logo

In Google Nexus phone you were quite comfortable with the Google search bar right on the home screen but on Pixel and Pixel XL however that bar have been replaced by a weather widget and a Google logo. Tap the Google logo and the search bar returns while swipe it from left to right takes you into Google Now, where various cards containing information relevant to you are displayed.

With all these 10 awesome tips you will find it much easier to work on your Google Pixel Phones.

It’s no secret that 2017 will be full of surprises, & the smartphone industry is no exception. Every year, the capabilities of smartphones are evolving at a shocking pace. Gone are the days of clunky phones with pixelated cameras, now each release is nothing short of a masterpiece. The industry is waiting for no-one, & this is paving the way for impressive releases.

The rivalry between Samsung & Apple is still in full swing. This year Samsung has to win back the trust of customers, but they are far from out of the race. As these tech giants battle it out, the real winner is the customer. The software is getting leaked to private companies, & other brands are coming up with quality competition.

The progression of the technology is moving at lightning speed, & keeping up with it can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. It’s going to be an interesting year, so keep your eyes out for these releases!

Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2017

Most Anticipated Smartphones

The Note 8 needs to be fire-free!

Smartphone #1: Samsung Note 8 – The road to redemption has been arduous, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Samsung. After the reputation of the Note 7 went up in smoke, Android lovers lost 2016’s most promising phablet. Before they started catching fire, the Note 7 received rave reviews. It was every phablet lover’s dream, but unfortunately a battery malfunction created a nightmare. Plagued with controversy, the Note 7 was removed from Samsung’s catalogue.

This time around, Samsung is taking no chances. Literally the future of Samsung phones are riding on what happens with the Note 8. If the Note 8 can avoid bursting into flames, Samsung will instantly win back the good graces of fans. They still have plenty of products to fall back on, but the smartphone industry wouldn’t be the same without them. For this reason, phablet fans have to pray that this release goes off without a hitch. The world’s eyes will be on this release, & it has the potential to make or break Samsung’s reputation.

Most Anticipated Smartphones

Google made an impressive debut!

Smartphone #2: Google Pixel 2 – Last year, Google proved that it could go toe to toe with the industry heavyweights. They created a smartphone that was so good, it was incredible that it was their first try. The Pixel effortlessly integrated Android software, & showed that Google was a force to be reckoned with.

In many ways, the Google Pixel was a game changer. It had one of the best cameras to ever be sported by a smartphone. Every respected manufacturer has been trying to achieve this for years, & Google did it in their first attempt. The artificial assistant may have been a disappointment, but we can expect it to be better the second time around. There’s no set release date for the Pixel 2, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating on its promising potential.

Most Anticipated Smartphones

The internet is already going crazy with rumors!

Smartphone #3: 10th Anniversary iPhone – Even if you are a hardcore Android fan, there’s no denying the iPhone’s impact on smartphones. 10 years ago, Apple shook up the industry with the first iPhone. At the time it was mind-blowing, & it forced people to rethink what smartphones were capable of. Some even called it “the Jesus phone”, & this level of adoration has never been achieved since.

Even though the iPhone 7 was a quality release, many people complained about its lack of new features. Overall it had too many similarities to the iPhone 6, which caused many users to shy away from upgrading. This was a wise move, because many people think Apple is saving the big changes for the iPhone 8. It will be their 10th anniversary phone, so it needs to be built to impress. The rumors are already swirling, & we can’t wait to see it!


Do you think there are no games apps that work offline?  Well that is not true. You have several games apps that can be played without internet.  Here below are the 10 best Android games apps which you can download from Google Play Store all free and enjoy them whenever you want irrespective of your Wi Fi or Broadband.

1. Make More Game App

Make More Game App

Make More developed by Fingersoft is a fun filled game where you can enjoy short gaming sessions offline. It is but a fast paced game where you need to tap the screen repeatedly. There are no controls  and you just tap the screen as fast as you try to build as many products to your boss wants here. As you earn points, you can afford to employ other people to work alongside in the factory. As you progress, you work your way through different factories each of which makes different products and pick up bonus items along the way to make progressing a bit easier. You require Android 4.1 and above to play this game all free.

