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Apple’s release of the iPhone 7 was a bitter sweet moment for die hard fans. On one hand they finally have a water resistant smartphone that sports improved memory, battery life & more. Unfortunately for their legions of followers, innovation comes with a price. This year the company decided to get rid of the headphone jack to make room for stereo speakers. Instead of using the same headphones that everyone loved, now users have the wireless AirPods. This sudden change evoked sharp criticism from fans. By the end of the day of its epic release, the internet was in a frenzy. After all is said & done, this still looks like a nice phone.

iPhone 7 Release Stirs Controversy


The iPhone 7 is officially here.

Even though the iPhone 7 looks eerily similar to the iPhone 6, there are plenty of differences that fail to meet the eye. The iPhone 7 packs a powerful processing unit in its slender aluminum body. The A10 Fusion processor is allegedly 40% faster than the A9 chip. It also features a new graphics processing chip that’s 50% faster than last year. The battery has also been upgraded. The iPhone 7 battery lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6, while the iPhone 7 Plus lasts 1 hour longer than its predecessor.

The iconic home button that has long been associated with iPhones has also undergone a bold renovation. The iPhone 7’s home button now features the same Force Touch trackpads that were recently released in MacBook laptops. This new technology makes the home button force sensitive. Another interesting twist is Apple blended in the Taptic Engine haptic feedback system from the Apple Watch. Now the iPhone has different vibration feedbacks for a wide variety of alerts.

Another key difference that’s featured in this model is the camera. The iPhone 7 now boasts optical image stabilization & f/1.8 lens. These new additions let in 50% more light than the iPhone 6’s f/2.2 lens. Even though the rear camera has the same 12 megapixels as last year, it’s 60% faster & 30% more efficient. These improvements are credited to the new image processing chip & quad-LED flash that produces 50% more light. The front camera has also been upgraded to 7 megapixels with automatic image stabilization.

iPhone 7

Finally a waterproof iPhone!

Hands down the most controversial aspect of the iPhone 7 was the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Even though many people are outraged, Apple is paving the way for more innovation. They replaced the outdated headphone jack with a second speaker that empowers the smartphone with stereo sound. In the place of the old headphones are the wireless EarPods. These new headphones are entirely wireless, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology. They have a 5 hour battery life & also have a battery case that gives a total of 24 hours of use with each charge.

Many critics may shun the iPhone 7, but Apple did the right thing by embracing the future. Getting rid of the headphone jack was a smart move, no matter how bent out of shape people get. In a few years we will be laughing about how we used to use headphones with cords. Some people are afraid of change, but technology doesn’t stop for them. Defying the status quo has been Apple’s motto since its inception, & they aren’t about to bend to other peoples’ demands. They have successfully created a good looking phone with enough power & new features to back up any changes they made. This phone is paving the way for a whole new generation of smartphones.


Android Phone

Sometimes this can happen. You can lose your mobile device. May be you forgot to pick up where you left at some place; it can be stolen as picked up by a thief or you dropped it somewhere from your pocket. In case you have lost your Android phone here are the four immediate things to do

1. Track your Android Phone

There is a free and easy way to locate your Android device, and that is by using the Android Device Manager. You don’t need to have this installed in your phone first for it to work. Just go to the page and sign in with the Google account that you used to sign in to your Android device.

The last location of your device will be shown to you down to an accuracy of about 20 meters. You will also get how far the device is from you, and when it was last seen online

From this page on you can also lock the device, make it ring  in case it is at your home only and nearby to you or as a lastly erase the data you have on the device to prevent identity theft or loss of any important info.

2. Make your Accounts Secure

You probably have your emails, social networks, messaging groups all on your lost mobile device. It is therefore important that you secure all your accounts by logging in via another device and changing  your passwords. This includes your main Google account.

By changing your main Google password, any unauthorized person handling your phone will not receive access to your personal accounts, contacts, apps and other important information.

Know that changing your Google password will not affect your efforts to locate your device via Android Device Manager. You can still track your Android, lock or remotely erase your phone data after the password change.

3. Better to Block Your SIM Card

It is always better to you block your SIM card not only to prevent the misuse of your call privileges, but also because messaging apps like Whatsapp and Line use your phone number to verify your account.

If you signed up for two-step verification for access to accounts like your email, you will need to regain ownership of your phone number. Your telco provider will assist you in getting your number back, on a new SIM card, after blocking the card that is in your lost phone.

4. Unlink your Accounts on Android

You can also unlink your accounts from your lost device in order to stop the sync process on your Android.

For example, if you use Dropbox on your Android, unlink this device from your account via the website by going to the account’s security page, then finding your device on the list and clicking the ‘x‘ button. You will have to do this for all the services that you have linked to your device, one by one.

Though these four immediate steps might or might not help you recover your lost  phone but it is always advisable to keep your mobile safe and secure.


There’s a technical revolution going on in San Francisco, & Apple is behind it. This whirlwind of smartphone mania has been caused by the first release of credible information about the iPhone 7. After over a year of suspense, iPhone fanatics finally have hope. The official specs are out & everyone is jumping to pre-order. While many may be puzzled about this hysteria, we have to give credit to Apple’s marketing prowess.

Apple has done a fantastic job of keeping everyone in the dark about their smartphone of the year. While Samsung released back to back successful phones, Apple stayed calm & got to work. Now that Samsung’s latest flagship phone has been recalled due to exploding batteries, the stage is set for Apple to shine. They have leveraged their cult following & knack for secrecy to create the most highly anticipated smartphone of all time.

However, we are writing this article on the eve of Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 7. So we are still in the dark, but we have a ton of rumors to explore. It’s always interesting to see where the rumors correctly predicted & where they fell flat on their face. For this reason we have compiled a list of iPhone 7 rumors that you can debunk when the specs are out. So get ready to see how well Apple guarded their secrets!

Top iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 Rumors 1

This phone has stirred up it’s fair share of controversy!

Rumor #1: No Headphone Jack – The internet went into a frenzy when people heard that Apple was ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 thinner. When this rumor first started circulating, iPhone fanatics nearly had a heart attack. From threats to boycott Apple to tearful rants about their favorite headphones, it’s surprising no one got killed over this. Ironically this isn’t a big deal. While people love to whine about the beauty of being able to use the same headphones for their phone & laptop, that’s the price you pay for innovation. If Apple wants to cut out the headphone jack, good riddance. There are plenty cordless headphone options that make your favorite headphones look as outdated as a horse & carriage.

Rumor #2: Water-Proofing – After Samsung stole the show with the Galaxy S7, iPhone enthusiasts prayed for a miracle. Disgusted by Android users parading around with IP68 resistant phones, Apple went back to the drawing board. Shortly after the release of the Galaxy S7, rumors started circulating that Apple’s manufacturing plant/sweatshop in China was changing its game plan. Specs for wireless charging & water-resistant phones started being ordered. After hearing this positive news, iPhone followers were beside themselves with happiness. It appeared that Apple wasn’t going to let Samsung outdo them this year…

iPhone 7 Rumors 2

Our hat is off to Apple for their ability to keep a secret.

Rumor #3: Stereo Speakers – A French tech blog leaked photos of an alleged iPhone 7, & the image shocked users around the world. It confirmed the rumor of the missing headphone jack, because in the photo it was replaced by a second speaker grill. This was a groundbreaking discovery since this will be the first time that an iPhone harnesses the power of stereo speakers. Only time will tell if these photos were valid!


Mobile Camera

When you buy a mobile phone the first thing you ask is how much mega pixel camera does it have. The simple reason for your query is you need a mobile camera that can have the best of photos and your selfies. But a mobile camera can do more of useful things apart from snapping pictures. All you need is few apps that can work as an assistant for the mobile camera to be more productive. Here are the three useful things that a phone camera can do for you.

It can help in translating a language

Mobile Camera- Helps Translate a Language

When travelling to another city or country or even at your own place you find some foreign language signboard or text you can easily read it by translating it with your mobile camera. All you need is to have Google Translate App for your iPhone or Android and get an instant translation done by your camera. From the front page of the app, tap on the camera icon and away you go. You don’t get access to as many languages as the text part of the app does (29 vs 103) but it’s still cool to have, and you can load up a previously snapped picture too. Also apps like TextGrabber and Translator and WayGo app work in a similar way for both Androids and iOS devices.