2. Monolithic Game App

Monolithic Game App

Monolithic is an interesting 3D puzzle game like Tetris where you need to build a tower that’s sturdy enough to survive a mini earthquake at the end of each round. As the block falls you need to plan ahead to make sure you’ve rotated and placed each block in the correct place as your tower grows. The further you get, the more intricate and larger is the tower construction. It’s free to download, and there’s no need to make any in-game purchases, but there are some available if you want to remove the ads or change the theme. You need Android 2.3 and above requirement to work on this game.

3. Alto’s Adventure Game App

Alto's Adventure Game App

Alto’s Adventure is a new Android game where you work as an auto runner and guide the snowboarders Alto down a treacherous mountain.The stages are procedurally generated, meaning every run is different, but you are tasked with achieving specific goals each time. The tension comes from trying to achieve these before crashing on your way down the slope. Like many auto-runner games, Alto’s Adventure makes use of a single action button with a tap on the screen to jump.

You will love the Snowman team creating stunning vistas with simple flat shapes and deft use of color and lighting. Transitions between cool evenings and warm sunrises, combined with weather effects and an elegant piano-based soundtrack deliver a delicious blend of audio-visual material:

Grinding along a rope, with a windmill in the background, while a shooting star punctuates the night sky is a rare and memorable moment of beauty in mobile games.  If you need more coins then you can go online and collect them and again start to play offline.  You require Android 2.3 and above to play this game.

4. Badland Game App

Badland Game App

Badland is fun game where you control portly and hopeless winged sacks that move up, move down, and generally go in the right direction. They band together in large numbers at times, but only because they are certain to soon die in equally large numbers. In the game, these creatures are squashed, blown away, compacted and trapped in a relentless survival-of-the-fittest struggle towards some unknown end.

Essentially a visually stunning, physics-based platformer, Badlands gets the formula spot on. Pickups play with the size, speed and stickiness of the winged hedgehogs. As members of the gang come and go, often in horrendous ways and at breakneck speed, the survivors, glassy-eyed with indifferent determination, continue flapping, for there is little else to do. This works well on any Android device.

5. Shadow Fight 2 Game App

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 free-to-play fighting game. You take on a series of warriors in silhouetted battles, gaining new weapons and learning new moves as you progress. The game plays at a slower pace than many fighting games; there is a delay between you inputting actions and them occurring on screen. This creates almost a Dark Souls-like combat feel, and it’s one of the key strengths of Shadow Fight 2. The fights can become very tense, particularly when your health bar is dwindling away, and the feeling of landing a well-timed attack never gets old. The game requires Android 3.0 and up for the device to work on.

6. Earn to Die 2 Game App

Earn to die 2

Earn to Die 2 is another adventurous game to enjoy offline.  This side-scrolling driving adventure sees you race across an apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies to reach an evacuation ship. You receive cash-based awards based on how many zombies you run over, which helps you upgrade your busted-up vehicle. Before you know it, you’ll be driving a beefed-up truck and firing roof-mounted weapons. There are 10 different vehicles to unlock and tons of upgrades to apply. All with an  action-packed joyride to enjoy in this game. You need 2.3.3 and up Android compatibility for this game to enjoy on your mobile.

7. Swamp Attack Game App

Swamp Attack

In Swamp Attack, you have to defend your cabin against an oncoming horde of swamp critters. Now with an action packed multiplayer mode with more than 300 different single-player levels, 8 episodes and Quick Missions for instant action you need to defend your house with more than 30 awesome defense tools like the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun and the super atom bomb! Witness more than 35 different critters going wild – each with its own special attack. To enjoy this game you need Android 4.1 and up compatible device.

8. Geometry Dash Lite Game App

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Lite is a free-to-play endless runner game with a focus on rhythm. The graphics and game play are simple in nature, but the game is satisfying to play. The game features rhythm based action platforming.  You can unlock new icons and colors to customize your character, fly rockets flip gravity and challenge yourself with the near impossible. The app requires Android 2.3.3 and up device to work smoothly.

9. Punch Quest Game App

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is a vibrant, chaotic game which is quite popular now. You need to tap buttons to punch and jump while your character automatically runs across the screen. Punch Quest’s visual design is fantastic, recalling classic platform such as Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Metal Slug. You can customize your character, level up, and even ride a dinosaur in this psychedelic punch-out. It requires 2.3 and up compatible Android device.