It can help in scanning your documents

Mobile Camera- Helps in Scanning

You must have seen this often that people use mobile camera as a scanner. This is a cool feature and you can also upload documents to the cloud for safekeeping, convert them into editable text, or just use it as a handy tool when you want to memorize your train or air ticket or may be a bill number for your purchase at the grocery. You can use the following apps like Evernote’s Scannable which works for iPhone or Windows, Google Drive for  Android  CamScanner for Android and Scanbot that works well for iPhone too

It helps you to look at stars and enjoy astronomy

Mobile Camera- Helps to gaze stars

You can use your mobile camera with augmented reality or mixed reality apps. Install app like SkyView for Android or  iPhone point your phone camera up at the sky, and you can pick out stars, constellations and more without the aid of a telescope. There are many star gazing apps like Wikitude or Blippar both work well with Android and iOS phones.

Any other things you can do with your mobile camera?


Even though Pokemon Go became Nintendo’s salvation, not all apps have lived up to the hype. Throughout the years we have seen thousands of apps that range from innovative to downright bad ideas. Not every app developer was blessed with the million dollar idea, which has led to some horrible flops. It’s not easy being a successful app developer, & these horrible apps prove it.

Fortunately for humor’s sake, some of these failures still live in infamy to this day. There are some horribly bad ideas that will never fail to perplex us. Sometimes it’s good to examine apps at their worst to get a feel for how far we have come. For this reason we have compiled a list of the worst apps of all time. So get ready to be blown away by the outrageous ideas that these developers had the gumption to publish!

3 Horrible Apps That Never Should Have Been Made

Worst Apps 1

This red icon shows everyone that you have too much money.

App #1: I am Rich – In 2008 Armin Heinrich came up with a brilliant idea. He realized that many people prance around with expensive gear just to boast that they have money. This realization led to him developing the most expensive app ever. For $999, you could buy the I am Rich app. The best part is, the app didn’t actually do anything. It only displayed a red icon so you could brag about buying it. That’s it, there was no other feature. The only point of buying the app was to prove to people that you could afford it. While this seemed like a great idea to Armin, everyone who was stupid enough to purchase it thought differently. After multiple complaints, Apple ended up removing it from the app store. While this get rich quick scheme only lasted a day, Armin made enough cash to become one of the most infamous app developers of all time.

Worst Apps 2

This app lead to a smartphone genocide.

App #2: Send Me to Heaven – This app caused the deaths of more smartphones than any natural disaster could ever hope to achieve. The premise of the app is simple; throw your phone as high as you can & the app will register how high it reaches. The hard part is pulling off this stunt without destroying your smartphone. While most of the high scores hover around 1.5 meters, there were hundreds more records that couldn’t be logged since the phones smashed on impact. After countless complaints from people who damaged their phones, Apple pulled the app from its store. Unfortunately, to this day the app is available for Android devices!

Worst Apps 3

Peeing & Tweeting don’t mix.

App #3: TweetPee – For many struggling parents, any help is welcome. That’s why the developers of this app decided to step in & save the day. They created a sensor that attaches to any diaper & alerts the parents when their child is urinating. While this part of the app is helpful, the alert system wasn’t as well thought out. Every peeing session was proudly tweeted by the parents’ Twitter accounts. This led to thousands of innocent people being alerted every time their friend’s child peed. It didn’t go over well, & before long this app was discarded.


Apple has set the standard for electronics worldwide, but the road to this wild success was filled with epic failures. It’s no secret that this giant has provided us with some of our favorite electronics. They have pioneered smartphones & given us outrageously virus proof computers. For years Apple has had the industry in a choke hold, releasing back to back classics. This steady stream of quality products has garnered them millions of loyal fans around the world.

However, being the best doesn’t make you immune from making mistakes. Like any industry champion, some of the risks they took ended in disaster. From atrocious designs to horrific technical disasters, Apple has had its fair share of pitfalls. What made them one of the top companies in the world wasn’t their successes, it was how they adapted to these failures. It goes to show that you can never be perfect, but as long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes you can achieve greatness. So take a look at our list of Apple fails to get inspired & start taking calculated risks!

3 Apple Fails We Shouldn’t Forget

Apple Fails 1

The hockey puck mouse will forever live in infamy.