10. Limbo Game App

Limbo Game App

Limbo is a bleak 2D platform game, in which you a control a young boy who’s entered a lonely, monochromatic world in search of his sister. At first you will feel it is a nightmare but it is a sad game that has made people just love it. With more than 100 awards and best rating on the Google Play Store this game is just wonderful to play offline. The game requires android 4.3 and up to enjoy with your mobile device.



You must have seen specially when you are trying to download and install an app from the Google Play Store you get this account error message, “Authentication is Required”.  Also this error keeps popping up in your notification and you keep on cancelling it. So here are the few methods you can try to fix this issue and have a relief.

Remove your Google account

As this  error may simply be a sign-in issue, which sometimes occurs when the Play Store is updated you can remove your Google account. Simply go to phone’s main Settings menu and then Accounts and simply remove the Google account you have registered. Once you’ve done this, you can re-add the account and it should work just fine. Also clear your data from the Google Play Store before doing this.

Be sure that you know the account password so you can add it again. Now, don’t re-add your Google Account from the actual Account menu in Settings, but open the rogue Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet, and when prompted for your user name and password, enter those inside the Play Store itself.

Google Play- Remove Account

Clear data from the Google Play Store

As per Google’s own advice on the matter, you need to go into your phones Settings then to Apps or Application Manager list, scroll to find the Google Play Store app, and clear the Play Store’s data with the respective button.

Google Play- Clear Data

Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometimes the problem is not with your credentials but the Play Store itself. Go to the Play Store in Settings tap Applications and hit Uninstall updates. This will take you back to the original version of the Play Store that was installed on your device. Then, all you need to do to fix the error is install the latest version of the Google Play Store and sign in once again.

Google Play-Uninstall Updates

Now these methods must have fixed the Authentication required error and your app downloading and installation should be working now, and a new account will be added in your list in the Settings menu, though you may still need to allow it individually the first time you enter apps and sites where your Google credentials are needed.


It’s no secret that Sydney is one of the best places in the world to play pokies. Out of all the pokies machines in the world, a whopping 20% are operating in Australia. NSW is no exception, with a staggering 93,364 machines throughout the state. In one year alone, over $73 billion was pumped through these lucrative machines. Out of this bonanza, Fairfield played the most. Punters played a record number of $7.6 billion through 3,300 machines. Each one offers a 85% payout rate, so there was no shortage of winnings.

On top of being a pokies hub, Sydney is one of the liveliest cities in Australia. They used to be the entertainment capital, but draconian lockout laws destroyed their once vibrant nightlife. Patrons can’t enter bars or clubs past 1:30 am, & no one can get a drink after 3 am. These outrageous rules may have decimated the bar scene, but betting has remained untouched. Since most of the entertainment has been stripped away, the only thing left is pokies. For this reason we have compiled a list of the best places to play pokies in Sydney.

Best Places to Play Pokies in Sydney

Pokies in Sydney

This casino has flourished since the introduction of the lockout laws.

Pokies Spot #1: Star City Casino – Out of all the city’s venues, this one has suspiciously escaped the devastating effects of the lockout laws. This bustling casino still runs 24 hours, attracting millions of visitors a year. Ever since opening in 1997, it has been an essential form of revenue for the city. Many claim that Sydney is addicted to gambling, which is why this casino remains unscathed. Either way, it’s something that no one should miss.

The Star Casino is the second biggest casino in Australia, & it’s packed with entertainment options. They boast some of the most diverse gambling options in the country. Every day 1,500 pokies machines & 160 gaming tables provide visitors with an unparalleled gaming experience. To top it off, the entertainment options are even more impressive. They have a 2,000 seat theatre, a 900 seat showroom, corporate meeting rooms, shopping outlets, 5 bars, 7 restaurants & a nightclub. All these options make the casino a city within a city. Don’t miss it next time you are punting in Sydney!

Pokies in Sydney

Every pub has at least 1 pokies machine!

Pokies Spot #2: Pubs & Clubs – On top of having your favorite draft on tap, every bar in Sydney has pokies machines. There are literally thousands of machines throughout the city, so each nighttime venue has more than one. This offers punters a more laid back alternative to going to the casino. Pub food is something that can’t be missed, so there’s no excuse not to stay nourished while you play.

In Australia, Aristocrat pokies machines reign supreme. All you have to do is go to any bar, & top notch pokies machines will be available. Get a piece of the action at one of the countless options!

Pokies in Sydney

Booming hotels aren’t missing out on pokies.

Pokies Spot #3: Hotels – Unsurprisingly, hotels in Sydney aren’t missing out on the action. Pretty much any reputable hotel will have a fleet of pokies machines, so you don’t have to go far to play. These usually have more relaxed dress code, so there’s no shame in staying in & getting busy on the machines!


If you are looking out there to wake up your phone without touching any buttons then you have come to the right place. You can do so by Double Tap To Wake, Camera Wave, Raise To Wake, and by Voice Commands. While the names of these features may vary between implementations, the principle behind them remains consistent. Let us look at these features and see how they work.

Now before to start with them note that if you have a lockscreen password or pattern lock, these features will wake the phone to the corresponding security login screen. If not, you’ll be taken straight to the previous screen, which is either the app that you had open before locking the device or the home screen itself.

Double Tap Method

Double Tap

Double Tap method of waking phone

Double Tap method of waking phone is common in HTC Android phones and few others of such kind. Many Android phones call this feature knock on or Motion launch system or ease of use. Whatever name you can call, this double tap feature allows you to wake up you phones through a simple double tap.

To achieve this task, the phone’s digitizer is constantly monitoring your input. When two taps occur in quick succession in roughly the same place on the screen, the system wakes up the device.

The main advantage of this feature compared to alternatives is ease of use: double tapping the screen to wake the phone seems natural, especially if you’re a Windows user who is used to double clicking.

On most smartphones which support double-tap, you can also double tap the home screen to have the phone enter sleep mode. This means that you can both unlock and lock your phone using the system. Though only some smartphones can only be woken up using double tap it is quite convenient and intuitive method

To avoid accidental triggering as it may happen when you keep your phones in the pocket or usually happens when the display touch sensitivity is too high, it is advise to have a lock screen password or pattern is set up to give it a login system.

Raise To Wake Method

Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake Method of Waking Phone

With stock Android Lollipop, Google introduced a new feature called Ambient Display. In principle, the gyroscope and accelerometer detect that you’ve picked up the phone and wake the phone up to reveal your notifications. Like in the new iOS 10, Apple’s has introduced a similar feature called Raise To Wake.

What is in a name as their implementation is fairly simple: you just need to raise your phone to have it wake up. This feature works fairly accurate, as there is little chance of accidental triggering because you rarely raise your phones without trying to activate it.

Also this seems to be the best way of waking the phone up without touching any button, although the feature doesn’t work when the phone is lying on the table. Furthermore, Ambient Display can lower the standby battery life of Android phones by up to 20%, which is quite a lot.

Wave To Wake Method

Wave to wake

Wave to Wake Method to Wake up Phone

Another method is Wave To Wake up without picking it up. In fact, with this method, you don’t even need to touch your smartphones. Instead, you only need to wave at the proximity sensor, which is usually located above the display near the front-facing camera.

There are times when your hands are too dirty to touch your phone but still need to wake up the device (to check the time, for instance), which is where this alternative wake-up feature proves its utility.

Samsung has first introduced this feature on the Galaxy S5, but devices such as the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S6 series, the Galaxy Note 5, and the Galaxy S7 series have received it as well in the meantime. Whether it’s called Air Wake Up or Gesture Wake, the feature had the same functionality on all of Samsung’s devices.

In more technical terms, the software is constantly monitoring data coming from the proximity sensor, and will wake up the phone when it detects that your hand is close to the screen. Also the best of these systems also pull data from the gyroscope, meaning that they won’t activate the device if it’s not sitting it isn’t laying on a flat surface.

OK Google or Voice Command Method

Ok Google

Voice Command Method to Wake up Phone

With the Google Assistant in Android Google Pixel or voice commands in Windows devices can be woken up through voice. On most Android phones, you can invoke Google Now’s voice search from any screen following the corresponding setup procedure. On a limited number of devices, the OK Google command also works when the screen is off.
This feature was first introduced with the original Motorola Moto X, but has since been made available to devices such as the Nexus 9, the Nexus 5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unfortunately, no current-generation device supports voice activation when the screen is off.