Fail #1: Hockey Puck Mouse – The mouse has never been a popular feature, but this product managed to take the hate to new levels. By coming up with a new seductive design, Apple inadvertently made a huge mistake. This product’s perfectly circular design made it extremely hard to orient correctly. Unable to properly use it, customers around the world raised hell. This backlash led graphic designers to denounce this mouse as one of the worst releases by Apple.

Apple Fails

A 100% failure rate is pretty impressive!

Fail #2: Apple III – Launched in 1980, this product almost destroyed one of the greatest companies of all time. Since the Apple II succeeded in making Apple a household name, customers had high hopes for the Apple III. These bright eyed dreams came to an abrupt end after they brought the product home. To say that this computer was horrible is a polite understatement. It had a 100% failure rate, every single computer sold had to be repaired. The root of the problem was the lack of air vents that made it run quietly. Unfortunately, the lack of air circulation led to horrific overheating. The chips would melt out of their sockets while other chips would be melted together by burnt solders. This epic heat build up would wreak havoc on the logic board, causing irreversible damage & forcing the screen to display garbled text. What made this disaster even more ridiculous was Apple’s official solution. Apparently they instructed customers to lift the machines 3 inches off of their desks & drop them so the chips would be slammed back into their sockets. People weren’t impressed, & the only thing that saved Apple was the fact that they fixed every single machine. This cost Apple over $60 million, but they used this failure to create a better design.

Apple Fails 3

No buttons led to no sales.

Failure #3: iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation – While the first designs of the iPod Shuffle were game changers, the third version fell flat on its face. In an attempt to create a buttonless version, Apple decided to make things simple. This model only had one button, & you had to tap it in different rhythms to achieve different functions. This ended up being way too complicated for customers, & the model received mass ridicule. This is a perfect example of minimalism gone wrong.


Privacy on Android

No one wants to leak his or her privacy with their smartphone or Google mobile operating system. Here are the five steps to follow for your Privacy and peace of mind.

Step 1-Disable your location and Apps permissions

Location and Permission for Android

Go the Settings> Tap Apps > App Permissions

Disable permissions to the apps you are not comfortable with

You may get the error message as a result, but none of these options should be able to stop an app completely.

Tap Apps then pick the app you want to check. A Permissions link is available halfway down that shows which bits of your system the app is able to access.

Step 2-Disable from the Google Now App

Privacy on Android

Tap the menu button> tap Settings, >set limits on the amount of data Google is able to collect about you and your smartphone use be it your location or search history

For your data privacy  go to Accounts and  privacy and Google activity controls options. It’s possible to disable different types of activity tracking  voice searches, YouTube videos, as well as delete any activities logged in the past.

Step 3- Go out of Ads

Privacy on Android

If you choose Google from the Settings app inside Android, you get additional options for managing your privacy.

You can  tap Personal info and privacy then Your personal info to change the details that Google stores about you.

Tap Ads and there’s an option marked Opt out of interest-based ads. This means the ads you see inside Android will be less well targeted. You can reset your “advertising ID” from the same screen. Again, within these screens there are further links to the relevant privacy controls on the web inside your Google Account.

Step 4- Manage the Chrome and the web

Privacy on Android

Chrome for Android comes with its own set of privacy settings. Tap the menu button ; the three vertical dots in the app and choose Settings then Privacy to access them.

Activate the browser’s Do Not Track request option, clear out cookies and other cached data from Chrome’s memory.

Go back out to the previous screen and tap Site settings to configure permissions like location, cookies and camera access on a site-by-site basis. There’s incognito mode too, which means Chrome doesn’t keep track of your browsing but it does recognise you when you log in with your credentials

Step 5- Keep installed Apps down to a minimum

Privacy on Android

For  Android apps like Facebook they have privacy and security settings of their own. The best way is to try and keep installed apps down to a minimum if you’re worried about over-reaching data collection. Also for your Android phone a screen lock code is a must for any external snoopers.

With all these five simple to do steps you will certainly not worry about your privacy being leaked and you can just relax and enjoy your phone.


Many people are shutting out reality to capture more Pokemon.

As Pokemon Go takes over the globe, the number of injuries & deaths continues to grow. Unfortunately, some people are too dumb to live. Even though many people are playing the game responsibly, there are still a huge amount who have completely lost touch with reality. People are crashing their cars, falling off of cliffs & getting shot while wandering into strangers’ homes. It’s hard to feel pity for them since they are making humanity as a whole look completely retarded.