The only disadvantage with the voice-enabled wake up is battery loss. To be able to interpret your commands when the screen is off, the device needs to be constantly monitoring the input from its microphone. This requires much more resources compared to double taps and camera waves.

You can now choose any of the above method or try all and see which becomes your favourite to wake up your phone without even touching any physical button.


There’s no denying that 2016 was a year of innovation, but it still had its fair share of tech blunders. From flaming phones to AI bots gone wild, last year highlighted the dangers of untamed technology. We may have made great advancements with smartphones, but these gigantic leaps are paving the way for epic failures. As tech companies race full throttle to create the next big thing, we have to wonder if humanity is ready to embrace the consequences. In an age where technology is becoming smarter than humans, caution has officially gone out the window.

Even though the rapid progression of electronics is startling, examining last year’s blunders can help us avoid future mistakes. There is still hope that we can responsibly harness the power of the electronics being created. To accomplish this, it’s essential to look at what went wrong in 2016. For this reason we have highlighted 2016’s biggest tech blunders in this article. Prepare to laugh & get slightly worried about the future of electronics!

Worst Tech Blunders of 2016

Tech Blunders

The future of AI is getting harder to predict…

Tech Blunder #1: Microsoft’s AI Chatbot – In a desperate attempt to reconnect with younger users, Microsoft inadvertently highlighted the unpredictability of AI. Seeing that they were losing shares to Apple, Microsoft vowed to reconnect with younger generations. What better way to do so than with their favorite social media platform? This mentality led Microsoft to create Tay.

In many ways, Tay was a game changer. This chatbot was powered by innovative AI technology, allowing it to learn at a lightning pace. It started with a clean slate, but it didn’t take long for it to get corrupted by Twitter. Within 24 hours the chatbot transformed from an innocent commentator to a full fledged bigot. Before Microsoft could pull the plug Tay was making Tweets supporting Hitler & insulting multiple groups of minorities.

Even though the show didn’t last long, it validated some serious concerns about the future of AI. If a chatbot can turn into genocide supporter in a day, what will the first AI bots do to humanity? We can only hope that they stay away from social media…

Tech blunder

Samsung’s reputation went up in smoke!

Tech Blunder #2: The Note 7 – We have all heard jokes & horror stories about the Note 7. The worst part of this tragedy was the fact that this was one of the most promising smartphones of 2016. When it was first released, it was hailed as Samsung’s best work. It had great specs, a sleek design & even had functional iris scanners.

It also had one small problem, they randomly caught on fire. Since all smartphones use lithium ion batteries, every company has experienced a few isolated incidents of smoldering phones. Unfortunately, the Note 7 was an exception to the rule. During the first month hundreds of fires were caused by rogue Note 7’s. This trend led to the phone getting banned by airlines & recalled internationally. By the end of this fiasco Samsung lost billions of dollars & their reputation remains blemished. Hopefully the Galaxy S8 will become the tech giant’s salvation…

Tech blunder

Emails are more transparent with Yahoo!

Tech Blunder #3: Verizon’s Yahoo Takeover – Yahoo has long been seen as the pioneer of email, but now it’s known as a security risk. Last year one hack led to hundreds of millions of accounts being breached. This was a fiasco, but no one could have predicted what would happen next. Just when the scandal had calmed down, another hack led to a billion users being compromised.

This put the nail in the coffin of the public’s trust of Yahoo. It also made Verizon look extremely foolish for buying them out for billions of dollars. Verizon may have inherited a disaster, but hopefully they can salvage this misguided investment.


Australian Open

Another year and again the world’s biggest tennis event is happening right now since yesterday Jabuary 16th and that is the Australian Open. It is a major tennis tournament held annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne, Australia. It was first held in 1905, and is chronologically the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events of the year – the other three being the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. It features men’s and women’s singles; men’s, women’s and mixed doubles and junior’s championships; as well as wheelchair, legends and exhibition events.

If you are still not able to go watch the grand event here’s how you can watch the matches at your desk or on your mobile phone for free.

The Australian Open began on Monday, January 16 and wraps up on Sunday, 29 January. The event will be held at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Victoria. There will be day sessions that run from around 10.30am to 6pm (AEDT) and night sessions that are scheduled to run from around 6pm to as late as 12.30am (AEDT).