This new burst of natural selection is creating some pretty epic tales. It showcases the stupidity of people who rely too heavily on their smartphones. You may laugh when reading these, but these stories aren’t intended to slander or make light of the misfortunes of others. This article was written to keep people from making the same mistakes others did out of ignorance. Even though you love Pokemon Go, you can’t forget that you are still in the real world. A simple mistake can end up turning a silly game into a nightmare. So take a look at some of the mayhem that dumb people have managed to get themselves into.

Why People Are too Dumb for Pokemon Go


Breaking into a home for Pokemon ended this young man’s life.

Incident #1: Dying for Pokemon – If a Pokemon that you are desperately searching for is inside someone’s home what do you do? For Jerson Lopez de Leon, the answer was simple: break into their home. This genius idea ended up getting him & his little cousin Daniel Moises Picen shot when they broke into a home in Chiquimula. If you are worried about them trying to pull off this stunt again, don’t be. Jerson died on the spot from his gunshot wounds while Daniel is badly wounded in the hospital. Hopefully they ban Daniel from using smartphones until he learns to think for himself.

Incident #2: Playing With Your Next Rapist – One sex offender was arrested while playing Pokemon Go with an unsuspecting teen near the Hancock County Courthouse. According to police, Randy Zuick violated his probation for a child molestation conviction by playing with the teen. This goes to show you can never be too careful when playing with strangers. Luckily the teen was smart enough to realize that you are supposed to play Pokemon Go with clothes on.

Incident #3: Crashing into Police Cars – Baltimore police were once again surprised by the stupidity of civilians when a grown man crashed his SUV into a police car. Unfortunately for humanity, the police didn’t shoot the suspect. He will live to play more Pokemon Go & possibly run down more innocent people in his quest for glory.

Incident #4: Turning Yourself In – Since police stations now double as “gyms” in the Pokemon Go world, wanted criminals are now wandering into captivity. William Wilcox got so pumped up about Pokemon that he forgot that he had warrants & dove headfirst into custody. He was wanted for breaking & entering & was arrested before he could finish training his Pokemon. We can only speculate if his original crime was committed to get more Pokemon.

Incident #5: Getting Stuck in Trees – A New Jersey woman officially lost all dignity when she was trapped inside a tree in Eglington cemetery. Apparently, she climbed the tree in her quest to catch more Pokemon. Once she realized that she was an idiot who couldn’t fly, she called 911 & begged for help. The fire department was forced to ignore real calls for help as they dropped everything & came to her rescue. Unfortunately, she survived the incident & is currently at large searching for more Pokemon.


How to start your phone when Android power button not working

Is your power button on Android not working don’t panic. There are few tricks with which you can start your phone again. Follow the steps below to start the phone that seems completely dead when its power button doesn’t seem doing good.

  1. Use the Phone Charger

In many cases when the phone seems dead plugging the device into a charger make it breathe again. But if this not works move on to the next step

  1. Use Volume and Home Buttons

Pressing down both volume buttons on your device for a long period can often bring up a boot menu. From there you can choose to restart your device. Your phone may use a combination of holding the volume buttons while also holding the home button, so be sure to try this as well.

  1. Call your phone to wake him up

If your phone is on but is in sleep mode then getting a call can make him active. Ask your friend or you may do so with another phone at hand and call your number.  If there is a physical home button as opposed to a touchscreen button pressing this will usually wake up an Android phone. If you have a physical camera button, this should also activate the phone.

  1. Download an app

If any of the above tricks have activated your Android, your next step really should be downloading one of several apps that you can use to turn on your phone again without the power button. Here are a few you can use:

Gravity Screen (free)

Gravity Screen App

Using the in-phone sensors to detect when you have picked up the phone this app then switches on the device. The effectiveness of the app will depend on how good the sensors in your phone are, so it may not be the best option if your phone is an old or budget model

Proximity Actions (free)

Proximity Actions App

Using the proximity sensor to trigger a certain action. While powering on the phone is not the default action for this app, you can select it in the settings.

Power Button to Volume Button (free)

Power button to volume button app

This app switches the function of your volume button to that of a power button. This app is only useful if you have a physical volume button on your Android phone.

Volume Unlock Power Button Fix

Volume unlock power button app

Yes this app is called Volume Unlock Power Button Fix. First install it in your phone. Now, open the app and grant it access to Device Administration. Granting it access is necessary otherwise, it won’t work. Open the app and turn on “Enable Volume Unlock” and “Screen Off” using the toggles on the right. If you’ve enabled both the options then you’ll be able to turn off your screen from the notification panel and turn it on by using any volume button.

In the app settings, you can also enable functions like auto start on boot and auto on/off which works by setting a time interval between which the app will work.

The above apps will help you have your phone working but for a permanent solution to your problem you can look forward for a service technician to have it fixed.  Right?

360 Eye

Dyson has successfully created the best robotic vacuum on the market.

Vacuum giant Dyson has outdone itself by creating the best robotic vacuum on the market. The Dyson 360 Eye delivers everything you want in a robotic vacuum & more. Unfortunately quality comes at a price. This innovative design is retailing over $500 more than some of its competitors, but critics say that it’s worth it. This new model harnesses the power of Dyson’s cyclone technology to give your carpet the ultimate cleaning. Even though its been hailed as the best, you will have to do some research to see if this hefty investment is for you.

The 360 Eye is Shaking Up the Industry

360 Eye

This vacuum is the perfect sidekick.

All good things take their fair share of time to create, & the 360 Eye was no exception. Dyson embarked on this project when they hired Mike Aldred to design their first robotic vacuum in 1998. However, their strict requirements made this an extremely daunting task. They demanded that it be a vacuum cleaner first, & then a robot. This made the specifications significantly different than a robot that simply had a vacuum function. To achieve this, they had to miniaturize their patented cyclone technology & add a 360 degree camera. In the end it took Mike 18 years to create a prototype that lived up to their laundry list of expectations. But in the end it helped him build a superior product.

Using Cyclone technology on the 360 Eye proved to be a blessing & a curse. Cyclone technology provides exceptional cleaning, but it loses effectiveness in a short design. This forced Dyson to create a robotic vacuum that’s slightly taller than its competitors. The 360 Eye stands 4.72 inches tall, a serious difference from the 3.6-inch-tall Roomba 980. However, what it grew in height it lost in girth. Dyson’s vacuum clocks in at a 9-inch diameter, which makes it exceptionally narrower than the 14-inch-wide Roomba.

Even though the strong cyclone cleaning drains the battery, it quickly bounces back with fast charging. On average the 360 Eye goes 45 minutes before it returns to its charging station. Even though its competition usually lasts for 2 hours, Dyson’s short charging time makes up for it. In our tests all the robotic vacuum brands took the same amount of time to completely clean a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment.


360 Eye

The 360 Eye is the perfect combo of quality cleaning & durability.

Where the Dyson 360 Eye truly shines is with the quality of its cleaning. It does an impeccable job of covering the corners & edges of walls that the Roomba usually misses. Its powerful double air filter & cyclone bin leaves behind far less fine grit than any other robotic vacuum. It can go an entire cleaning session with multiple recharges before you have to empty the bin. The only downside to this explosive cleaning power is the extra height needed to fit the technology. The Dyson 360 Eye’s height excludes it from being able to fit under low hanging furniture. Apart from that it does an amazing job of creating a pristine carpet.

Another advantage of the 360 Eye is its 360-degree camera. It’s constantly recording a circular video of its surroundings. This info is then used to create a map of your home, where it triangulates its location like a sailor. Dyson chose this optical sensor over laser systems to open up doors to new updates. They expect computer vision to dramatically improve in the next few years. By going with this option they are allowing people to update their cameras through simple software updates.

The 360 Eye features all the high end qualities that make Dyson the king of the industry. It gives you a superior cleaning experience with an incredibly smart robot. The only sticking point for some will be the price. At $999.99 the 360 Eye is $100 more than the Roomba 980, & $500 more than the Neato Botvac. But if you don’t have an excessive amount of low furniture the cleaning of the 360 Eye can’t be beaten. It will be exciting to see where this groundbreaking release takes Dyson. Hopefully we wont have to endure decades of suspense to see the next model.


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