Also given the nature of the sport it’s uncertain how long each of the games will run for. Hard-fought matches can run significantly overtime – such as the 2012 Men’s Singles clash between Djokovic and Nadal which lasted an astonishing 5 hours 53 minutes. The draws will be released on the Australian Open official website on Friday, 13 January.

Prior to 1988 the tournament had been played on grass. Since 1988 two types of hard-court surfaces have been used at Melbourne Park – green Rebound Ace to 2007 and blue Plexicushion from 2008.

You can watch on Channel 7 on your PC or Mobile

Channel 7 is the exclusive TV broadcaster for the Australian Open. The tennis tournament will be shown across Channel 7, 7Two and 7mate channels.Tennis Australia released a neat guide of the times and the channels the Australian Open will be broadcasted in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth: Click here to download the PDF.

Channel 7 is livestreaming the Australian Open on its 7Tennis website. You will be able to select which matches to tune into. In fact, if you the website is streamed the 2017 APIA Sydney International few days back.

You can log onto the 7Tennis website on your desktop and mobile device through any browser to start streaming for free.

The Australian Open typically has high attendance, second only to the US Open. It was the first Grand Slam tournament to feature indoor play during wet weather or extreme heat with its three primary courts, the Rod Laver Arena, Hisense Arena and the refurbished Margaret Court Arena equipped with retractable roofs.

Remember you must be located in Australia and be over the age of 15, or otherwise you need parent’s permission to use the service. You must be using a supported device and for optimal streaming you are recommend a minimum internet data speed of at least 3Mbps or above.

The streaming of data is intensive and will chew through your data limit if you’re doing it on a cellular network. So if you’re going to stream the tennis matches, you might want to get on a WiFi network first.

It’s also important to note that there will be ads that run during the livestreams. You could sign up for a 7Tennis premium account to see less commercial content, but you can’t avoid it completely.

Watching the Australian Open through the Freeview FV mobile app

Free View app

Suppose for any reason the 7Tennis website isn’t working for you, an alternative way to watch is through the Freeview FV mobile app, which streams free-to-air TV content to mobile devices for free. You can get Freeview FV on iOS at the Apple App Store and on Android at the Google Play Store.

Wanna know more about Freeview app stay tuned here


Last year brought us plenty of apps, but only a few of them were game changers. In an era where apps reign supreme, the industry has grown into an untamed bonanza. By 2017, over 268 billion apps are projected to be downloaded. These staggering figures translate into $77 billion in revenue. The writing is on the wall, every year we are going to see a gigantic leap in the number of apps.

2016 was no exception, last year we were blessed with a slew of epic releases. Some were corny while others were groundbreaking. As the number of games grow, they will pave the way for the evolution of future apps. For this reason, we decided to highlight the best apps of 2016. They won the world over by offering innovative options to hundreds of millions of users. Prepare to reminisce with this quintessential list of 2016’s best apps!

2016’s Best Apps

best apps

Many humans still lack the common sense to safely use this app.

App #1: Pokémon Go – The 90’s are officially back with a vengeance with this show stopping app. The game has become more than Nintendo’s salvation; it’s ushering in a whole new generation of interactive games. What makes this game so revolutionary is the fact that it artfully blends reality with the fantasy Pokémon World. Nintendo achieved this by harnessing the power of Google maps. Armed with real time street maps, users embark on physical excursions to hunt down Pokémon in neighborhoods across the world.

For better or for worse, hundreds of millions of users took to the streets to find their Pokémon. This created mayhem as players were confronted with the harsh consequences of blindly playing games in public. Players were robbed, fell off cliffs, crashed their cars & even got stuck in trees on their quest for Pokemon. Some even lost their lives after getting shot while wandering into people’s houses. On top of highlighting people’s stupidity, the game made a fortune. It also revolutionized how people viewed virtual reality games.

Reddit is back with this official app!

App #2: Reddit – After years of being the front page of the internet, Reddit finally has its first official app. Before last year plenty of unofficial apps existed, but Reddit decided to clear the air by creating their own version. This new version aims to make browsing their topics a breeze. For the most part, most of their fans are onboard with the new layout. There are still plenty of complaints, but that’s nothing new for Reddit.

Our favorite part is the app’s intuitive interface. The communication tab puts comments, messages, replies & mentions all in the same place. This makes it incredibly easy to scroll through your updates. If you want to stick to big news, the main tab combines all the hottest news in one spot. At the end of the day, Reddit did a great job with this app.

best apps

WhatsApp reached new heights in 2016!

App #3: WhatsApp – This app has been around for 7 years, but 2016 was when they hit a new level. In April a massive survey was conducted in 187 countries. Their findings were staggering, WhatsApp was the favorite messaging app in 55% of the world. The good news didn’t stop there, in 2016 WhatsApp reached 1 billion subscribers. This means that 1 in 7 people in the world use this app.

The Facebook-owned app has won over huge amounts of the world’s population by offering a cheap alternative to SMS messaging. Now they also offer video calls & voice messaging. As their user list continues to grow, we can expect their service to evolve accordingly.


Google Chrome

Chrome is the best well known browser that works not only in PCs or Laptop but also in many mobile devices too If you have chrome installed on your Android then there are many ways you can make it the best browser on your mobile. Follow the 10 ways given below other than the one that come by default settings and see for yourself how it works better.

1. Chrome for Android has a very useful ‘data saving mode’

Chrome for Android has a very useful data saving mode. Just tap on the menu button three dots then choose Settings, and then select Data Saver. Pages are compressed on Google’s servers before being loaded, though private https pages and pages loaded up in incognito mode are treated as normal. If you’re on a limited data plan it can come in very useful while you’re out and about, and you can see how much data you’ve saved.

2. With Chrome you can navigate the menu more quickly

In the Android version of the chrome app you can speed everything up by just a few milliseconds by pressing and holding on the menu button, then dragging down to the option you need, then releasing your finger. There’s an on-screen indicator to help guide you to the right option.

3. You can make Chrome as the default browser on Android

There are many browser apps installed on Android phone but you can make chrome as the default browser on your device. From the Android Settings app, tap Apps then the go to button to the top right. Select Browser app and choose Chrome from the list if it isn’t already selected. Uninstalling all the other browsers on your device is another way of achieving the same end result.

4. Switch to ‘Chrome Canary’ and have more features

Now Google has a new Canary channel for Chrome on Android. You do not have to uninstall the standard chrome app to use Canary and they both work well with each other.

5. With Chrome browser you can zoom on all websites

To make sure zooming is always available, tap the menu button then choose Settings and Accessibility: you’ll notice the Force enable zoom toggle switch at the bottom. Also you can scale up the text size from the same screen.

6. Chrome can get you the full desktop experience

There are probably going to be times when you want to view the full desktop version of a particular site rather than the responsive mobile version, and Google knows this. If you open up the Chrome menu on Android there’s a Request Desktop Site button to make use of. On Android it’s actually a checkbox that you can keep on until you’re ready to turn it back.

7. With Chrome you can swipe between open tabs

After spending some time experimenting with different ways of managing tabs, Google seems to have settled on the toolbar icon as the best way of switching between various tabs but there’s another way to quickly jump from page to page. On  Android versions of Chrome, you can press and hold and swipe on the address bar at the top of the browser screen to go from one tab to the next in order.

8. Also Chrome helps you can carry on from the desktop

If you sign into your Google account in the mobile Chrome browser then you get access to everything from the desktop version too, including your browsing history and stored passwords. You can even pick up where you left off on a laptop or desktop, provided the tabs are still open on your computer. Open up the app menu, tap Recent tabs, and all the recently opened and currently open Chrome tabs across all your devices are listed.

9. With Chrome you can enable the hidden reader mode

Chrome for Android features a hidden reader mode than strips out advertising and extraneous content from a page to leave you with just the core text and images. To enable it, enter “chrome://flags” in the URL bar, change the Reader Mode flag setting to Always, then re launch the browser. Open up a suitable web page, and you’ll see a Make page mobile-friendly button at the bottom that you can tap on.

10. Chrome can make better use of Google’s apps on Android

If you’ve got several of Google’s other apps installed on your mobile you can tell Chrome to open them for certain links rather than viewing the browser version like the YouTube app opens for YouTube videos, Google Maps opens for map links, Gmail opens for new emails, and so on. To set this up, tap the menu button (three dots), then choose Settings, then pick Google Apps and toggle the switches for all the apps you want to use.

These 10 ways make Chrome the best browser for Android mobile. If you still do not have the Chrome app on your phone then have it free from here.


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